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Hello fashionista! Happy Chinese New Year for all of you who celebrate it!

This CNY, I went to Jia Dining to have a family gathering lunch for Chinese New Year (food review will be posted soon). Tips before you go : find out the interior of the restaurant. If you go for a fancy dining, try to wear semi-formal to formal outfit. Wearing a same outfit with the resto’s theme is preferable. For example, if you go to a cafe, wearing casual outfit is the right option. If you go to a fine dining, then wearing a dress is excellent! Chinese restaurant is identical with gold touch and chinese interior, then a vest or dress is preferable.



Cheongsam: Hong Kong | Clutch: Aldo | Watch: Swatch X Swarovski (Limited Ed) | Wedges: Charles&Keith


Top: (gift) | Skort: Zalora | Wedges: Forever21 | Bag: Coach Swagger


Cheongsam: Hong Kong | Bag: Coach


Vest: Heiress | Clutch: Aldo | Jegging: Zara | Wedges: Chrales&Keith

Since it is in CNY theme, I chose to wear simple cheongsam in pink. Wearing red or pink during CNY is a must to get happiness, cheers, and joy through this year. If you don’t like red or pink, you can wear orange, yellow, light blue, or light green. Light color shows good aura during this festive season. It is believed that wearing dark color during CNY will bring bad luck =(


Top: Zara | Vest: Heiress | Watch: Swatch X Swarovsi (Ltd. ed)


Top: H&M | Skirt: Zara | Wedges: Nine West | Bag: Michael Kors


Blue Top: Heiress | Black Top: Zara | Camera: Fujifilm

However, if you don’t have time to do the googling, then wearing black outfit is the solution! Black will make you look classy, elegant, and fabulous ♥♥♥ Trust me! Never goes wrong with black. Wearing monochrome is also another choice.


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Bunga Rampai – Classic, Elegant, and Luxurious

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First of all, I wanna say :

“HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! Hope this year will be better and may you have a wonderful year ahead ;)”


If you still confuse where to go for New Year’s date or feast, then I suggest you could try Bunga Rampai. In the end of 2016, I went for a family gathering celebration for Mother’s Day, Christmast’s, and New Year’s Eve at Bunga Rampai. Why did I choose this place? It’s because they serve a tasty Indonesian food (proud to be Indonesian!) and the place is so beautiful and suitable for having a celebration. It’s private (there are some private rooms on each floor), well-designed, elegant, and the service is very good.

Bunga Rampai is located at Menteng, opposite the Jakarta Eye Centre (JEC). The restaurant is looked ike a huge Dutch colonial house from outside and once I went in to the restaurant, I literally was amazed by the grand interior and luxurious decoration. Some people says that the restaurant is pretty hard to find since it looks like a small white house form the outside. It’s a 3-story house with a small cafe inside the restaurant. Each floor is estimated to accommodate up to 80 people with different concept design.

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On the 1st floor, there is a wide area in the middle with some big tables. There are 2 private rooms on this floor. The small one is located on the left side, and the other one is located at the bck of the waiting room. The waiting room itself is luxuriously designed with classic and elegant look. Many public figures and bloggers always take photos at this spot (me too!). The waiting room itself is already great and I have to told you that the dining area was even greater than the waiting room. There is also a big VIP room, accomodated for max. 16 pax. The chandeliers were made with red crystals and it is a suitbale place for me to have a family gathering celebration. It is also perfect for Sangjit, birthday party, and another private event.


A waiting room near the restrooms

The 1st floor was an old-style fine dining concept with white colour dominated all over the building. The waiting room at the back (near the kitchen and restrooms) is a perfect place for photoshoot and there is an elevator at the left side.

Related image

1st floor : Old-style Concept


Private VIP Room

The 2nd floor was way more to the modern fine dining concept. The decorations were grand and luxurious, seems like you have entered a grand dining room in a castle. Each side has a different concept.


2nd Floor: Luxurious Fine Dining Concept


2nd floor: Outside the VIP Room

The 3rd floor is a rooftop fine-dining concept. The place was so great with a perfect lighting. A perfect place for youngers and teenagers since there is a bar at the corner. However, it’s quiet hot at noon since the sun light will heat you up across the glass-house.

