Burgushi – PHX, Grogol

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Hello burger lovers! This time, I try Burgushi – a burger shop located in PHX, Grogol. Burgushi is at the 2nd floor, near the “lounge”. So, you can buy the burger and eat it in the lounge with full AC. Honestly, the concept of open kitchen in PHX (for almost all food tenants) is very interesting in which the customers can directly see the cooking process from the outside. However, the place is so hot! Better to dine in the lounge. This place is suitable for weekend-hangout for youth.

Back to Burgushi, I ordered 3 menus : Beef Wakame, Tuna Aburi, and Salmon Mentai. All flavors of the burger is from Japanese food, that’s why I call it a fusion between western (burger) and east (japanese food flavor). I also ordered the french fries and the ocha.


Minions Burger Feast





Beef Wakame (35k)

This is Burgushi’s signature dish. So tasty and beefy. The meat is tender, while the wakame tasted good. It does not smell fishy at all. I think it is a good combination to put the healthy wakame inside the patty.

Tuna Aburi (35k)

The tuna meat is tender and good. The roasted tuna tasted good, but tasted salty. It should be sweet. Maybe due to the sauce is lack of sugar at that time.  Overall, it’s good.

Salmon Mentai (40k)

Ths is my favorite burger after Beef Wakame. I love the salmon, the seasoning is just perfect! For you who are on diet, better to choose this. Tasted good and still healthy.

French Fries (15k)

Actually, I don’t like french fries. However, I love the fries in Burgushi. The ‘fat’ shape and seasoning are just perfect for me. Must try!

Overall, I enjoy my lunch in Burgushi. The burger is small, but full of meat. Just enough for my lunch’s portion. The price is economical and you can choose package of burger + french fries+ ocha. Happy eating!


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Map of Burgushi
Address: Jalan Dokter Susilo No.342, Grogol petamburan, RT.5/RW.5, Grogol, Grogol petamburan, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11450
Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM
PRICE : < IDR 100k/person

Pablo Cheese Cheese Ice Cream VS Ezo Cheesecake Camembert Ice Cream

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Hello dessert lovers! It’s been a while since I wrote my article about “Hokkaido Baked VS Hokkaido Baby Cheese Tarts”. If you have not read that article, you can directly click HERE. Hope you guys could decide which one is the best ♥

Now, I’m eager to compare the popular cheese ice cream between Pablo’s and Ezo’s.



Coming from Osaka, Japan, Pablo Cheese Tart has gained its popularity in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippine, Singapore, and Indonesia. In Japan, the Pablo’s store in Shinsaibashi is always full of crowd from morning till noon. Good news for all people in Jakarta! You can taste the famous cheese tarts in 3 stores: Gandaria City Mall,  Neo Soho Mall, and Kelapa Gading Mall (the newest store). I hope Pablo would open a store in Malaysia, since I often go to that country.

Pablo has many menus besides the cheese tart, such as Frute and Soft Cheese Ice Cream. For the ice cream, they have 2 flavors : Cheese and Matcha Cheese. I have tried both of them. The cheese flavor is quite good, milky, creamy, cheesy, and bold. The texture of the ice cream is soft, but thick. When you eat it, you can taste the boldness of the cheese, creamy, and a little bit sour left behind (aftertaste). The ice cream is also not easy to melt.

For the matcha ice cream, the cheese flavor is more dominant than the matcha taste. The matcha tasted a little bit astringent and bold. So, it  can reduce the creaminess of the cheese. I like this flavor more than the original cheese flavor because I can eat one portion without feeling too much. The matcha and cheese flavor combined perfectly.





Ezo Cheesecake is come form Hokkaido, Japan. The small cheese cakes are filled with the cheese bomb on the bottom. There are many flavors for the cheese tarts, such as lemon yuzu, Nutella, Ovomaltine, Espresso, Matcha, etc. Ezo uses the ingredients imported form Japan for the baked goods. MAde form natural ingredient and baked fresh daily to bring out the best flavour available on the store shelves everyday. Now, you can visit Ezo’s store in PIK, Taman Anggrek Mall, and Kelapa Gading Mall, Jakarta.

Different from Pablo, Ezo Cheesecake has only one flavor of the ice cream. The Camembert ice cream from Ezo Cheesecake! Most of you have tried this one, I guess. The cheese tasted like immatured camembert cheese. The creamy and sour taste are left in your mouth. The ice cream is similar with Pablo’s. In terms of texture, the ice cream is also soft and thick. The taste are bold, milky, and creamy. The ice cream is filled inside the cone from top to the bottom. In affordable price, you can enjoy this tasty ice cream.




1. The Taste

We are comparing the original cheese ice cream from Pablo and the Camembert ice cream from Ezo. In terms of taste, both of them tasted like real cheese. For Ezo’s, it is more specific, which is the Camembert Cheese. As for Pablo’s, judging from the smell and taste, it is more likely Cheddar type (in my opinion).  Actually, both of the are really good and have similar taste.

Winner: It is a tie.

2. The Flavor variants

In terms of flavor variants, Pablo Cheese Tart wins over Ezo Cheese Cake. Pablo has original and matcha, while Ezo has only one flavor: the original flavor.

Winner: Pablo’s ice cream

3 The Price

As for the price, Ezo’s ice cream (IDR 20k) is cheaper than Pablo’s (IDR 35k). It’s almost half of the Pablo’s price.

Winner: Ezo’s ice cream


Overall, both of them are very good. The cheese ice cream is unique and made form fresh ingredients. However, I prefer to have Ezo’s Camembert ice cream since  it tasted lighter and could easily finish one portion. If you want to save more money, than choose Ezo’s ice cream. If you don’t care about the price of the food, then you can go for Pablo’s and try both flavors. It depends on your own perception. For economical reason, you can always choose the cheapier one with high quality.


