Tugu Kunstkring Paleis- CNY 2018 Luncheon

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Welcome to Chinese New Year Luncheon held by Adelle Jewellery! Amazing lunch with all the girls, especially in this beautiful place. The restaurant is still under 10 year of age, but the building is already there hundred years ago, very historical. It was a gallery building during Dutch era in Indonesia and many historical stories happened in this place. You may ask the employees in the restaurant about the history of the building. Sounds interesting!


When I enter the place, I see a beautiful dining area, decorative arts of Indies, ‘aristocracy’ touch, with beautiful chandeliers, and old paintings. Okay, this is one of my most favorite fine dining restaurant since I love classical, unique, and beautiful place. Super love! There are many antique stuffs for the decoration.




When you go on the left side, you can see an oriental decoration area, lanterns on the ceiling, and a small bar. Then, on the right side of the dining area, you will find the artsy gallery. I like this gallery since there are many oriental-antique stuffs decorated the gallery.




Back to the main dining area, the dim light makes the place a little bit creepy at noon. If you like scary stories, then you must come to this restaurant in the evening. There will be a story telling about scary things happened in this place. Wow! For me, this is the right place to celebrate Chinese New Year, related to the decoration and ambient of this place. So peaceful and suitable for celebrating events. If you like to take many OOTD photos with elegant-glamorous-like, then this place can be added to your destination.



The restaurant gives us some choices of main course foods and drinks :



Kluwak Spare Ribs in Spicy Tamarind Gravy


This is must-try dish for Chinese New Year’s Eve reuinion. So perfect! The beef ribs are cooked in kluwak and another spices. The meat is tender, boiled, and meaty. Yummy!

Nasi Lemak Kunstkring


The rice looks small with many small dishes. The small ‘nasi lemak’ is accompanied by black baby squid, fried chicken wings, dried shrimps, crispy river baby fish, omelette, kangkung belachan, and pickles. Good taste, but not addicted.

Kway Teow Seafood Balacan


The presentation was good in which the fried kway teow is placed in the middle, while the  oyster, shrimp crackers, and pickles are placed around the kway teow. The kway teow was very chewy (rubbery) and hard to swallow. The taste is actually good, oriental-taste.

Kunstkring Kluwak Fried Rice with Oxtail


It’s just a fried rice, cooked with kluwak gravy and topped with shrimps and bean sprouts. The taste is fine, but not as good as I thought.

Hot Japanese Green Tea


A perfect drink after eating the oily dishes. So calming.

Overall, with the so-so taste, I think this place is pricey. The place is awesome, but the selected set menu is not as good as I expected. However, many people like the foods served and maybe you can try another menu. I would like to go to this place again to try out another menu which are recommended by my friends.


Happy Chinese New Year!





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Tugu Kunstkring Paleis

Map of Tugu Kunstkring Paleis
Address: Jl. Teuku Umar No.1, RT.1/RW.1, Gondangdia, Menteng, RT.1/RW.1, Gondangdia, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10350
Hours: MON – SUN 11 AM – 12 AM
PRICE : > IDR 100k/person






Roti Kekinian – Bun Go vs My Sweet Bun

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Hello food lovers! Kali ini gw iseng cobain salah satu makanan kekinian yg lagi hype di Socmed, yaitu Thai Bread – roti bakar dengan varian filling yg melted. Foto-foto di Instagram emang bikin ngiler ya. Apalagi liat fillingnya yg meleleh kemana-mana pas difoto masih panas. So yummy! Roti kekinian di Pasar MOI ini ada 2, yaitu Bun Go dan My Sweet Bun. Keduanya hampir bersebelahan (sederetan) di seberang Ace Hardware.


Awalnya dipopulerkan oleh salah satu kedai roti di Pasar Modern Tangerang, yaitu Bun Go. Gw penasaran kenapa bisa populer banget walaupun pas gw cobain sih rasanya biasa aja. Mungkin karena foto2 food porn yg bikin ngiler ya, jadi semua orang penasaran. Rotinya kecil dan dibakar dulu. Lalu, masukin fillingnya (custard-like, but it’s less viscous). Flavor yang paling disukai biasanya Thai Tea dan Srikaya karena 2 rasa itu emang enak. Rotinya sejenis roti susu biasa yang dibakar dengan margarine, lalu diisi dengan fillingnya : Coklat, Susu, Thai Tea, Nanas, Original, Srikaya (lebih mahal), dan Green Tea.  Harganya IDR 18k (mix. 3 pcs) dan IDR 36k (mix 6 pcs).






