Magnolia Tea House, Serpong

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Hello beauty lovers! Kali ini gw berkesempatan mengikuti workshop ebrsama Adelle Jewellery yg collab dengan Magnolia Flower di Serpong. Lokasinya di deretan ruko Sumarecon Mal Serpong. Tempatnya kecil, terdiri dari 2 lantai. Lantai atasnya gudang, sedangkan lantai bawah untuk workshop dan flower market. Walaupun kecil, tempatnya peaceful bgt dan pas untuk workshop.



What we make

Tempatnya cantik, so warm, dan hanya bisa untuk 10-12 orang saja. Workshopnya start from 100k. Kami membuat kartu ucapan yg di depannya kami tempelkan buket bunga mini yg kami rancang sendiri. Pilihan bunganya banyak macam dan hampir semuanya import. Workshopnya bisa juga di luar flower housenya, misal berkumpul di suatu cafe minimum 8 orang. Nanti instructornya akan membawakan bunga-bunga untuk workshopnya. Workshopnya bisa berupa membuat buket bunga besar, kartu ucapan, ataupun wax. Seru banget loh! Harganya juga terjangkau.



Flower Wax

Untuk tehnya, gw pilih Honey Berry Sweet yg harum buah dan bunga, rasanya juga manis dan sedikiiitt asam. A perfect combination! Di sini tidak menjual makanan, hanya organic tea dari herbs dan flower saja. Namun, kamu boleh membawa makanan dari luar ya.










You can try this new experience as a lady with your friends and sipping a cup of English tea ♥







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Magnolia Dried Flower

Map of Magnolia Dried Flower



Onni House, Jakarta Barat

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Hello guys! If you are interested in visiting a beautiful cafe without concerning the taste of the food, you are in the right place. However, if you choose to visit a cafe with delicious meal, then you better change the article to be read. I’m gonna post more of my OOTD photos rather than food and drink.



Onni House is a beautiful house, combining with the florist house and also selling vintage stuffs. All the flowers sold there are so beautiful. The decoration is so pretty, as if you are entering a small garden in a house. Actually, the house is not as big as I thought. You better do reservation via phone so that you don’t need to wait at the outside since the cafe is so crowded. Full of waiting lists. They have 20% discount for F&B until August 2018.

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The decoration is too pretty to be missed. I love taking pictures in every corner of the house. I admit that the house is so instagramable. Better to use your standard lens rather than fixed lens because the space is quite small and you might drop some stuffs there. I wore a flower crown which was bought in Turkey (see my Turkey blog here) and a black robe with floral printing. I love my outfit because it is suitable with the decoration.




There are 3 sections for the dining area: indoor (the prettiest area), semi outdoor (vintage lokk and so crowded), and outdoor (smoking area). Since I did the reservation, Onni gave me the most instagramable spot. Yeay! Thank you Onni ♥



As for the food, I just order the main course and 1 appetizer. My friend said that there is Namelaka’s cake, but I was too lazy to wait for another queue because the food came out quite long. You must be patient if you order the food and I suggest you eat at the other restaurants or cafes for your lunch/dinner. The portion is very small.

Here is the menu

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Beef Rice Bulgogi (48k)


The presentation is pretty and tempting. The taste is quite good and the beef is tender. The sweet taste is dominating my palette. I think this is the best dish from all the dishes we ordered.

Nasi Iga Bakar Maranggi (78k)


The beef ribs is small and the meat was so few. The taste is actually quite good with its grill taste. The chili and tomato make the dish taste fresh. However, the taste is so-so.

Garlic Noodles with Dory Sambal Matah (48k)


Actually, it’s aglio olio pasta. The dory pieces is soooo small, placed on top of the pasta. The taste of the aglio olio is good, but nothing special. The dory’s meat is very small, covered by the batter.

Chicken Teriyaki Burger (58k)


The burger is small and bad for the presentation. The sweet and grill taste of the chicken is so-so. The chicken is tender. The burger is fast food restaurants are much better.

Salted Egg Fries (36k)

frech fries

The salted egg spread is not so good. The sweet and creamy taste is actually like butter-sauce rather than salted egg. When you feel it at certain time, you might taste a hint of soft salted egg taste character. However, if my friend did not say that this is salted egg fries, I thought that it is just fries with cream.

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Overall, Onni gives you a new dining experience in a flower house. They give you a beautiful place for doing OOTD photoshoot, but not for culinary experience. The foods are so-so; small portion; and pricey since the small and taste are below my standard. The service is not so good. Sometimes, you have to wait for more than 15 minutes for the food because the place is so crowded. However, I like the decoration of how they make this small house into this pretty small garden.

Happy Holiday!


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ONNI House Jakarta

Peta ONNI House Jakarta
Address: Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara V No.242, Tj. Duren Utara, Grogol petamburan, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11470

Tuesday 12.00–21.00
Wednesday 12.00–21.00
Thursday 12.00–21.00
Friday 12.00–21.00
Saturday 12.00–21.00
Sunday 12.00–21.00
Monday 09.00–21.00
Telephone: (021) 22956116
WIFI          : YES
PRICE        : 100k+/person