WAKI Japanese BBQ, Thamrin

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Hello meat lovers! I think some of you have already heard that WAKI Japanese BBQ has the best beef in town! That’s right! I agree with them. It’s my pleasure to get invitation from WAKI itself and to make my own HONEST review about their food.



WAKI is located in Thamrin, more precisely on the 2nd floor of Metro Coffee. You will recognize the logo (big cow’s head) on the rooftop. The Metro Coffee itself is also pretty and suitable for OOTD photoshoot. Back to WAKI, the place is quite big and spacious. It has 3 VIP rooms which are all connected into 1 big VIP room for an event. The VIP room is very private and soundproof. WAKI has also semi-private rooms in which the place is only separated with partition and not soundproof. So, you can see the dining area from the semi-private room. It is more spacious rather than VIP room. The dining area is the place for less than 6 people. There is also a bar for alcoholic drinks. This place is suitable for holding a celebration or event.



WAKI serves you the most excellent quality of beef and halal foods with affordable price. There are promotions for set menu and lunch menu as well for only 49k to 69k, including Rice bowls and Gyutandon with free salad and soup. No pork, no lard. The market target is for middle up section, but the price is not as expensive as I thought before.Since they serve alcholic drinks, they also serve Korean side dishes. They said that Korean dishes are perfect for alcholc drinks. So, don’t get confuse if you see many Korean dishes on the menu book. It still a Japanese restaurant.



Are you ready to get hungry? *Drool

I could not help myself not to get tempted while looking all of these photos.



Kimchi (29k)


The kimchi is delicious; not only for the seasoning , but also from the cabbage’s texture. Originally, the cabbage is fermented for 7 days, but in WAKI, the fermentation process is only 3 days. This will result in crunchy texture of the kimchi and less sour. The spiciness and sourness are lower than Korean Kimchi. It is a good point when a Japanese restaurant can make a tasty kimchi.

WAKI Salad (45k)


This is my favorite dish. The Salad is fresh and has katsuobushi on top. There is tofu as well. The sesame dressing is very good;with its thick texture and bold taste. Super yummy!

Chijmi (59k)


It is a Korean pancake with WAKI special sesame sauce. I like the pancake because the texture is so crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.

Kalbi soup (39k)


It is a spicy short ribs beef soup  with beef broth and vegetables. The beef is tender and the broth si quite good. For me it is not spicy, only the red colour makes it looked spicy.

Chapjae (95k)


The chapjae is delicious! The glass noodle is perfectly cooked with the sweet savoury seasoning. Must try!



WAKI Platter for 4-5 pax (389k)



RECOMMENDED! You must order this platter. The platter is quite big and suitable for 4-5 persons. You must eat them with this sequence : gyutan, kalbi, and jyo kalbi. Don’t get mix up since you will ruin your taste palette. The gyutan is so tender, perhaps the best beef tongue I’ve ever eaten. The kalbi is so juicy, meaty, and tender.

Moriawase (415k)



NEW MENU! It’s less than a month since WAKI serves this menu. The platter consists of the excellent quality of meat in which saikoro is my favorite! You may try the kalbi, jyo kalbi, harami, saikoro, and misuji in Moriawase platter. I think this is the best platter you’ll get in WAKI. MUST TRY! You can eat the beef with their sauce: Sweet onion sauce (my favorite), Lemon sauce, and Savoury sauce.


Ippon Kalbi (85k)


It is a tender long strip marinated meat in a small pot.The ribs is marinated with onion sauce, then grilled and cut into small pieces. You may taste the sweet taste when you chew the meat.

Tokujyo Kalbi  – PREMIUM Japanese A4 Wagyu Short Rib (279k)



This is the most premium and excellent quality of the meat that WAKI has. It only consists of 5 pieces in one plate. The pinkish red colour looks tempting. When you grill the meat, hmmm you can smell the delicious meat. The texture and the taste are excellent. Very recommended!

Premium spicy gyutan don set (75k+) and Lunch set menu (49k+)



All the set menu include Free soup dan salad.The beef sliced is tender and the sauce is tasty. It’s not the same with any other Japanese restaurant. BBQ lunch set starts from 69k and the rice bowl set meal starts from 49k.


Gyutan: beef’s tongue
Kalbi : sliced beef shortplate
Jyo Kalbi : sliced beef strip-loin
Harami : sliced hanging tender, a lean cut of beef with a bold flavor.
Saikoro: diced beef tenderloin
Misuji : sliced oyster blade

WAKI Rice (25k)


Rice drizzled with WAKI sauce and topped with nori, scallions, and sesame seeds. The rice is so tasty! Tasted like rice bowl without meat.



