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Hello food lovers! After renovation, Elmakko has expanded the cafe into bigger space, consists of 3 areas: The Cafe, The Play Room, and The Private Cafe area (not a private one but the space is smaller and suitable for a group discussion).



For you who like to play Nintendo, this cafe has Nintendo Snes that you can play with your friends (only 2 persons). You can play as long as you want if you buy the foods and drinks.


The place is not too big, but homey and super cozy in the afternoon. At the evening, the cafe is usually full capacity and too crowded. I suggest you to come in the morning or afternoon before 6 pm to enjoy the game and the foods.



For the design, it’s simple, white-dominant, minimalist, and of course, it’s a good place for food photography! The decoration is cute where the toys are placed in a small shelf in the cafe near the cashier. I spend hours in this cafe with my friends, playing and eating and drinking 





Makko Fries (25k)


This is for snack or appetizer. The mexican spices blend well with the french fries. It’s super tasty! The fries are crispy and soft. The seasoning is soooo good! Must try!

Makko Pop Chicken (Regular: 30k; Party size: 50k)


The deep fried chicken pieces are small-bite size and served with the mayo sauce. It’s tasty and suitable for snacking while palying Nintendo.

Chicken Fajitas Rice (35k)

2018-03-18 09.26.55 1.jpg

Recommended! The butter rice is super tasty. The chicken is grilled with the mexican spice. The portion is quite small, but I love the rice 

Chicken Salted Egg (35k)


This is also good. The salted egg is tasty, salty, and bold. This is also good for you who like salted egg.

Makko Chicken Rice (35k)


The chicken katsu and rice are quite few. Looks like it’s small, but actually it can fulfill your hunger. I like the crispness of the chicken katsu. Yummy!

Glazed Chicken with Melted Cheese (NEW)


The chicken pieces are quite few and served with mayo and melted cheese on top of them. Tasty! I like this chicken pieces more than any other menu.

Red Velvet Latte (30k)


This is my recommendation! I really like the taste of bold taste of dark chocolate with the red velvet flavor. It’s not as sweet as any other latte in other coffee shops. Must try!

Cappucino (25k)


I am not a fan of coffee, but the cappucino is quite good with the a hint of milky-creamy taste from the creamer and milk.


Overall, I like the food and the red velvet latte in this cafe. The place is cozy and quite interesting for me since I have not been to a cafe with Nintendo. The price is standard like any other coffee shops. The service is quite good.
Happy eating!

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Map of Elmakko
Address: Blok, Jalan Danau Indah Barat Blok a9 No.5, RT.5/RW.13, Sunter Jaya, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta City, Aceh 14360
Hours: 9 AM – 11 PM
PRICE : IDR 50k – 75k/person