Green Door Kitchen, Kelapa Gading

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Happy Christmas for all who celebrate it



On the day of Christmas, my friends and I celebrate this wonderful day at The green Door Kitchen. It is located at the back side of Hotel Santika in Mahaka Square. You can spot the cafe by the colour of the door : green!


White Dress from This Is April


It is a small cafe with simple decoration, minimalist, warm, and pretty. Since I like to celebrate Christmas with my close friends, I choose this small place. We sat next to the window and door. This is the best spot for me to do the food photo shoot. The sunlight shines perfectly at 3-4 pm. So, make sure you do a reservation min. one day before you come to this cafe to get this perfect spot. There are also OOTD spot in this cafe as seen on my instagram and some selebgrams.






For the drink, we ordered flavoured hot tea since we are tea lovers.


From left to right: Namaste, Cherry Blossom, and Honey Berry Sweet

Honey berry sweet (35k)
For you who like sweet aroma, you should try this. The sweet and a bit sour taste will make you feel come. I like this tea and usually I order this honey berry tea at other cafes as well.
Namaste (35k)
This orange-brown coloured tea has minty aroma. Suitable for people who has cold. If you like mint, you can try this tea.
Cherry Blossom (35k)
This is also one of my favorite. The sweet-floral note is my favorite thing of this tea. Maybe some people could not differentiate between cherry blossom and honey berry sweet. If you like the smell of flower, you should try cherry blossom. However, if you like the sweet taste of tea, then you should go for honey berry.



As for the food, these are what we ordered (almost all presentation are beautiful and I just let myself took all the beautiful photos).

Green Door Big Breakfast (non-halal, 120k)

Consisted of pork sausage and pork bacon, grain & seed bread (1 sliced), scrambled egg, sauteed mushrooms, and salad. For me, the portion is quite small, not big as it is written on the menu. So, don’t worry if you want to order this dish. The taste is so-so, nothing special, except for the yummy pork sausage.

Triple Cheese Sandwich (70k)

There are 3 types of cheese in this plate : Swiss Cheese, Red Cheddar, and Yellow Cheddar. If you are a cheese lover, then you should try this. The cheese are quite good. The portion is actually small, but it could fulfill your hunger.

Smoked Salmon and Bagel (90k)


The bagel is so hard since I couldn’t cut it with my small knife. So, i asked the waiter to cut it with bigger knife. The salmon was good and the veggie tasted good with the sesame oil. The smell is tempting.

Overall, the price is quite expensive for those small dishes. The taste of the dishes is good, but not addicted. The service is not as fast as any other cafes. For me, it only sells the pretty place. However, if you are curious why this place is quite popular, then you must go. This place is also suitable for bridal shower, birthday, and special events.


Happy Christmas!




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The Green Door Kitchen

Map of The Green Door Kitchen
Located in: Mahaka Square
Address: Mahaka Square Kelapa Gading (Sports Mall), Jl. Raya Kelapa Nias Blok HF 3 Unit B 18-23 Lt. Dasar, (accross outdoor basketball courts), RT.8/RW.6, Klp. Gading Bar., Klp. Gading, Kelapa Gading Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240
Hours : 7 AM – 9 PM
PRICE : IDR 150-200k/person


Bottega Ristorante, SCBD

Bottega Ristorante Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Outdoor : Smoking area

Christmas is coming! Have you chosen a right place to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones? If not, then you should go to Bottega Ristorante. This place is beautiful, homey-like atmosphere, and elegant. For me and my friends, we choose Bottega to celebrate Christmas.

Bottega Ristorante was in Kuningan and now, reopening again with a new concept and new menu. The decoration is quite similar with the former place, but it’s wider and more elegant. The dim light makes this place feel romantic, homey, and cozy. We choose the back side (besides the bathroom and kitchen) because this place is more private and suitable for 8-10 persons.



Indoor : Non-smoking area

The dining area looks like at our pantry at home. The decoration of Christmas is beautiful and many spots for OOTD photoshoot. There are outdoor area for smoking and indoor area  for non-smoking. Both are beautifully decorated.




The service is excellent. The waitress and waiter are so nice and helpful. They treated customers like a king and queen. Here are some OOTD photos at Bottega Ristorante.