3rd floor ; Rooftop Concept

Let’s go for the food party!

The service is quiet good. The waiters are very kind and polite, yet you will be treated like a princess.  The ambient is quiet good, peaceful, and relaxing. Feel like you are an honourable guest in a luxurious old castle.



The food is quiet tasty with high quality ingredient. No wonder the price is quiet expensive, but it’s worth it!


Nasi Buketan (95k)

Nasi Buketan is a steamed aromatic pandan leaf rice served with sliced omelet, beef skewer, spicy fried chicken, potato and shrimp light curry, corn fritter, sweet soy bean cake fritter, sweet potato chip, chili bilimbi fruit peanut sauce and shrimp crackers. It is delicious! However, the portion is not as big as I thought at first. It’s not enough for having this menu for your meal.

Nasi Bali (95k)

Nasi Bali is a nasi campur in Balinese style served with minced shrimp and fish skewer (sate lilit), spicy shredded chicken, egg with red chili relished, relished, snake bean-cabbage-mung bean sprout with spicy shredded coconut (karedok), deep fried braised meat (like dendeng batokok), sweet and sour deep fried julienne of potato, shallot and bird eye chili relished, and chili shrimp paste relished. For me, it is tastier than Nasi Buketan because the side dishes (meat, relished, and vegetable) are more various. The sambal matah is good and the sate lilit is quiet tasty.
Iga Rawon Genjeran is a short ribs blackened soup with caramelized shallot, sliced celery and spring onion on top, served with jasmine rice, salted egg, mung bean sprout, chili shrimp paste relished, and shrimp crackers. The soup was very salty. The short ribs were tender and tsty. It’s better to tell the waiter to have it less salt.

Bihun Goreng Jawa (65k)

Bihun goreng Jawa is a Javanese style rice noodles with shredded chicken, cabbage, sliced omelette with caramelized shallot on top. The appearance was plain, not an appetizing-look like the other main dish. However, the taste was good. The rice noodle was well-cooked with all the seasonings, creating a delicious bihun goreng. For me, it was one of the best dishes so far.
Sate Banjar is a South Kalimantan chicken skewer in chili peanut served with caramelized shallot. The sate was tasty, each portion has 8 pieces of skewers. The sauce is sweet and spicy. It’s pricey, but tasty.

Tahu Telor (60.5k)

Tahu Telor is a tofu omelette with julienne of cabbage and carrot, mung bean sprouts, served with soya sauce mixed with black shrimp paste (petis). The tofu omelette is crispy at the outside and soft in the inside. The seasoning is perfect. However, the sauce is too sweet and the aroma is not like petis.
For the dessert, a various Indonesian desserts were available. I chose 3 desserts.

Lava Choclate Cake (58.5k)

Lava chocolate is a molten chococake served with homemade vanilla ice cream. Both the cake and ice cream were so small and pricey. I think it’s not quiet enough to fulfill your mouth. The chocolate cake was actually good with dark melted chocolate. The vanilla ice cream was too sweet.

Es Lobi Lobi (32.5k)

Es Lobi Lobi is a stewed batoko plum and topped with shredded ice. The sweet sour tasty will make you fresh. It is quiet good for you who like sour taste.

Es Cendol Dawet Ayu (35k)

Es Cendol Dawet Ayu is a traditional Javanese mung bean flour jelly, served with sliced jack fruit, coconut milk, and palm sugar syrup. The soup smelled like durian, the sweetness was enough and the tape was good. It tasted good, but so small portion.
Overall, Bunga Rampai serves a great place for having important events and celebrations. The food dishes and desserts were quiet tasty, although the price was quiet high. The service was good, friendly, and nice. For a fine dining class, I think Bunga Rampai have the food, service, and amazing place at one. Selamat makan!

Bunga Rampai

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Map of Bunga Rampai
Address: Jalan Cik Ditiro No.35, Menteng, RT.10/RW.5, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10310
Wifi    : YES
Cost    : >IDR 100.000/person.