Mochi Ice Cream


The mochi ice cream is good. The mochi is chewy and the black sesame ice crema inside the mochi is also good. Yummy!

Ice cream (19k-25k)


There are 5 flavors of ice cream : vanilla, strawberry, coffee, matcha, and black sesame. The strawberry is made from the fruit itself. You may know it from the gritty texture. The Coffee and Matcha are the best! They are my favorite and not too sweet.

Overall, you will have NO REGRET after having your meal in WAKI. They serve the best quality of meat and the price is still affordable. The place is cozy, the service is good, and many selections of meat that you can try. You can indulge yourself in WAKI and I guarantee that you will satisfy with the food. Happy eating!


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WAKI Japanese BBQ Dining

 Peta WAKI Japanese BBQ Dining
Address: Metro Coffee Lantai 2, Jl. Tanjung Karang No.5, RT.11/RW.20, Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10230
Hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Telephone: 0812-9010-9624
PRICE : IDR 100-150k/pax

Pokinometry, Gandaria City Mall

Pokinometry Poke Bowl Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hello Poke bowl lovers! I finally have a chance to try their famous poke bowls from Pokinometry. It’s been 3 months since they opened their store in Gandaria City Mall, on the 2nd floor. The place is so cute! Dominated by pink and light green, the theme of this place is Hawaii. There is a spot for OOTD and the wallpaper describes the ambient of Hawaii. The chairs are made from wood and there are two benches with ropes, imagine it them as swings.




The ingredient for making poke bowl and poke salads are displayed in front of the resto and besides the cashiers. You can see how meticulous the employee in making your order. All of the ingredients are weighed so that they meet the standard and you will not feel that the portion is less than standard. You can also build your own bowl.



What did I order?

Mentai Cool (45k)


This is from Not-So-Poke series. The dish consists of rice, salmon mentai (grilled salmon with mentai sauce) and mozzarella cheese. The salmon mentai is so good! The sweet, creamy, and savoury tastes are in balance. Must try!

Finding Nemo (54.5k)



It is a poke bowl consists of sushi rice (a big bowl of rice!) with mix of tuna and salmon sashimi. There are plenty of toppings : boiled egg (half piece), diced avocado, diced cucumber, chuka wakame, baby tomato, fried garlic, onion, and potato sticks. So plenty and tasty! It’s yummy and healthy as well. Recommended!

Aloha Hawaii Salad (59k)



This is my favorite poke salad so far! This salad is quite big portion. Consists of poke salmon with sesame, baby tomato, chuka wakame, shredded carrot, corn, edamame, pineapple pieces, and diced avocado pieces. I love it! I dont’t have to add mayo or any sauce because the sesame oil’s taste is so good. Finally, I can move on from Turkish salad into Japanese salad again!

Avocado juice


It’s a fresh juice with no added sugar. The taste of  avocado juice is good! The juice is so thick and no addition of water.

Banana protein milkshake


This drink is made from banana, chocomilk powder, and honey. Suitable for you who are on diet and do not want to eat food. However, I found that the milkshake is too sweet. Maybe the combination of honey and chocomilk powder must be improved.

Overall, I enjoyed my dinner time in Pokinometry. The place is cute and cozy. The service is fast. The employees are kind and helpful. The price is so affordable since you get quite big portion. Plan to have another poke bowl? Definitely yes!



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Address: Gandaria City Mall lt. 2, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, RT.10/RW.6, Kby. Lama Utara, Kby. Lama, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12240

Hours : Mon- Sun 10 AM – 10 PM

Telephone: 0818-0889-6959

WIFI          : NO

PRICE        : IDR 50k/person









Blue Jasmine, Jakarta

Blue Jasmine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hello food lovers! Kali ini gw cobain menu Ramadhan di Blue Jasmine, Jakarta Selatan. Food tasting untuk menu Ramadhan nih karena sebentar lagi bulan puasa akan tiba. yuk intip menunya satu per satu!

Berdiri sejak 13 Desember 2015, Blue Jasmine memang spesialis di masakan Indonesia dengan sentuhan kemewahan di setiap presentasi makanannya. Tempatnya di Maja House lantai dasar. Cukup besar untuk mengadakan event seperti birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, bahkan wedding! Dekorasinya cantik, dengan sentuhan warna putih dan biru. Yg menjadi ciri khas adalah bunga hydrangea biru dan putih yang menghiasi meja di restoran ini. So pretty!




