Best Cleansing Experience with Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche

Happy New Year 2022 everyone! In this year, I want to have healthier lifestyle, both for my skin and also my body. The Covid-19 epidemic is still globally exist. Everyday, we have to wear face mask all time; using hand sanitizer with alcohol frequently and urged to do shower more than before. As an essential part of everyday life, cleansing is a must! Cleansing can remove any germs and microorganisms that contact with our skin. However, cleansing with certain cleanser can strip away a very important layer called skin barrier. Skin barrier helps to hold moisture, protect skin from harsh elements, and prevent skin from dry out. If the cleansing activity is not done properly, it can irritate or damage the skin barrier. Hence, it is important to choose the suitable cleanser that can protect our skin barrier.

Since we need frequent cleansing, we need to find a cleanser that should not be gentle, but also can protect our skin barrier of face and body. That’s why I choose Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche as my daily cleanser that can be use as face cleanser and shower gel. I got this package from Clozette Indonesia, containing Atoderm Gel Douche 500 ml and Atoderm Stick Levres.

Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche 500 ml


Atoderm Gel Douche can be used for daily cleanser for baby to adults. It is suitable for normal to dry sensitive skin. It contains *D.A.F* (Dermatological Advanced Formulation) which can protect our skin barrier and also moisten our skin cell; fragrance free, no artificial coloring, hypoallergenic, and soap free. The Mositening Sugars (Xylitol andGlucose) help to optimise the skin water’s reserves & facilitate the hydric flow to skin, thus our skin will remain moist. It also contains Vitamin PP which can rebuild the skin barrier & improve skin elasticity, also contains Glycerine for moisturising action.

Texture, Color and Scent

It has light and fresh texture, translucent, and delicately scented foam. The blue gel is well-blend with water to create few foam. Soft aroma since it is hypoallergenic cleanser.


Now, Atoderm Gel Douche is available in 500 ml bottle for family pack size. The ottle is completed with pump. It is easier for sharing with whole family to use this cleanser. Good news! NEW SIZE Atoderm Gel Douche 500ml is now available exclusively at selected Guardian stores & Online store. For a limited time, Bioderma is giving introduction price at 259K. When else can you get DISCOUNT, from normal price at 299K to special price at 259K!

Atoderm Stick Levres

Lips are particularly sensitive due to the thin upper layer, Skin often feels dry, less nourished, and less hydrated due to limited number of oil and sweat glands. If we still ignore this condition, it can result in chapped and cracked lips. Hence, we need to use lip balm. However, it is urged to choose the suitable lip balm which can nourish the damaged lips.

Active Ingredients

Atoderm Stick Levres contains:

  1. Shea Butter & Beeswax : nourishing and repairing skin
  2. Lauryl PCA & Vaseline: moisturising and protect skin
  3. Brown seaweed extract: soothing and reducing reactivity
  4. No colorant and hypoallergenic


I have tried this for 7 days and totally love it! I can moist my dry lips and repairing my cracked lip’s skin. It has raspberry aroma and white color. It leaves lips supple and soft. Reapplying as often as needed.

Overall, it is important to choose the right cleanser, especially now with the need of frequent cleansing, a cleanser shouldn’t just be gentle, but it should also help protect your skin, whether it is for your face or your body. Therefore it is important carefully choose a cleanser that will also protect the skin barrier. I choose to use Atoderm Gel Douche and Atoderm Stick Levres to protect the skin of my face, lips, and body. Get yours on selected Guardian stores or online store during the promotion period!


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