Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart vs Hokkaido Baby

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Many questions about “what is the difference between Hokkaido Baked and Hokkaido Baby ?” appeared on my IG’s DM few days ago. That’s why I’m writing this review to erase your curiosity 🙂 Hope you guys could decide which one is the best ♥

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Coming from Malaysia (the original one from Japan is actually called “Bake from Hokaido”), Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart and Hokkaido Baby have been so famous in ASEAN, especially Indonesia. There are 3 outlets of Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart in Indonesia : Kota Kasablanka Mall, Kelapa Gading Mall, and Senayan City Mall. However, there are only two outlets of Hokkaido Baby in Jakarta, which are located in Pondok Indah Mall and Neo Soho Mall. There are 2 more outlets in Surabaya : Galaxy Mall and Tunjungan Plaza. Both of them are very popular of their signature tart : the melted cheese tart.

The queue line for both Hokkaido Baked and Hokkaido Baby are so long, like hours. Now, you can buy them in the big malls in Jakarta. Let’s start comparing ♥

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart


Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

Soft and creamy cheese with a great texture of the tart. Not too hard, not too soft. The cheese is thick, but directly melts in your mouth. So creamy in the right proportion. Actually, the taste is milky, more like keju manis. The pie crust was crispy, but firm. It’s thicker than any kind of egg tart.

In Indonesia, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart has only one flavor, which is the Original (Cheese). In Singapore and Malaysia, they have other flavor variants such as chocolate and durian. I tasted the original flavor form Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Honestly, I prefer the one form KL. The tart is crispier and the cheese is creamier and thicker as compared the one from Jakarta. However, the chocolate tart is not as good as the original.


Original Cheese Tart


Original Cheese Tart

Hokkaido Baby


Hokkaido Baby

The only one Hokkaido Baby outlet is at Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta. So, it’s better to taste it directly at the outlet. There are 4 flavor variants : Cheese, Chocolate, Matcha, and Salted Egg.  The filling is runnier than Hokkaido Baked. I like the pie crust. Crispy and thinner. The pie crust is so fragile. So, watch out when you do your first bite 🙂


Hokkaido Baby


Hokkaido Baby



Hokkaido Baby Cheese

The cheese flavor is creamy, cheesy, and melted directly in your mouth. The salted egg flavor is good, but not my favorite one. The chocolate flavor is not so good and the match is quiet good, but not my favorite one.

Hokkaido Baked vs Hokkaido Baby

 1. Pie Crust

The difference can be tasted from the pie crust. The base or crust is good and crunchy for both them. However, I prefer Hokkaido Baby’s since the crust is crunchier and thinner. Effortlessly in chewing it in my mouth. Actually, the crust of Hokkaido Baked is good, but too thick for a cheese tart.

2. The Filling

The filling from Hokkaido Baked is thick, bold, and tasty. Not sweet, but not salty. On the other hand, the filling of Hokkaido Baby Tart is watery, to a point it’s like cream fillings. It has a very good aroma, simply because once they finish reheat it, they brush it with butter or margarine so it smells so good. In terms of the filling, I prefer Baked Cheese Tart because the filling is thicker and not too runny. I think the filling from Hokkaido Baby is too watery for a tart filling.

3. The Flavor variants

In terms of flavor variants, Hokkaido Baby wins over Hokkaido Baked in Indonesia. They have more flavor variants as compared to Hokkaido Baked which has only one flavor.

In Indonesia, for me Hokkaido Baby wins over Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart. However, it depends on your preference liking. Many people also like thicker crust and thicker filling.

Moreover, you must bite the cheese tarts directly after you pay them. Otherwise, the taste and texture will be different when you eat it at home. Eat it while it still warm 🙂


Enjoy your day ♥

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Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

  1. Kota Kasablanka, Mall Kota Kasablanka Lt. LG, Jalan Casablanca Kav. 88, RT.16/RW.5, Menteng Dalam, Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12960 
  2. Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Lantai 3, Food Temptation
    Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta 14240
  3. Senayan City, Lantai Lower Ground
    Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 

Hokkaido Baby

Address :

Pondok Indah Mall 1, Lantai 2
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 087888677868

My Travel Outfit

Hello Fashionista! I want to share my travel outfit during my travel trip to Hong Kong and Malaysia. Sometimes, we choose to wear simple outfit rather than stylish outfit. We think that bringing a few pieces of clothes would burden our luggage. Here, I share my fashion tips for travelers.


