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Hello dessert lovers! Your waiting is finally over. Ezo Cheececake & Bakery has opened their 2nd store in Mal Kelapa Gading (MKG). So, it makes me easier to eat those tasty cheese tarts. The place is located at MKG 2, besides Aldo Shoes. It is so easy to spot the location since it is at the center of the 2nd floor.


The place is elegantly- designed, with chandeliers’ cages on the ceiling, making the place even more romantic and sweet. The store is small, only 4 tables for dine in. The mouthwatering cheese tarts are displayed at the front, There are 14 flavors of cheese tarts and 4 flavors of cheese cakes. Moreover, they also have the Camembert Cheese Ice Cream for IDR 20k!




I like some of the cheese tarts since they are tasty, sweet, and small. Never fell guilty while eating them. I tried 12 flavors of them since not all flavors were there everyday. FYI, all of the flavors contain the cheese cream on the bottom of the tart, including the chocolate-based flavors.




1. Original cheese: good, but the competitors are tastier (read my previous blog here)

2. Marshmallow: quiet good. The marshmallow is so soft and fluffy on top, combining with the sweetness of the white chocolate.

3. Tiramisu: For coffee lover, you should tryh this one! The cocoa powder and coffee taste are strong enough. Tasty!

4. Matcha: not as good as I thought before. The matcha taste is not authentic.

5. Blueberry cheese: I like this one. The sour taste of blueberry is so good when combined with the cheese cream. Yummy!

6. Ovomaltine: Recommended! My favorite one! It is so (damn) good when you eat it in cold. The crunchy sensation of ovomaltine makes everything just perfect. The sweetness is just right, not too sweet, and well-blend with the cheese cream 

7. Nutella: also my favorite! The taste is similar like Ovomaltine, minus the crunchy sensation. Just perfect!

8. Strawberry: Tasted like strawberry shortcake. Sweet, sour, and fresh. You will love it even though you don’t like strawberry
9. Almond white chocolate cheesebomb: also my favorite, sweet.
10. Oreo cheese: this is also good, but the cheese cream is overcome the oreo taste.
11. Caramel Espresso: I like the aroma and the taste of the caramel. Not bad.
12. Lemon yuzu: this is the most favorite flavor of all foodies. The sour taste of lemon and yuzu combining with the sweet, cheesy, and creamy of the cheese tart.





Since I got voucher for cheesecakes, then I go for them! The small cake costs IDR 128k (whole cake) and the sliced cakes costs IDR 35k/pc. The cake is soft, fluffy, and creamy. The cream cheese is good when it is served cold. There are 4 flavors: matcha, oreo, original cheese, and tiramisu. I like the Original cheese cake and Matcha. The taste of green tea from Japan is detected in cheese cake, instead in the cheese tart. The original cheese is also good. The cheese taste is so soft like the real Hokkaido cheese cake.





This is a unique flavor for me. Camembert cheese is an ice cream? Why not! It tasted so delicious and cheesy. The texture of the ice cream is soft and the cone is also tasty. For cheese lovers, you will love it! Since I don’t like cheese so much, I think the taste of the cheese has overwhelmed me. Better to eat the ice cream for two. I could not finish it alone. However, you should try this unique ice cream for once  The ice cream costs IDR 20/k per cone (quiet big potion).

Overall, Ezo Cheesecake offers you a unique cheesebomb tarts in affordable price, compared to the other competitors. The compact texture of the cheese cream and also the tart will make you want to eat more and more. The tarts are good in warm and cold condition, but I suggest you to eat it in cold. The cheese cream is not the melted-type and better to keep it in chiller. The cheese cake is also good, although the sliced cake is small enough. The ice cream is delicious and unique. To make your weekend even more perfect, have yourselves at Ezo Cheesecake & Bakery. You’ll never regret it!




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EZO Cheesecake

Map of EZO Cheesecake

Located in: Mal Kelapa Gading
Address: Mal Kelapa Gading, RT.13/RW.18, Klp. Gading Tim., Klp. Gading, Kota Jkt Utara, DKI Jakarta 14240
Hours    : 10 AM – 10 PM
PRICE: IDR 50k – 100k/ person