Kibo Cheesecake which is popular with the melted japanese cheese cake, has launched their new flavor: STRAWBERRY CHEESE! The sweet, sour fruit makes this Christmas become perfect! So fresh, cheesy, and be addicted! Must try guys!




You can go to their nearest outlets at PIK Avenue, Kota Kasablanka Mall, and Grand Indonesia. Check out their Instagram @kibocheese for more information.


Seared Salmon with Romesco (185k)

DSCF9986.JPGIt’s a Norwegian Salmon served with seasonal vegetables. The appearance looks beautiful and tempting. For me, the salmon is perfectly cooked, tender, not fishy at all. One portion is enough, not too small.

Bistecca Fiorentina (135k/100 gram)

The presentation is good and simple. For me, the beef steak is well-seasoned, but the taste is below my expectation. The texture of the meat is not tender, quite hard, although it’s medium rare.

Braised Pork Belly (127k)

MUST TRY! The oriental sauce tasted perfect with the crispy-tender pork belly.So delicious! The baby potatoes are sweet and well-seasoned.

Bakmi Truffle (149k)

Must Try! The appearance is simple, but you could smell the tasty truffle sauce! The noodle is like’bakmi’, chinese-style noodle with chewy texture. Surprisingly, this chinese noodle taste soooo delicious with the western-style truffle sauce which is creamy.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Pesto & Chicken (109k)

The portion is quite big for one person. The gnocchi is cooked with pesto sauce. The texture is not as chewy as I thought. It’s lie eating glutinous rice. Somehow I like it, but my friends don’t. So, it depends on your taste palate.

Bacon Mac & Cheese (Beef / pork) (116k)


The portion seems small, but it’s better to share with 1-2 persons since the creamy cheese sauce is too much for 1 person. Actually, the creamy cheese sauce is good, but it’s too much to finish all at one whole portion.

Tiramisu (78k)

The pretty tiramisu cake is perfect for Chritsmas dessert! The coffee taste balances the sweet-creamy taste of the cake. Sweet and tasty!



Overall, we like the food and service at Bottega. The place is also good for celebrating special event such as birthday, bridal shower, romantic dinner, Christmas, and many more. The price of the F&B is quite pricey, but worth it for us. The warm service from this restaurant feels like we are eating at home.
Happy Christmas!




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Bottega Ristorante

Map of Bottega Ristorante
Address: Fairground Building SCBD, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Lot. 14, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, RT.5/RW.3, RT.5/RW.3, Senayan, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12190
Hours: MON-SUN 10 AM- 10 PM
Phone: (021) 51402266 (reservation is needed)
PRICE : IDR 200k+/person

Warunk Upnormal

Warunk Upnormal Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Hello Indomie lovers! Indomie memang menjadi favorite penduduk Indonesia, mulai dari kalangan mengenah ke bawah hingga kalangan atas; mulai dari anak kecil hingga dewasa. Kini, Indomie dijual oleh berbagai pedagang kaki lima hingga cafe. Indomie kekinian juga menjadi populer di social media, mulai dari Indomie pedas dengan level bertingkat hingga Indomie dengan berbagai topping menarik.
Salah satu cafe kekinian yang menyajikan Indomie sebagai menu utamanya adalah Warunk Upnormal.

Awalnya, Warunk Upnormal merupakan sebuah cafe berkonsep warung Indomie untuk kalangan muda yang demen nongkrong sambil ngopi dan ngemil. Cafenya selalu ramai dikunjungi oleh para mahasiswa, terutama saat weekend. Sekarang, franchise Warunk Upnormal sudah merambah ke Jakarta dan Tangerang. Semua Warunk Upnormal didesign ala anak muda : minimalist, artistic, dan ada smoking area di open space. Tempatnya cozy, agak gelap (remang2), dan bersih.


Di cabang Kelapa Gading, Warunk Upnormal cukup besar, gabungan dari 2 ruko, dan ada 2 lantai. Lantai 1 khusus non-smoking dan lantai 2 khusus smoking area dan private room. Semua dindingnya didekor dengna gambar dan quotes.


Tidak hanya Indomie, Warunk Upnormal juga menyediakan berbagai cemilan menarik dan juga dessert.