Choosing a right outfit with your destination

It’s important to check the weather of your destination. Since I like girly-feminine outfit, I choose floral skirt and sabrina top for going sightseeing around the town. Fitting the clothes with the destination theme has always been on my to-do list. When I went to Hello Kitty Cafe, I wore chinese-ethnic simple dress because it was a chinese restaurant.



Dress: Obliviu | Bag: Coach | Scarf: H&M

Jeans and Jegging

These 2 things are your saviour when you have no idea what to wear on. I prefer wearing jegging since I feel that jeans are to heavy to be brought and I don’t get used to wear them. Jegging is lighter and I like mix-matching my T-shirt, sweater, and even my pretty top with jegging. You can use black jeans or black jegging for formal occasion as well. I also like to wear boyish outfit  with a touch of elegant beauty when I had my lunch in a modern-style cafe in Malaysia.


Hat: Rusty | White top: Zara | Jacket: Zara |Bag: Longchamp | Jegging: Uniqlo

Playing with The Right Accessories

If you are a simple person, than just go with the T-shirt and short pants! I suggest to wear the right accessories to level-up your look. Sunglasses, hats, statement necklace, scarf, or even the statement shoes (but the comfy one) to complete your look. It’s easy to ruin your whole look by choosing the wrong accessories.


Sunglasses: Chanel | Loose Shirt: H&M | Skirt: Stradivarius | Bag: Coach | Sandals: Hong Kong Store

Sandals are your best friend

Walking around the city from one to another places will soak your feet. Wearing shoes is not wrong (better to wear socks or short stocking to protect your feet), but it’s important to let your feet ‘breathe’. Otherwise, you will hurt them.


Loose Shirt: H&M | Bag: Longchamp | Sandals: Hong Kong Store


Here’s my secret: when  in doubt, wear monochrome. Wearing black or white will never go wrong. Instead, you will look elegant, edgy, and cool.


Jacket: Burberry | Bag: Aldo

I hope all of you will get a super cool look during your holiday. Be yourself and be unique ♥

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Pokemon Cafe at Kuala Lumpur

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Hello Food Lovers! I went to Malaysia for a short trip recently. Like usual, I always visit a place which is unique for me. Unintentionally, I went to Mid Valley Mall in Malaysia. I went shopping in Aeon Department Store where they sold Japanese stuffs. When I queued for paying my stuffs, I recognized that the cashier was in the Pokemon Cafe! The place was small behind the Stationary side. You could see the cafe from the entrance.



The cafe was just for 6 tables, each tables for 4 people. Quiet small corner. The good news is they sell both main course and dessert! The bad news is that they will close the cafe in the end of February 2017! So catch up before it ends =(

Here comes the foods!


The menu


My cute lunch

I ordered the Chicken Omelette Rice (namely Battle on Pikachu! Level-Up with Rare Candy) with Pikachu head as the Omurice. So cute and too good to be eaten ♥ I couldn’t help myself to not eating the Pikachu. The omeltte was like kue dadar (thin layer of egg to roll up the rice). Inside the Pikachu head was rice and chicken patty. The demi glace sauce was queit good with the smell of sweet BBQ sauce. The portion was quiet big for kids and enough for adults. The price was still affordable as comapred to any other kinds of similar character cafes in another country (see the Gudetama Cafe here ♥ ). The cute thing was they give candy besides the salad, related to the name of the dish.


Battle on Pikachu! Level-up with Rare Candy (RM 34.90)

For the Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette, the head of Pikachu was yellow rice and the ears were made from omelette and seaweed. They gave volcano croquette inside the salad. The taste was so-so, but I think kids might like it since the Pikachu head was quiet big and they like the croquette with tomato sauce.


Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette (RM 29.90)

For the drink, I ordered Pikachu Latte (Hot). Surprisingly, the latte was not as bitter as coffee, more creamy-like taste, and milky. Maybe it was made like that so that kids could like it. Can’t help with the smiling face of Pikachu on top of the latte!


Hot Pikachu Latte (RM 16.90)

They also sell Pikachu Cheese Tart and Pikachu Pudding. Both of them are so cute ♥


Pikachu Cheese Tart (RM 9.90) and Pikachu Pudding (RM 9.90)

They will give you Pokemon Angpao if you spend minimum RM 50!


I got free Angpao

Overall, I love this cafe since the cute dishes and drinks tasted good and the price was quiet affordable. The place was cozy and not crowded. Besides, you can enjoy your coffee break after going shopping. I wish I could come to this place again.


See you on my next trip ♥

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Pokemon Cafe Kuala Lumpur

Address: AEON 1st Floor, North Court, Mid Valley Megamall, KL

Opening Hours: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. (Mon-Sun)

Price  : RM 50+/person