The Martabux, Mal Ambassador

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Hello Martabak lovers! Martabux has opened its 1st branch in Mal Ambassador, Kuningan, South Jakarta. The former store is located in Supermal Karawaci. Martabux has been known for its popular ‘The First Martabak Lapis’ in Indonesia (full review click here).  Now, Martabux has launched a new product : Martabak Pempek Affair.



The new store of Martabux is located at the 4th floor of Mal Ambassador, near Baso Lapangan Tembak and KFC. The small kiosk is clean, minimalist decoration. There are some new menus, such as Martabak Samyang (filled with Samyang instant noodle); Martabak Telor 4 in 1 (4 different flavors in one martabak telor); and Dolcevita (16 different flavors in one martabak manis).




Martabak Samyang


I tasted 1 martabak telor pempek and 3 different flavors of martabak manis.



I love all of them, especial the Martabak Telor Pempek Affair! It is so delicious. The pempek and glass noodle is inside the martabak and you must eat it with the red and black chuko (sweet sour sauce from Bangka).  Super delicious, honestly! I ordered 2 box for myself :p





The durian martabak is also good. 100% pure durian’s meat. Strong aroma and sweet. For those of you who like durian, you can try it with the cheese as well to balance up the sweet taste of durian and the salty-creamy taste from the cheese.



The Ottobene (8-flavor martabak manis) is one of my favorite martabak manis from Martabux. Why? It’s because mostly the topping is chocolate-based. I do love chocolate! The flavors include nutella, ovomaltine, chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry wafer, cheese, chocochips, and chocolate sprinkles. The sweet condensed milk covers all over the martabak. For me, the martabak is too sweet, maybe because of the sweet condensed milk. I don’t like sweet, but maybe other people will love the sweetness. The cheese and peanut butter is quiet neutral with the salty taste of the ingredients.




The 16-flavor martabak is so colourful and eye-catching! I love how they sprinkle the toppings on top of the martabak. The colour is so bright and very good to be taken in photo. My favorite flavors are green tea and green tea with cheese. The green tea is tasted like Kitkat Green tea, sweet and creamy. So yummy! Try this martabak with your friends ♥


I still miss their Martabak Lapis and Bolognese Martabak Telor with Melted Mozarella Cheese. Somehow, I think the new menu, Martabak Pempek has been my top favorite menu. It’s so creative and unique, combining a tradisional Indonesian food and Indonesia most favorite street food. Two thumbs up for Martabux!


Martabak Lapis Green Tea and Cheese


Bolognese Martabak with Melted Mozarella Cheese

Happy Martabak guys!


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Harlow Brasserie

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Hello food lovers! I love to post restaurants and cafes around Central and South Jakarta since they have plenty of fancy places, starting with affordable price to a luxurious dining place. Few of them sometimes have some promotions for lunch or dinner during weekdays and weekends. This time, I visited one of hits restaurants in Kuningan area.


If you are looking a place for your lunch, Harlow Brasserie offers you a lunch promo including main course and drink for only IDR 100k nett! Such a good promo, isn’t it? Moreover, the interior of the restaurant is beautiful, elegant, and instagrammable. Simple, minimalist, spacious, and cozy. You can comfortly surfing the internet while sipping your coffee and eating the snacks. The long sofa with cushions, combining with the wall decoration makes you feel like at home.



Here goes the food and drinks that we ordered…


Harlow Cheese Burger


Double patties and cheese with beef bacon and pickles. It is sooo deliciousss! Recommended! The beef patties are thick, beefy, juicy, and just perfect with the beef bacon and cheese. The melted cheese makes the burger creamier and tastier. If you like burger, you just gonna order this.

Aglio Olio


Spaghetti served with beef bacon or prawn in garlic sauce. I choose the prawn. The portion is quiet small, only 4 pieces of boiled prawns. The garlic sauce is good, but the aroma is not so strong enough to increase my appetite.

Chicken Burger


Looking from the appearance, the chicken burger looks so tempting! How about the taste? Cutting the burger slowly… Feel the first bite and voila! It is also good, comparable with the Beef Burger. The chicken is juicy in the inside, but crispy on the outside. The peppery taste is just perfect, the meat is fatty and juicy. i like it!

Angel Hair


Stirred in truffle butter and mushroom dust. The truffle’s aroma is so good and quiet strong to attract me while eating my dish. Actually, this truffle angel hair is good. However, the portion is very small! Should improve the portion, I think.

Chicken Waffle


This is the free dish I got from Harlow Brasserie. By writing a review on Zomato, you can get either chicken waffle or a drink as a compliment. So, I choose the chicken waffle. The portion is quiet suitable for 1-2 persons. The waffle is good, crispy and soft at once. The chicken wings is well-cooked with all the seasonings. I found a unique item in this dish : the Sauce! The taste of this sauce is quiet interesting, sweet, a lil’ bit sour, like a mixture of mustard and peanut sauce. It is hard to describe the taste of the sauce, but it is so good when you eat the waffle with it. Thumbs up  emoticon

Chocolate bean Latte


So cute! I couldn’t help myself not to take a picture of it ♥

The bitter taste of chocolate combining with the milk makes everything just perfect! Love this drink, especially the latter art! Too cute to be drunk~

Overall, Harlow Brasserie offers you a place for having your own quality time, making you feel comfortable. With the sound of music, cozy sofa, tasty food and drinks, will make you want to spend more time at this place. However, the price is quiet pricey, judging from the portion. For me, it is okay to spend your weekends or weekdays at this homey place with your loved ones ♥


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Harlow Brasserie and Bar

Map of Harlow Brasserie and Bar

Address: The H Tower, Mezzanine Floor, H.R Kav. 20, Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said, RT.1/RW.5, Karet Kuningan, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, 12940
Phone: (021) 52900351

Hours: 6AM–10PM Everyday

PRICE: > IDR 100k/ person