Indomie Upnromal (18.5k)


Ini nih signature dish dari Warunk Upnormal. Indomie kuahnya dikasih racikan bumbu khusus, susu cair, dan sedikit margarin biar kuahnya gurih dan nagih seperti itu. Toppingnya smoked beef yang katanya dibuat sendiri oleh owner Warunk Upnormal-nya. Must try!

Indomie Goreng Telur Asin (23.5k)


Salted Egg emang lagi hype ya dan tentunya Indomie pas banget dimasak dengan telur asin. Rasnaya creamy, buttery, dan telor asinnya juga harum. Toppingnya pakai smoked beef. Lumayan nih buat supper.

Cireng Pandawa with Special Sauce (27.5k)

Gw suka banget pesen cireng ini tiap kali ke Warunk Upnormal! Cireng memang selalu enak, gurih, garing, dan bikin nagih. Apalagi ditambah saus pedes (mirip saus pempek), enak banget! Cobain ya!

Roti Bakar Nutella (21.5k)

Roti bakar di sini gede loh! Ada 2 lembar roti bakar yang dilapisi Nutella. Kalo baut 1 orang sih eneg ya menurut gw, pasnya buat disharing 2-3 orang.

Roti Bakar Coklat Keju (17.5k)


Roti bakarnya ada 2 lembar, yang 1 diolesi margarine + meses dan yang lainnya diolesi margarin + keju parut. Menurut gw, makan ini ga terlalu eneg karena kejunya lebih asin. Satu porsi bisa untuk 2-3 orang.

Avocado with Mango Pudding (30 k + 5k pudding)


Gw selalu pesen avocado karena gw suka banget alpukat kerok. Toppingnya bisa kamu pilih sesukamu. Gw pilih mango pudding yang lagi hype. Ternyata, rasanya biasa aja 😦 Agak kecewa sih, tapi gw kenyang makan 1 porsi avocado ini. Enaknya, dessert ini ga terlalu manis dan pas banget buat gw yang ga terlalu suka manis.

Baso Sapi Bakar

DSCF7030-01.jpegSelain cireng, ada juga baso sapi bakar untuk cemilan sambil ngobrol dan main bareng temen. Honestly, menurut gw biasa aja sih basonya, tapi ya lumayan sih buat ganjel perut kalo kamu ga terlalu lapar.

Overall, Warunk Upnormal menyediakan tempat nongkrong kekinian untuk anak muda. Untuk makanan, cukup variatif, tapi rasanya so-so. Dessertnya lumayan enak. Place & ambience nya juga cukup OK untuk nongkrong lama-lama. Harganya agak pricey si tapi masih terjangkau kok. Selamat mencoba!




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Warunk Upnormal Kelapa Gading

Map of Warunk Upnormal Kelapa Gading

Address: Jl. Boulevard Blok PA II No. 11, Kelapa Gading, RT.3/RW.14, Pegangsaan Dua, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta 14240
Hours: 9 AM – 1 AM
Phone: (021) 4504445

Greyhound Cafe Indonesia

Greyhound Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hello food lovers! Kali ini gw cobain cafe baru di Grand Indonesia, yaitu Greyhound Cafe. Lagi hits nih karena baru buka di pertengahan September 2017 ini. Di social media udah mulai penuh sama foto-foto makanan dan cake lucu dari cafe asal Thailand ini. Gw pernah cobain Greyhound Cafe di Kuala Lumpur beberapa waktu lalu dan gw suka banget sama masakan di sana. Kalau mau lihat reviewnya silakan click di sini ya.

Greyhound Cafe Kuala Lumpur






Terletak di sebelah Olivier, Greyhound Cafe (tempatnya ex. Mad For Garlic) terlihat kecil di luar, tapi sebenarnya luas banget sampai ke belakang dan ada toilet khusus customer Greyhound. Siap-siap waiting list di saat lunch dan dinner di weekend ya, lebih bagus lagi jika kamu bisa reserve tempatnya. Ada area smoking dan non-smoking. Karena ramai dan males nunggu lama, gw pilih area smoking. Ternyata, area smoking laus banget dan ada exhaust juga. Jadi, asap rokoknya tidak terlalu mengepul dan bau. Di bagian kiri, ada private room yang bisa kamu gunakan untuk event special, seperti birthday party ataupun bridal shower.