Mengangkat masakan Indonesia yang enak dan beragam, Blue Jasmine memang membuat menu Ramadhan tersebut dari masakan daerah favorite seperti Ayam Taliwang dan Sate Lilit. Enak-enak loh! Tersedia dari appetizer, soup, main course, drinks, hingga dessert. Semuanya enak! Range harga mulai dari IDR 850k-3000k. Pilihan paket mulai dari 4 pax hingga 40 pax.




Ayam Taliwang



Ayamnya enak karena bumbunya meresap ke ayamnya. Gurih, pedas, dan nikmat dimakan pake aneka macam sambal yg pedas! Pake nasi putih pans-panas, rasanya enak banget!



Ini semacam gado-gado, tapi sayurannya mentah. Tenang aja, semua sayurannya udah dicuci bersih sehingga bebas dari kuman penyakit. Bumbu karedoknya enak dan pas banget sama sayurannya. So fresh!

Sate Lilit Bunga Telang


Ini dia menu favorit gw! Sate lilitnya isi udang ayam gitu. Enak! Makan 1 tuh ga cukup. Dagingnya lembut, tapi kulitnya crispy. Mirip tempura tp lebih gendut2 dan ga banyak crumbles-nya.

Salad Buah Manado


Presentasinya beneran cantik dengan aneka warna pink buah naga, hijau daun, dan biru dari bunga. Manis, agak asem, dan creamy. Cocok buat appetizer buka puasa.

Ayam Goreng Belacan


Ayam gorengnya enak dan agak pedes karena dibuat dgn bumbu belacan. Rasanya gurih, meaty, dan enak dimakan pake cocolan sambel.

Sop iga Konro


Buat para penggermar sop daging, cobain deh sop konro-nya. Meaty, beefy, soupy, gurih, dagingnya empuk. Enak!

Kerabu Mangga Manis Pedas


Ikannya cukup besar, crispy, dan rasanya asam manis. Digoreng pake tepung ikannya. Saus mangganya juga enak.

Untuk dessertnya ada es campur/es shanghai/es cendol yg manis dan bikin nagih. Abis makan yg asin gurih, pas banget deh makan yg dingin manis.

Harga paketnya sebagai berikut :

– Paket Bali                     : IDR 1500k (6 pax)
– Paket Nusantara 1     :  IDR 2500k (10 pax)
– Paket Nusantara 2     : IDR 3000k (10 pax)
– Paket Sumatera          : IDR 850k (4 pax)
– Paket Sulawesi            : IDR 1000k (4 pax)
– Paket Jawa                   : IDR 1250k (6 pax)
Yuk buruan reserve buat bukber nanti. Jadi, pas event bukber kalian udah dapat tempat duduk di spot yg cantik buat foto2.
Selamat mencoba!







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Address: THE MAJA, Jl. Kyai Maja No.39, RT.12/RW.2, Gunung, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12120
Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM
PRICE: > IDR 200k/pax

Shanghai Lao Lao, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Hello noodle lovers! I recommend you to try la mian from Shanghai Lao Lao, CWB, Hong Kong. It is located on the 1/F in a food place (like FX Sudirman, Indonesia) where all food tenants are collected. The place is opposite Kate Spade, H&M, and Ted Baker. I found this place outside my itinerary because I was very hungry at that time and wanted to eat la mian.

Telling the memory of good old days cooking by Lao Lao, who means grandma in north China. Shang Hai Lao Lao is a chained Shanghainese restaurant offering fresh ingredients and perfect cooking every dish at a reasonable price.

To express the warm old home feeling, a warmly welcomed by an open plan but different layouts as a traditional home setting. A perfect mix of contemporary and classic design elements of old Shanghai, a bevel edge glass window and black iron frame in French style. The place is dominated with gold, red, and black color. The decoration is look like an expensive Chinese restaurants. And yes, the price is quite expensive. However, it is worth to try! In addition, the hot tea is free!


You can browse the menu HERE

Wonton La Mian (HKD 53)


My all time favorite la mian with wonton.The meat was pork and shrimp. The soup was brothy, fatty, and porky. The la mian was samll, thin, but chewy. Super yummy!

Minced Pork La Mian (HKD 52)


It is a dried la mian with separated chicken herbal soup. The minced pork was so delicious! Umami taste, sweet, salty, and spicy. The soup consisted of chicken wings cooked with herbal spices. I think you will be addicted if you eat this!

Yang Chow Fried Rice (HKD 62)


The fried rice consisted of scrambled egg, spring onion, boiled shrimp, and vegetables. The wok sensation was there. The taste was not as tasty as minced pork la mian, but once you paired it with mapo tofu you will get addicted.

Mapo Tofu (HKD 57)


Don’t get surprise if the a la carte dishes are more expensive than la mian. This mapo tofu is suitable for 3-4 persons. Eat it with hot steamed rice. This is very tasty. The tofu was so soft. The bean paste (aka tauco) is also good and salty. Spicy, porky, and umami.; All in balance. Recommended!