Lokasinya di sederetan dengan Bun Go yang merupakan kompetitornya, My Sweet Bun ini juga termasuk roti kekinian itu, tapi lebih variatif flavor dan jenis rotinya.

Rotinya ada 3 flavor, yaitu: Original, Red Velvet, dan Pandan.
Gw paling suka yg pandan karena aroma pandannya cocok dengan rasa srikaya dan milk.

Jenis rotinya ada yg Roti Tawar Biasa dan Roti Gandum/Oat. Gw prefer roti tawar biasa karena menurut gw sih kalo mau makan cemilan enak jangan pake yg oat. Seret dan ga bikin jadi sehat juga, secara fillingnya udah high fat dan high sugar. Sekalian aja rotinya plih yg paling enak. That’s why I call it ‘My Guilty Pleasure.’

Flavornya ada sekitar 10, tapi tidak ada Thai Tea  Padahal gw suka tuh flavor itu. Flavor yang ada antara lain: milk, vanilla, chocolate, taro, pandan, srikaya, cheese, nanas, original, strawberry.


My Sweet Bun lagi ada promo buy 6 get 12 seharga IDR 40k. Sedikit lebih murah dari kompetitornya. Rasanya yg gw suka yg srikaya dan cheese milk. Servicenya biasa aja. Rame juga sih tadi sampe penjualnya kurang senyum. At least, gw suka banget sama warna-warna roti gw yg bikin fotonya jadi cantik. Harganya IDR 40k (mix bun : Red vlvet, original, dan pandan) dan 30K (original bun only) untuk 6 pcs.



REASON: Rotinya lebih variatif dan varian rasanya pun banyak. Jadi, semakin banyak pilihan. Harganya pun hanya beda sedikit dari kompetitornya, tapi kamu bisa dapat roti dengan rasa Red Velvet atau Pandan.


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.Map of Pasar MOI
PASAR MOI, Mall Of Indonesia Lantai Basement
RT.18/RW.8, Kelapa Gading Barat, Kelapa Gading, RT.18/RW.8, Klp. Gading Bar., Klp. Gading, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240
Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM
PRICE : < IDR 50k/person


Popolo Coffee, Sentul

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Hello coffee lovers! There is a hidden gem inside the Taman Budaya Sentul City, across the BCA Learning Centre. Popolo Coffee has 2 locations: Sentul and Bogor. I prefer to go to the former one since I saw in the instagram that the place is unique. It is like a glass-house in a wood. Such a beautiful place for photoshoot. The outside area is for smoking, whilst the indoor area is for non-smoking area.

For more OOTD look in Bogor, kindly read my Travel Outfit in Bogor



Popolo Coffee

When I arrived at the glass house, there were so many people sitting there, taking pictures, and just taking a sip of coffee. Luckily, I got a small table in front of the coffee bar. For me, I was a bit disappointed since the place is not as spacious as seen on instagram. Moreover, the place was crowded although on weekday.


Indoor area


Outdoor area

I admit that the place is simple, minimalist, monochromatic, and beautiful. I spent much time taking some pictures there.



Coffee bar



OOTD spot

I ordered a glass of matcha latte and the barista said that they could make any pictures that you want. I asked him to make a rabbit. Voila! A small blurred rabbit appeared on my matcha latte. Not as good as I expected 



Matcha Latte

My friend said that the coffee was good, but I’m not a coffee lover. Hence, I did not try the coffee. Maybe you could visit this place and tell me what do you like from the food and coffee from Popolo? 


Overall, Popolo Coffee offers you a beautiful and cozy place to hang out with your friends. You could spend hours there taking pictures or doing some work there. Oh yeah, you could also do colouring on a piece of paper and post it on instagram! Happy coffee guys!