Leaf Connoisseur by Tea Et Al : Beautiful Christmas Tea Set

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It’s Christmas time! My favorite day in a whole year ♥

Have you decided where to go for Christmas celebration with your lovers and friends? I hope my review could help you ☺


Introducing a new hidden gem in Pacific Place Mall, inside the Galleries of Lafayette (it’s my favorite department store ♥). Maybe some people have not known that there is a small restaurant at the back of the dept store, located at the first level, besides the VIP toilet. I know this place from Anastasia Siantar’s instagram. This gorgeous lady helps me to find a place for small Christmas (private) celebration.


The Interior

Leaf Connoisseur by Tea Et Al is a new tea salon and tea boutique that offers world class teas and affordable fine dining experience in a cozy atmosphere. This place features a medium spaced area with clean and modern yet elegant interior. Each table has a sweeping view of SCBD’s skyscraper and Jakarta’s skyline, making Tea et Al a comfortable place to enjoy your life.

Behind the concept of Tea Et Al is the Founder & CEO A. N. Gunarto, who has drawn on decades of traditional expertise gleaned from her family’s tea business established in 1952 to create this pioneering brand. Her passion and experience with tea, as well as her profound appreciation of its cultural significance and her cosmopolitan upbringing, have infused the brand with unique purpose and vision, as well giving her deep insight into the needs of the modern generation. No wonder the tea tasted great!

The waitress are very kind and polite, yet you will be treated like a princess. The service is very good, refilling your empty tea pot, bringing the tea samples before ordering, and changing your empty plate. The ambient is quiet good, peaceful, and relaxing. The Christmas songs filled the elegant tea salon with joy.

I ordered 2 main courses and 1 package of tea set for lunch. There were some promotions if you pay with certain credit cards. While you are waiting for the food, a set of welcome bread served as a compliment. The whole grain bread tasted so good with the butter.


Complimentary bread and Peach Moonlight tea

Peach moonlight is the name of the tea that I ordered. The smell is like sweet peach and tasted a lil’ bit sour, fresh, and sweet. The brownish-coloured tea tasted better with the sweet cakes. Another tea that my friend ordered was Honey Dew. The sweet smell will make you relax and the taste was like a slice of sweet honey-dew (melon). I love this one!

The main courses were tasted at first. The penne was very tasty, al dente, and thus the texture was perfect. The mushroom tasted delicious, meaty-texture, and cooked well with the sauce. The chicken cubes were marinated and tasted good with the pasta. The portion was not as small as it looks like on the plate, quite big enough for a lady to finish the dish by herself. The red-wine cream sauce made it perfect!


Penne Da Vinci (92k)

The Club Sandwich consists of 4 pieces of small sandwiches and a small bucket of sweet-potato fries, instead of french fries. It is very rare to find that fries in Indonesia since most restaurants serve french fries as the snack. At first, I doubted the sweet-potato fries would have a good taste. When I bite the fries, I’m lovin it ♥ It is the best fries I’ve ever tasted, more than french fries. It tasted sweet, delicious, and be addicted! Meanwhile, the sandwich was quiet good. Whole grain bread was toasted and mixed with the beef ham, radish, cheese slice, sunny egg, and tomato sliced. The bread was crispy on the surface and soft in the inside. So yummy! Suitable for people who want to eat tasty food without being worry to get fat.


Club Sandwich (95k)

The high tea package was served at last of dessert. The were 2 kinds of packaged : Lady-Like Style (235k ++) and Ritzy Style 315k++. The difference was just the amount of cakes and the type of tea you must order. I chose the former package since it would fit the portion of 3 ladies.

The cakes were placed inside the small gold birdcage (3-tier). The top tier consisted of sweet cakes : red velvet, matcha cheesecake, tiramisu, and a small eclair. I like the matcha cheesecake since it was creamy, less sweet, and fresh aroma. The middle tier consisted of savory cakes, such as tuna croissant, beef pie, and chicken puffs. I like the pie crust and the taste was good. The bottom tier consisted of a small shrimp quiche and a scone with strawberry jam and cream. I like the quiche, but it was too small 😦

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