Overall, I was so satisfies having my lunch in Shanghai Lao Lao. All of the foods we ordered were delicious! Even I add steamed rice and mapo tofu after eating one portion of wonton la mian. I’m so addicted until now! Although it’s pricey, you must try this at least once! I still remember those tasty foods on my tongue!

Stay tune for my travel journey in Hong Kong.



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Shanghai Lao Lao

Map of Shanghai Lao Lao

Address: 22-30 Paterson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Hours   : Mon-Sun 12-10.30 PM
Phone   : +852 2587 9118
WIFI      : YES
PRICE    : HKD 60+/pax



Dim Sum Icon, Hong Kong – Garfield

Hello food lovers! When I visited Hong Kong, I purposely went to Dim Sun Icon. This cafe is located on the 3/F of The ONE Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Road. This mall is quite instagramable because there are many manga exhibition and cartoon characters stores in this mall. Oh yeah, opposite to Dim Sum Icon, there is also a very cute cafe full of 365-days-bears.



Dim Sum Icon does frequently change their cafe’s theme. The most popular theme was Gudetama. When I visited there in 2016, the theme has changed into another theme (which was not cute at all). So, I decided to re-visit Dim Sum Icon in 2018.


Lucky me, I found Garfield for the theme! Garfield is the fat cat cartoon character since I was a kid. The cafe is small, but so cute! All area in this cafe is dominated by Garfield’s picture (yellow-orange colour). Even the table set and book menu are dominated by Garfield’s pictures. The foods are quite expensive since they have to pay the license’s of the theme. If you do not buy any kind of drink, each person will be charged HKD 10+ for hot tea. You may select what kind of tea do you prefer, though.



I visited Dim Sum Icon in the afternoon, around 4 PM (HKT). So, I did not hungry, just want some snack for afternoon tea. I think you will confuse of which menu you would like to order because all of the foods are adorable! Here is the menu :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




What I Ordered


Hakau (HKD 49)


It consists of 3 pcs of hakau. Each of them has different character’s face : Garfield, Odie, and Jon (the owner of Garfield).  The hakau is good and at first,

Glutinous Rice with Chicken and Egg (HKD 49)


It is called as lemper in Indonesia. Most people in Hong Kong will eat glutinous rice instead of steamed rice. This menu consists of 2 layers of glutinous rice and shredded chicken in between. The top part is like an omelette, but steamed. The happy face of Garfield is cute! The taste is okay, not too salty.

Fried Buns with Salted Egg (HKD 45)


Consist of 2 pcs, the porcupine fried buns are so cute! The outer part is so crispy (you can hear the creak sound when you bite it). The inner part is softer, filled with melted salted egg. However, the taste is not salty, but sweet, creamy, butter, and eggy. I think it is considered as sweet fried buns, not the savory buns.

Fried Wonton (HKD 39)


The fried wonton is cute with those eyes. I think the eyes are made from candy because the texture is hard. The wonton tasted good, but not addicted.

Mango Panna Cotta (HKD 39)


It looks cute with the head and tails of Garfield. It seems like the body is the panna cotta. I think that this is the best among the other foods I ordered. The panna cotta is smooth, soft, and has both mango aroma and taste (not artificial, maybe they use real mangoes). I like it! It looks small, but you will get full if you eat them all. The taste is not too sweet, which is good.


Overall, the foods are good, but pricey. I think it’s fine to try the foods here because Dim Sum Inc offers you a new look of eating dim sum. There are lots of dim sum places in Hong Kong, but this is the most unique place to spend since every 1-2x per year they change the theme. you will do re-visit again because the theme has changed.

Stay tune for my travel journey in Hong Kong.



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Map of Dim Sum Icon
Located in: The ONE
Address : Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Rd, 100號L308
Hours     : Mon-Sun 11 AM -11PM

Phone    : +852 2885 1345
WIFI       : YES
PRICE     : HKD 50+/pax

Elmakko Coffee, Sunter


Elmakko Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hello food lovers! After renovation, Elmakko has expanded the cafe into bigger space, consists of 3 areas: The Cafe, The Play Room, and The Private Cafe area (not a private one but the space is smaller and suitable for a group discussion).



For you who like to play Nintendo, this cafe has Nintendo Snes that you can play with your friends (only 2 persons). You can play as long as you want if you buy the foods and drinks.


The place is not too big, but homey and super cozy in the afternoon. At the evening, the cafe is usually full capacity and too crowded. I suggest you to come in the morning or afternoon before 6 pm to enjoy the game and the foods.