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Map of Taman Budaya Sentul City
Address: Taman Budaya Jalan Siliwangi no.1, Sumur Batu, Babakan Madang, Sentul City, Jawa Barat 16810
Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM
PRICE : IDR 50k/person

Lewis & Carroll Tea, Thamrin

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Hello high tea lovers! I was invited to attend a Royal High Tea, held by the popular jewellery brand : Adelle Jewellery. Lewis & Carroll Tea Flower Market is located inside the Central Dept. Store, near the Crystal Jade Resto. You can spot easily with all the beautiful flowers in front of the cafe.



The place is not so big, but I like the simple-minimalist design. The place is beautifully decorated with the flowers. A good place for phostoshoot of course.





We ordered some of the new menus from Lewis & Carroll Tea for the Royal High Tea Party.

Mad Tea Party (185k)

It consists of 6 pieces of mochi with 3 flavours : chocolate, matcha, and black sesame. I love the matcha. For me, the sesame taste is too strong for mochi. This set is served with 2 kinds of tea.

Panna Cotta (depends on The Flavour)

There are 3 flavours on my plate : vanilla bean, matcha, and nutella. For me, the matcha and nutella are the best. The authentic matcha taste can be detected. The nutella panna cotta is also good and not too sweet, but after you eat one piece of this flavor, you will get full.

Japanese Salad (55k)

Mixed of fresh vegetables, including wakame on top with sour apple dressing. It is tasty and fresh! It neutralizes all the sweet tastes from the dessert.

Truffle fries (50k)

All fries lovers will love this! The fries are crispy and seasoned well, especially with the truffle. So yummy!

Bruschetta Beef (65k)

The bruschetta is good with lots of beef and melted cheese on top.the bolognaise beef is quite good.

Potato Skin with Guacamole (45k)

The baked potato with skin is filled with broccoli and mayo, completed with half-boiled egg and melted cheese on top. So tasty!

Tea Omakase (80k)

The tea selection on Tea Omakase are Houjicha (green tea), Island Cordial (mango, pineapple), Red Ruby Skies (elderberries, hibiscus), Happy Summer Day (peach, mint), and Snow Owl (silver needle white tea) . I love the Red Ruby Skies, judging from the aroma and taste. Fruity and floral notes. All of the tea is served cold.


Overall, the place is good for hangout and high tea event. We really enjoyed our tea time there. All of foods and drinks are quite good. However, the service is not so good. Maybe due to the full tables when we held the party there. needs to improve their service. The price is a little bit pricey, but still reasonable.
Have a good tea time!





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Lewis & Carroll Flower Market

 Map of Lewis & Carroll Flower Market
Address: Grand Indonesia, East Mall, Central Department Store, Lantai UG, Above Publik Markette, Jalan M. H. Thamrin No. 1, Kebon Melati, RT.1/RW.5, Menteng, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10230
Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM
PRICE : IDR 150k+/person

How To Look Sophisticated With Simple Outfit

Hello fashion lovers! I just want to share about my fashion tips with simple outfit. You don’t have to wear skirt just to be fashionable and chic. Skirt will make you girly and feminine, depending of the model you wear. However, not of you like to wear skirt. So, I want to tell you tips of how to look sophisticated with simple outfit.

Wearing Outer

Outer will make you look more elegant and sophisticated without being to much. You can wear your favorite top with culotte pants and complete your look with the best outer.




Outer : Soecah

I wear the latest collection of Soecah from Catherine Soepadhi. You can directly go to the website HERE. The outer looks simple, but so stunning.  It can bring your look to the next level. You can try this look for your special occasion and for socialite gathering.

Wear your Comfy Culotte Pants

Culotte pants can be the best option to complete your look. The pant is so simple, but it can make you look taller. Just buy a pair of monochrome culotte pants. You don’t have to buy the expensive one, just buy the comfiest pants via online shops. There are so many choices of pants. Tips: do not wear printed pants if you have ‘chubby’ legs. It will make your legs even bigger.