Tempatnya luas, nyaman, bersih, dan cantik. Bisa buat foto OOTD juga walaupun lampunya kuning. Toiletnya ada di bagian luar cafe, sebelah kanan. Unik loh toiletnya! Di area smoking memang lebih enak buat foto-foto makanan karena dekat jendela dan sinarnya lebih bagus. A good area for taking my pictures here.





Mostly, makanan dan minuman di sini enak. Sayangnya, service di sini lama. Jadi buat yang kelaperan, harap bersabar ya. Mungkin karena masih baru dan bagian kitchen masih belum siap. Dari 4 menu yang gw pesan, ada 1 menu yang gw tunggu hampir 1 jam baru keluar. Dari laper banget sampe mati rasa.

Fried Chicken Wings (65k)


Menurut menu book, ini adalah appetizer favorite Greyhound dengan foto yang menarik di mana potongan sayap ayanya gendut-gendut. Ternyata, pas keluar, chicken wingsnya kecil kurus semua. Secara kuantitas, memang lebih banyak dari yang di foto sih. Rasanya enak, teksturnya crispy. Agak oily, tapi masih bisa ditolerir. Cocok banget buat jadi cemilan selama nungguin main course dateng nih.

Fusilli With Seafood Tom Yum (95k)


This is Recommended by me! Porsinya bisa bikin gw kenyang, datangnya cepat, dan enak! Fusilinya dimasak dengna bumbu Tom Yum yang asem pedes gitu. Harum banget dan enak! Ditambah udang besar yang enak dan gurih. Menurut gw, you must try this one! Dari segi harga dan rasa, ini salah satu menu yang worth it ya.

Spaghetti with Corned Beef and Fresh Chilies (98k)


Pas dateng, aromanya sedap beef banget, bikin laper! Shredded corned beef-nya banyak dan enak. Signature dish cafe ini. makannya juga light banget, ga oily juga. Sayangnya, dari segi harga, ga worth it sih! Mending gw makan fusili sama lobster, menurut gw sih.

Crab Meat Fried Rice with a Twist (165k)


Nah, ini dia menu yang nunggu hampir 1 jam. Pas dateng, ternyata porsi nasinya emang semangkuk penuh gitu. Kenyang banget! Shredded crab meatnya juga banyak banget. Pantes aja lama, suir dagingnya aja pasti lama. Jadi, ya kita maklum aja sih. Rasanya lumayan enak, standard sih, di bawah ekspektasi kita ya. Makan crab rice nya pakai kuah sayur asin, pikles, dan cabe rawit kecap asin. Nasinya enak sih, pakai jasmine rice (ini yang bikin mahal karena harum dan pulen).

Fresh Coconut Crepe Cake (72k)


This is the infamous crepe cake on Instagram! So cute ♥

Tanduk-tanduknya adalah crepes kering yang super crispy. Mirip kripik manis. Crepe cakenya enak, dilapisi daging kelapa asli dan fresh crema yang ga manis. Gw bisa abisin seporsi sendirian karena light banget dan ga bikin eneg. Must try!

Thai Tea Granita (52k)


Konsepnya unik. Soft ice rasa thai tea. Perlu effort juga sih untuk hancurin segelas esnya, tapi seru. Rasanya lumayan enak, khas Thai Tea dan ga terlalu manis. Cocok buat temen makan.

Nom Yen Granita (52k)


Konsepnya sama seperti Thai Tea Grnaita, tapi rasa strawberry. Warnanya cantik, pink! Menurut gw, rasanya kurang enak karena gw memang kurang suka strawberry, Dibandingkan dengan Thai Tea, gw lebih prefer Thai Tea Granita.

Overall, gw suka makan di Greyhound. Tempatnya bagus, tenang, dan makananya juga enak. Harganya termasuk pricey sih, jadi kalian harus cermat mau pilih menu yang mana. Foods & drinks nya enak dan menarik kok! Gw pengen ke sini lagi buat nyobain menu-menu lainnya. Menunya berbeda dari yang di Kuala Lumpur, harganya mirip-mirip sih. Tempatnya juga sama bagusnya.

Selamat mencoba!