For the design, it’s simple, white-dominant, minimalist, and of course, it’s a good place for food photography! The decoration is cute where the toys are placed in a small shelf in the cafe near the cashier. I spend hours in this cafe with my friends, playing and eating and drinking 






Makko Fries (25k)


This is for snack or appetizer. The mexican spices blend well with the french fries. It’s super tasty! The fries are crispy and soft. The seasoning is soooo good! Must try!

Makko Pop Chicken (Regular: 30k; Party size: 50k)



The deep fried chicken pieces are small-bite size and served with the mayo sauce. It’s tasty and suitable for snacking while palying Nintendo.

Chicken Fajitas Rice (35k)

2018-03-18 09.26.55 1.jpg

Recommended! The butter rice is super tasty. The chicken is grilled with the mexican spice. The portion is quite small, but I love the rice 

Chicken Salted Egg (35k)


This is also good. The salted egg is tasty, salty, and bold. This is also good for you who like salted egg.

Makko Chicken Rice (35k)


The chicken katsu and rice are quite few. Looks like it’s small, but actually it can fulfill your hunger. I like the crispness of the chicken katsu. Yummy!

Glazed Chicken with Melted Cheese (NEW)


The chicken pieces are quite few and served with mayo and melted cheese on top of them. Tasty! I like this chicken pieces more than any other menu.

Red Velvet Latte (30k)


This is my recommendation! I really like the taste of bold taste of dark chocolate with the red velvet flavor. It’s not as sweet as any other latte in other coffee shops. Must try!

Cappucino (25k)


I am not a fan of coffee, but the cappucino is quite good with the a hint of milky-creamy taste from the creamer and milk.


Overall, I like the food and the red velvet latte in this cafe. The place is cozy and quite interesting for me since I have not been to a cafe with Nintendo. The price is standard like any other coffee shops. The service is quite good.
Happy eating!


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Map of Elmakko
Address: Blok, Jalan Danau Indah Barat Blok a9 No.5, RT.5/RW.13, Sunter Jaya, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta City, Aceh 14360
Hours: 9 AM – 11 PM
PRICE : IDR 50k – 75k/person


Enmaru, Thamrin

Enmaru Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato





Hello sushi lovers! Kali ini diinvite sama Pergikuliner dalam acara Pergikuliner Alpha yang ke-2 edisi Valentine. Buat yang belum tahu Pergikuliner itu apa, yuk klik link Pergikuliner nya. Jadi, ini semaca m food app yang paling lengkap untuk cari informasi alamat, no telepon, dan menu kuliner enak di Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, dan Surabaya, Indonesia. Paling update deh kalo ada restoran/cafe baru. yuk intip review gw di https://pergikuliner.com/jessica_sisy

Back to Enmaru, lokasinya di lantai 46 The Plaza Office Tower, selantai dengan Altitude Grill. Tempatnya minimalis, elegant, bagus, dan kamu bisa melihat kota Jakarta dari jendelanya yang besar. Kalo siang bagus untuk foto dan kalo malam juga bagus karena bisa melihat view kota Jakarta yan gindah di malam hari. Untuk tempatnya bisa menampung sekitar 100 orang dna ada juga 2 ruang VIP. Kalo untuk OOTD memang kurang bagus ya, tapi kamu bisa foto di Altitude kok 




Di Enmaru ada set menu dan ada juga all you can eat – sistemnya by order, bukan buffet/prasmanan yang mabil sendiri. Jadi, kamu pesan makanan yang ada di menu, boleh aja semuanya asal dihabiskan ya. All you can eat nya hanya ada di hari Sabtu, Minggu, dan public holiday mulai pk 12.00 – 14.30 WIB (last order). Servie di sini awalnya cepat, tapi karena all table dibooked (full capacisty), jadinya mereka kewalahan dan makanan yang keluar tidak sesuai pesanan. Ada juga makanan yang nyasar di meja lain. Need to improve their service.

Mejaku cukup banyak memesan sushi, sashimi, kushyiaki, dan appetizer.
Minumnya free flow ocha. Presentasi untuk hampir setiap makanannya cantik untuk difoto, seneng deh!




Makanan yang gw coba, antara lain :

Foie Gras Chawan Mushi 

Chawan mushi-nya kecil, imut, dna enak! Ga amis telur maupun foie gras padahal gw bisa mual kalo makan yang amis. Sausnya enak karena gurih, manis, dan pas banget. Tekstur telurnya mirip custard pudding. Must try!
Chawan mushi disini beda sama chawan mushi yg pernah gw coba. Chawan mushi 2.