Wear Your Simple Dress or Jumpsuit


Melanie Jumpsuit


Dress : ThisIsApril

Wearing the simplest dress will make you effortlessly beautiful in simplicity. Choose the simplest design for ‘natural’ look. You can also wear jumpsuit (with long bottom) to make you more elegant. My beautiful sabrina lace dress is from This Is April, a local brand with premium quality and affordable price for young women.

Tips: choose monochrome colour for your dress and jumpsuit for classic look. Printed dress will make you look bigger, but for skinny-type of body, you are allowed to wear more bright and bold colours.

High Heels To Wrap Up Your Look

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.

For me, wearing high heels is a must! I’m not tall and I need my heels to cover up my height on my photos. If you don’t like wearing stilletos, then you can go for wefges. Wedges are comfier than any type of heels. This is my favorite wedges from Schutz Shoes. You will never go wrong with this pair of heels! So comfy and you can wear them for a whole day. Premium leather, elegant design, and light!

Image result for schutz shoes



Wedges: Schutz Shoes



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Chinatown Bandung


Hello travelers! Have you heard about Chinatown Bandung? It is recently opened on 4th August 2017. Located at Jalan Klenteng No. 41 (near Waringin School), Chinatown has been popular as the hype destination in Bandung. On 17th of August, the Chinatown is officially opened by the local government.


The Chinatown is easily spotted from the Chinese design of the building. You must pay for the entrance fee (information is below) and get 1 small bottle of mineral water. You can take a picture on the paintings before you enter the building.


The Entrance Door

When you enter the door, you can directly turn left to get in a small room with lots of oriental stuffs and a history of the Chinatown in Bandung. The ornament and design are very good and unique as if you are traveling in the ancient Chinese era.


The History


The Old Chinese-style ornaments

Like any other chinatown places, there are many colourful lanterns. You can taking pictures in the afternoon or in the evening when all the lanterns are turned on. Very beautiful!


The View in the Afternoon



The Night View


Selfie from the 2nd floor


You must go up to a house to take some OOTD photos or just taking pictures of the beautiful view. There is also a red bridge at the center of the building which is so Chinese-style and instagram-able.


The Fortune Red Bridge


The Chinese-style Stores


The Old Chinese Bowls


Inside the Souvenir’s Store

There are many souvenir stores at the right side of the building. Starting from Batik, kitchen tools, souvenirs, and also snacks. All of the stores are well-designed like in old Chinese era. You can also taking pictures at the ‘living room’ with jadoel-style home decor.


The Design of All Stores


The Souvenir Stores


The Wet Market


The Living Room



For the food, all foods are HALAL. So, don’t worry 🙂


The Street Foods


Nasi Rames and Nasi Padang


Tahu Gejrot

The foods are mostly Indonesian street food, such as Es Dung Dung, Es Alpukat, Soto Ayam, Gado-Gado, Ketoprak, Nasi Goreng, Batagor, Tahu Baso, Baso Kuah, and fresh fruits. The price is ranged from IDR 10.000 to IDR 50.000/dish. I like the Baso Goreng and Nasi Lengko (traditional food from Cirebon).


Baso Goreng


Nasi Lengko

For the Soto Lamongan, it is too salty. Actually, the seasoning is quite tasty, soupy, long-boiled, and meaty. However, since it is too salty, I could not enjoy the soto 😦


Soto Lamongan

The Tahu Baso is more likely siomay in Jakarta. The taste is so-so and the peanut sauce is too spicy. If you cannot eat spicy food, better to avoid this.


Tahu Baso Bandung

All foods in Chinatown must be paid via Debit Card or Flazz BCA. No cash or credit card. This is the food court in Chinatown Bandung. Very beautiful, isn’t it? Old-fashioned, but so cool!


The Food Court


Inside The Food Court


The Food Stand


The Food Stand


The Food Stand


The Food Stand



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Kampung Cina atau Chinatown

Map of chinatown bandung jl kelenteng

Address: Jl. Kelenteng No.41, Ciroyom, Andir, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40182
                 (near 23 Paskal Mall)
Hours:  12 PM – 12 AM

Entrance Fee : IDR 10.000 (weekdays) and IDR 20.000 (weekends) per person