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Address: Grand Indonesia West Mall Ground floor G-20A, Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.1, Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 10310
Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM
PRICE : IDR 200k++/person

Toby’s Estate – New Hits Coffee Shop in PIK

Toby's Estate Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I believe a lot of you who read this have heard or even tried the latest coffee in PIK Avenue Mall. That’s the Toby’s Estate, serving the best coffee in town! I went there to celebrate New Year with my friends. It was so crowded and long waiting list. Even if you go there to reserve a table full of 6 and you are still alone, the waiter will not allow you to enter the cafe. Lots of patient to have some good foods and coffee in Toby’s Estate.


Me and friends 🙂


Toby’s Estate is the first Australian-based coffee roaster store in Indonesia. The café is said to be the first user of the Mavam Espresso machine in Indonesia and offers specialty coffees, ranging from single-origin coffee to its signature Australian flat-white. Meals include eggs benedict, buttermilk fried chicken on a corn frittata and Toby’s signature ricotta pancakes. Aside from operating as a coffee chain, the brand also sells its coffee to other stores in Australia. If you like coffee, you can consider to have it here.

The place is located outside of the mall (but still a part of it), near the Starbucks. The place was quite big and many bloggers were taking picture around the cafe. Inside, the modern design of coffee shop was crowded (that’s why is hot inside). I like the decoration : simple, spacious, and modern-industrial feel inside the shop. I think it’s a perfect place to hangout with your friends.


The crowd of the cafe

For the coffee, they serve espresso based coffee (piccolo, cappuccino, latte) and non-coffee drinks. Price range starts from IDR 30k-85k for coffee. Our drinks ranged from coffee to tea. We don’t like coffee and still prefer to tea. For tea, we chose Chrysan tea and Peppermint tea.


For me, I chose Affogato. The espresso was well-blended with the vanilla ice cream. The coffee was thick, but not as bitter as the other espresso. For me, it was good since I don’t like bitter. However, the coffee lovers would regret it. Although it had thick body, but the taste was not like espresso.


Cappuccino latte is a good choice. The coffee was thick and bitter. My friend, who is a coffee lover said that it was quiet good.


Cappuccino / Piccolo (35k)

For the food, the Truffle Fries must be tried for those who love it! It was 65k for a plenty of french fries. The truffle oil was so good, well-blended with the cheese and fries. The fries was crispy and soft, the seasoning was just perfect! Quiet big portion and guess what? It was too much for 6 people! A good snack for having coffee time.


Truffle Parmesan Fries (65k)

The Woolly (sauteed spinach) and Broadway (Salmon) Eggs Benedict were tasty. Judging from the portion, the portion was quiet small, but once you have finished one whole portion, you will feel so full. Maybe because the fat was quiet high to fulfill your hunger.


Broadway Style Egg’s Benedict (135k)


Woolly Style Egg’s Benedict (125k)

Meet the signature dish : Buttermilk Chicken and Corn Frittata. The appearance looked appetizing with 2 pieces of big fried chicken. The taste was like Bakwan jagung or Fuyung hai. The frittata was soft, thin, and looks like a big bakwan jagung. The chicken was quiet good, but it was hard enough to slice the chicken with fork and knife! Better to use your own bare hands 🙂


Buttermilk Chicken and Corn Frittata (125k)

For the pasta, I tried Pork Linguine Toss with tagliatelle. The pasta was al dente, cooked with super creamy carbonara sauce. The mushroom slice was quite big, but thin. The pork skin was crispy and you’ll like it! Overall, it was so creamy and I think the portion is better to be eaten by 2 people.


Pork Linguine Toss (115k)

Mac and Cheese tasted tasty and creamy, especially the cheese. However, it is better to be consumed by more than one person. The creaminess will overwhelmed you. Better to eat that with a cup of bitter coffee.


Mac & Cheese (105k)

Overall, the food dishes were tasted good, but still overpriced. The price was higher than any other coffee shop. For the coffee, it still needs improvement from the aroma and taste. The ‘body’ was just okay. The place was spacious, but lots of people inside and makes the shop even hotter. Well, quiet nice experience with Toby’s Estate. Have a cup of coffee!


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Toby’s Estate

Map of Toby's Estate

Address: Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kamal Muara, PIK AVENUE GF #E2, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14470
Price  : IDR 150.000 – 200.000/person