Wagyu Risotto 

Penampilannya simple dengan potongan wagyu di atasnya. Rasanya agak manis, not so good for me. Wagyu nya empuk dan enak.

Ebi Tempura dan Ebi Mayo


Kita pesan ebi tempura dan ebi tempura dengan saus mayo. Gw lebih suka ebi tempura original walaupun sausnya plain. Yang ebi mayo enak, tapi biasa sih. Mirip udang mayonnaise.

Unagi Gohan tanpa Gohan (tanpa nasi)

Menu ini custom, harusnya unagi-nya disajikan dengan nasi putih. Karena udah pada mulai kenyang, jadi kita order tanpa nasi. Unaginya enak banget! Crispy, ga amis, dan sausnya manis gurih enak.

Wagyu Tongue Kushiyaki 

Gw cobain lidah sapi untuk pertama kalinya (alergi sapi nih!) karena penasaran pada bilang enak. Benera enak! Dagingnya empuk dan ga bau beefy seperti daging sapi pada umumnya.

Tori Momo Kushiyaki 3 kinds of Moriwase 

Sausnya kurang enak walaupun dagingnya ayamnya cukup enak. Gw paling suka yg spicy miso dari 3 jenis saus : Negi Shio, Basil, dan Spicy Miso.

Unagi Cheese Tempura Roll

Sushinya di-deep fried, makanya mantep! Unaginya crispy dan cheesenya berasa.

Unagi Tempura & Cheese Ika Sumi Roll

2018_0210_13010700-01.jpegPenampilannya unik karena sushinya warna hitam. Cream cheesenya kurang berasa, tapi overall lumayan enak.

Tori Tsukune Kushiyaki 3 Kinds of Moriwase 

DSCF3382 - Copy.JPG
Baso tusuk dengan saus cheese, tare, dan spicy mayo. Gw paling suka spicy mayo, tapi overall biasa aja sih.

Aburi Salmon Spicy Roll 

Enak! Sushinya kecil tapi aburi salmonnya banyak.

Sashimi 3 Kinds of Moriwase



Presentasinya cantik semua (ada yang di big plate maupun di boat) dengan dry ice yang bikin looksnya mewah. Sashimi-nya fresh semua, empuk, dan ga amis. Recommended!

Tofu Salad 

Tofu nya lembut & enak. Wakame saladnya enak dan gurih. Seger! Porsinya juga banyak.

Buta Bara Kushiyaki 3 Kinds of Moriwase

Babinya enak tapi berlemak. Aromanya harum dan bikin laper. Tingkat kematangan babinya OK, dagingnya empuk, dan sausnya enak semua. Must try!

Small Japanese Soba dan Udon (cold/hot)

Sobanya enak dan kuah dashinya light. Enak dan agak manis kuahnya. Kalo yg udon, kuahnya disiram panas-panas dari teko. Bagus buat difoto dan udonnya juga enak.


Salmon Salad


Rasanya mirip Tofu Salad, tapi toppingnya salmon sashii fresh. So delicious, so fresh! I love all the salads!

Salmon Teriyaki


Salmon-nya enak, saus teriyakinya pas. Perfect! Tapi jangan expect salmon skinnya crispy seperti chipsnya soalnya ini di-grill, jadi ga mungkin crispy.

Maguro Shouga Yaki


Stir-fried tuna dnegna ginger sauce. Enak dan ga amis. Dagingnya empuk dan sausnya bikin nagih! Must try!

Sebenarnya, masih banyak menu lain yang gw coba, tapi yang membekas di lidah gw adalah 16 menu di atas. Overall, tempat ini termasuk ok untuk all you can eat seharga 400k++ karena menunya premium quality. Makan di sini sepuasnya dengan kualitas terbaik deh!

Terima kasih Pergikuliner!





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Enmaru Japanese Restaurant

Map of Enmaru Japanese Restaurant
Address: The Plaza Office Tower Lantai 46, Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.28 – 30, RT.9/RW.5, Gondangdia, Menteng, RT.9/RW.5, Gondangdia, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10350
Hours :
SUN – THU : 12 – 10.30 PM
FRI – SAT    : 12 – 11 PM
PRICE : IDR 400k++/person

Kintaro Sushi, PIK

Kintaro Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Hello Sushi lovers! Kintaro Sushi sempat hype banget awal 2017 lalu dan ramai banget. Tahun lalu sampai waiting list juga. Baru sempat cobain restoran ini beberapa hari lalu. Udah ga seramai dulu, hype-nya udah turun. Letaknya berdekatan dengan Teishoku Resto, sederetan dengan Massizm.

