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On The Table Situation

Hello foodies! During the long weekend, my friends and I decided to spend our holiday in Twin House, Cipete, South Jakarta. The place is so instagramable with two identical yellow houses side by side. The area is not so big (it is so different from Instagram, though) and there is a space for picnic in the house yard! We were so exciting taking pictures outside and inside the house.


Picnic Corner


The yard

The house is not so spacious. Luckily, Twin House gave me the most instagramable corner! The corner is cute and there is a small swing at the corner. So sweet ♥


My Corner



The cute swing

The Foods and drinks are good, especially the Nakula Iced Coffee and Sadewa Iced Coffee.


Iced Cubed Coffee

The difference between them Nakula dan Sadewa Iced Coffee :

Nakula Coffee (40k)


Nakula Coffee has hazelnut flavoured milk to be mixed with the iced cubed coffee. For me, the aroma and taste of the hazelnut are not detected when you mix the milk with the cubes. When you drink it, you will taste the creamy, milky, and the sweetness of the coffee. So good! I don’t like coffee, I like this one! The coffee is not too strong and less sweet. Superb!

Sadewa Coffee (40k)


Sadewa coffee is the ‘twin’ of Nakula. The concept is same with Nakula. However, Sadewa coffee has caramel cinnamon flavoured milk. You can see the cinnamon powder on the surface of the milk. The smell of cinnamon is quite strong and when you mix the milk with the coffee cubes, you will taste the cinnamon. The coffee is well-blended with the cinnamon milk. The iced coffee is good if you like cinnamon. Since I don’t like cinnamon, I prefer the Nakula Coffee.

Cappucino (35k)


The Cappucino is beautiful! The latte art is the common leaf-type, but it looks cute inside a pink cup. The taste is standard, like any other cappucino. If you like sweet, you must add more sugar.

For the Food, we ordered 2 Asian Menus and 3 Western Menus :


Table Situation


The coffee corner

Dory Salsa Matah (40k)


The appearance is like common Indonesian food, consists of rice, sunny egg, bakwan, and fried dory with sambal matah on top. The sambal matah is quite good, the more you eat it, you will sense the hotness. For me, the taste is quite tasty and the portion is enough for fulfilling your hunger.

Nasi Kebon with Churry Chicken Katsu (50k)


The appearance is dominated by yellow curry and green lettuce. Just like the name : Kebon (garden). The chicken katsu is on top of the rice. The taste is so-so, not my favorite.

Penne Alfredo Sauce with Salmon (50k)


This one is so creamy and milky. The salmon pieces are generous. For me, I cannot finish 1 portion since it is too creamy.

Penne with Animal Sauce (50k)


The penne is cooked with bolognese sauce. Better this one than the former one. For me, the dish is so-so, nothing special.

Monterey Chicken (60k)

I did not take the picture because this dish took so long to be served. The taste is quite delicious. The chicken is perfectly grilled with the melted mozzarella on top of it. This one is my favorite!


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Overall, Twin House is a very good place for celebrating important moments; enjoying your time with your friends and family, or you can spend your time with your loved ones. The foods are not as good as I expected and the price is quite pricey. However, the iced cubed coffee is so good! For once in a lifetime, you can spend your weekend in Twin House. You can try the picnic spot to enjoy the nature and good ambience. Better to reserve  2 weeks before the Day (it was so crowded very weekends).









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Map of Twin House

Address: Jl. Cipete Raya No.4B, RT.8/RW.4, Cipete Sel., Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12410
Hours: TUE-SUN 9AM-10PM (Monday Closed)
PRICE : +/-  IDR 100k/person