Tempatnya kecil dan ada lantia 2-nya. Karena agak sepi, jadinya semua customer makan di lantai 1. Dekornya mirip dengan restoran sushi lain, serba berbau jepang. Lucunya, sumpit di restoran ini mirip belati. So cute!


Menu yg gw pesan antara lain:

Salmon Moriawase Bridge (80k)

Penyajiannya sushi nya di atas jembatan kayu kecil yang unik. Sushinya bisa kamu pilih sendiri, yang penting jumlahnya 6 pcs. Bisa juga cari paket sushi bridgennya. Gw pilih paket Salmon : ada aburi salmon, salmon belly, salmon aburi mayo floss, salmon aburi mentaiko, salmon aburi spicy mayo, dan salmon sushi. Menurut gw aburi salmon nya enak, rasanya balance.

Sushi Bomb (95k)


Penyajiannya unik, bentuknya mirip bomb! Ada 8 pcs sushi salmon yg ada rawitnya. Bombnya berisi nasi kepal dengan salmon yang dimasak pedas. Mirip dynamite sushi.  Sushi bomb nya jika dibuka akan seperti gambar di bawah ini. Must try!


Hot Stone Chirashi (120k)


Isinya nasi dengan berbagai macam topping seperti salmon, egg, nori, dan disajikan dalam hot stone agar tetap hangat. Mirip bibimbap di restoran Korea, tapi ini versi Japanese nya. Enak banget! Nagih! Recommended!

Salmon Avocado Salad (35k)


Untuk balancing nutrisi sleain karbohidrat dan protein, gw pesan salad. Rasanya biasa saja dan salmonnya pucat, indikasi salmonnya tidak fresh. Salad dressingnya cukup enak, gurih, dan agak manis.

Overall, gw suka nasi dan sushi di sini. Penyajiannya banyak yang unik, mulai dari sushi, flying soba, dan Mozaic Chirashi yang cute! Servicenya juga cukup cepat. Harganya setara dengan kompetitor lainnya. Pengen balik lagi makan di sini kalo gw punya waktu senggang.
Selamat mencoba!





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Kintaro Sushi PIK

 Map of Kintaro Sushi PIK
Address: Rukan Garden House B-21, Pantai Indah Kusuma, Jakarta Utara., RT.6/RW.2, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14460
Hours: MON-SUN 11 AM – 10 PM
PRICE  : > IDR 150k/person

O! Fish, Kelapa Gading

O! Fish Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hello seafood lovers! Kabar gembira buat kamu pecinta seafood, tapi demen nongkrong di cafe cantik. O! Fish udah buka cabang barunya di Kelapa Gading (sebelumnya di Tangerang), di seberangnya Lilin Bangsa School. Gw diinvite sama O! Fish untuk menghadiri acara Grand Openingnya pada hari Jumat, 26 Januari 2018. Ownernya, Dion Wiyoko, juga mengisi acara tersebut. Seru banget loh! Kita main games rame-rame, yang menang dapat Flazz Card dari O! Fish. Buat yang mau lihat videonya, bisa lihat di IG post gw DI SINI ya.






Tempatnya luas, terdiri dari 3 lantai. Di lantai 3 bisa menampung 40 orang. lantai 2 lebih lapang dan bisa untuk foto OOTD. Lantai 1 lebih sempit karena ada bar di tengahnya. Designnya minimalis, simple, tapi bagus. Betah deh lama-lama di sini.


Lantai 2


Makanannya banyak banget, salah satunya menu baru yang hanya ada di Kelapa Gading, yaitu Garlic Butter Shrimp Rice.
Garlic Butter Shrimp Rice nya enak banget! Bumbu rempahnya harum, gurih, dan pas banget dimakan pakai nasi panas dan udangnya! Nagih!


Garlic Butter Shrimp Rice

Saladnya juga seger banget! Selain itu, Mix Seafood Platternya bisa buat makan rame-rame.


Salmon Salad and Shrimp Salad


Fried Calamari


Seafood On Plate


Fish & Chips, Es Teler Cake, and Matcha Affogato

Menu lain yang gw suka adalah Black Soka Burger yang besar dan ngenyangin. Kepiting sokanya digoreng tepung, cukup besar. Seporsi bisa bikin lapar kamu hilang dan puas banget. Pasta nya juga enak. Buat pecinta pasta, wajib cobain ya Aglio Olio nya.


Black Soka Burger


Aglio Olio





Fish & Chips, Pan-seared Dory, and Iced Matcha Affogato


Untuk drinks, kamu bisa cobain Ice Coffee dan Green Tea Affogato-nya yang seger, manis, dan milky. Buat yang suka minuman segar, bisa cobain Dragon Fruit Juice atau Mocktailnya yang manis dan fresh. Favorite gw adalah Walkin’ on Sunshine Mocktail warna biru. Buat yang suka teh, ada Hot TEa yang cute banget karena ada Baby Shark di dalam gelasmu.


Iced Coffee Affogato




Untuk dessertnya, kamu wajib cobain cake dari Bakepack buatan Fiona Anthony. Enak banget! Ada rasa Es Teler, Chocolate, dan Thai Tea. Gw paling suka yang Thai Tea dan gw bisa habisin 1 slice besar. So yummy! Guilty pleasure banget dah. Cakenya tersedia di O! Fish dan dijual per slice, jadi kamu bisa cobain semua flavor cakenya yang enak.


Dari kiri ke kanan : Es Teler, Thai Tea, dan Chocolate


Overall, kamu juga bisa celebrate party di sini dengan harga 100k/pax. Menunya oke dan kamu bisa pakai tempatnya 4 jam. Worth it kok, apalagi buat yang betah foto cantik di cafe . Jangan lupa cek IG post gw ya!





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O! Fish Kelapa Gading

Map of O! Fish Kelapa Gading

Address: Rukan Grand Orchard Square Blok D No. 20 Jalan Terusan Kelapa Hybrida,, Cilincing, RT.9/RW.1, Sukapura, Kelapa Gading, Kota Jkt Utara, 14250
Hours: 8 AM – 11 PM, except Saturday : 8 AM- 12 PM
PRICE : around IDR 150k/pax

Plataran Menteng

Plataran Menteng Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



Hello food lovers! Kali ini gw celebrate Mother’s Day di Plataran Menteng. Gw pilih tempat ini karena ambience classic-Indonesia yang kuat dan elegant. Tempatnya benar-benar cantik, elegant, vintage, dan mewah. Terdiri dari 4 lantai dan beberapa private room, kamu bisa merayakan acara private di ruangan khusus dengan minimum spending IDR 5jt. Setiap ruang memiliki decor yang berbeda dan bisa kamu pilih.


Lantai 1


Lantai 1


Lantai 1



private room lantai 2


private room lantai 1

Di Lantai 3 ada mini bar dan di lantai 4 ada rooftop untuk garden party. Saat kamu masuk, kamu akan melihat dekorasi dan barang-barang antik peninggalan zaman kuno yang masih terawat. Di lantai 1 ada grand piano dan tempat foto OOTD. Di sebelah kanan, ada lift untuk naik ke lantai 2,3, dan 4. Di lantai 2 lbh banyak spot bagus untuk foto dan suasana nya lbh ramai. Gw pilih di tempat dekat jendela.


lantai 4





private room lantai 2


Dress by @shooki.ind

Beberapa menu yg dipesan antara lain:

Sate Ayam (75k)

Satu porsi isi 5 tusuk sate ayam yg dagingnya tebal. Makan 1 tusuk tuh rasanya puaaass banget. Bukan sate ayam biasa yg dagingnya tipis dan berlemak. Yg ini full daging.

Nasi Goreng Nanas (79k)

Dari penampilannya sih tertutup abon semua dan agak kurang meyakinkan. Pas dicoba, ternyata cukup enak dan gurih. Rasanya ada gurih, manis, asemnya dgn potongan nanas kecil2.

Gado-gado Dharmawangsa (59k)

Bumbu kacangnya kental banget kyk di Jawa Timur, Ini sesuai selera sih, ada yg suka dan ada jg yg kurang suka akrena terlalu manis dan medok bumbunya.

Kari Ayam Deli (125k)

Must try! Terdiri dari 5 potong ayam yg digoreng dengan tepung dan dibumbui dengan racikan bumbu kari yg enak. Ada roti canai dan kari kuningnya yg kental. Enak banget! So far, ini salah satu menu yg gw suka.

Mie Panjang Umur (79k)


Mie goreng ulang tahun yang pakai telur puyuh warna orange. Enak, tapi ga bikin nagih.




Flower cake for mom

Semua makanan disantap dengan nasi hijau, yaitu nasi uduk berwarna hijau yg gurih. Overall, makanan di sini cukup enak dan pricey. Tempatnya cantik sih dan banyak yg celebrate Christmas, birthday, dan mother’s day di sana. Cukup rmaai tempatnya. Gw puas makan di sini. Servicenya jg cukup cepat.
Selamat mencoba!





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Plataran Menteng

Map of Plataran Menteng
Address: Jl. H.O.S. Cokroaminoto No. 42, Gondangdia, Menteng, RT.6/RW.4, RT.6/RW.4, Gondangdia, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10350


Open today · 11AM–11PM 
PRICE  : >IDR 150k/person