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Pablo Cheese Tart

1. Gandaria City Mall, Lt.Upper Ground, Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama Utara, Kebayoran Lama, RT.10/RW.6, Kby. Lama Utara, Kby. Lama, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12240
2. Neo SOHO Mall, Lantai Lower Ground, Jl. Letjen S. Parman,Tanjung Duren, Jakarta
3. Mal Kelapa Gading 5

Ezo Cheesecakes & Bakery

1. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Ruko Elang Laut Boulevard Blok D37, RT.3/RW.3, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14460
2. Mall taman anggrek 2nd floor unit D 12, RT.12/RW.1, Tj. Duren Sel., Grogol petamburan, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14470
3. Mall Klp. Gading, Jl. Boulevard Raya, RT.2/RW.18, Klp. Gading Tim., Klp. Gading, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240

Awesome Coffee, Kelapa Gading

For you who live in Kelapa Gading, there is a new cafe on Jalan Boulevard. The place is good for photoshoot since it is so instagramable. From the outside, it does not look like a coffee shop, only a big wooden door with  big ‘A’ symbol on the door. When you enter the cafe, you will see the minimalistic design, simple, and cute stuff on the left side.



The cute stuffs


There are 3 floors : the 1st and 2nd are for non-smoking area, while the 3rd floor is for smoking area.  The suitable time for taking pictures in this cafe is at 3 to 4 o’clock. The sunlight is just perfect at that time.


The 1st floor


The View from 2nd Floor



The drinks and my cute banana cakes from A&W

Rainbow pasta


Raibow Pasta (65k)


The colourful pasta

Such a unique dish for me. The colourful pasta is just looked like a rainbow on my plate. There are 5 colours: red, orange, yellow, blue, and green. The pasta is served with baked-roasted pork which kinda sweet and tender. The red-orange-yellow pasta tasted sour, while the green-blue pasta is neutral. When you eat them all with the pork, you can taste the uniqueness of the dish.

Linguine Belacan


Linguine Belacan (65k)

The linguine is cooked with belacan sauce and baked-roasted pork. I like this one since it is more acceptable with local taste.The aroma of belacan is not so strong, so it won’t overwhelm you.

Pan seared dory with Green jelly pepper


Pan-seared Dory (72k)

Brasmati rice (yellow colored) is cooked with coconut milk, vegetables, and served with pan-seared dory. The dory is well-cooked with the seasoning and perfectly eaten with the brasmati rice. The portion is not too big, but will satiate your hungry belly.

Souffle pancake


Souffle Pancake Single (48k)

It’s not a pancake actually, but it’s just a fluffly flour cake. The cake is served with home-made ice cream : vanilla or Earl Grey. Since the Early Grey flavour is sold out, I chose the Vanilla ice cream. The presentation of the dessert is kinda cute and sweet. The cake is so-so, but the ice cream is good; thick and creamy. However, it is still too sweet for me.


Crouching dragon hidden mango


In the Middle: Crouching Dragon Hidden Mango (48k)

This is my favorite! I love the colour combination between fuschia and yellow. The texture is jsut like smoothie. It tasted sweet and sour, so fresh! For me who don’t like sour, it is still acceptable. Recommended!

Ice White Coffee


Iced White Coffee (38k)

I think the coffee is just fine, but not so special. I am not an expert of coffee, so I tasted just like any other coffee from another coffee shops.

Sencha Spring Melody Tea


Sencha Tea (35k)

It has fruity note,a little bit sour, but sweet. This is my favorite tea, so far. So fresh, although it is served in hot condition.

Overall, I like spending my time at Awesome Coffee. The foods and drinks are good, as well as the place. The ambience is good, cozy, and suitable for hangout. The price is affordable and the portion is just enough. If I have a chance to get back to this place, I want to taste another menu, especially the ice cream cone! Maybe an invitation for my birthday? =p



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      Awesome Coffee

Awesome Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Address: Ruko Graha Boulevard, Blok B No. 18
Jl. Boulevard Raya, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
PRICE : IDR 50k – 100k/person

Samsara Restaurant – Modern Indonesian Cuisine

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Hello food lovers! Samsara baru buka nih di Senopati, tepatnya di seberang H Gourmet. Dilihat dari luar, bangunanya seperti sebuah rumah mewah. Masuk ke dalam, kita akan disambut dengan para waiter dan waitress. Sekilas, mirip sebuah rumah yang direnovasi menjadi restoran dengna private dining area di balik tirai (di bagian belakang). Di bagian tengan ada semacam bar untuk menyajikan minuman dan free takjil saat berbuka puasa.  Gw suka dekor seperti ini karena berasa homey dan pewe buat duduk lama2. Suasananya juga cocok untuk party, event, maupun romantic dinner.


Dining area

Untuk makanannya, porsinya imut2 dan buat gw ga kenyang makan 1 porsi 
Buat yg porsi makannya sedikit, sepertinya sih pas2 aja porsinya.
Kita cobain hampir semua menu yang ada di Samsara mulai dari Nasi Bambu Samsara, Nasi Jagung Bambu, Bebek Bengil Ubud, Pangsit Udang kuah gulai, Tahu Telor, Dendeng Jamur, Sop Buntut, Nasi Liwet Kendi, Nasi Goreng Iga Kambing Bakar, Getuk Gnocchi Foie gras (I love it!), dan aneka dessert (semua dessert udah dicoba sih).


Bebek Bengil Ubud



Durian Lovers

Favorite gw: Sop Buntut (unik, kuahnya di botol, dan rasanya cukup enak), Bebek Bengil (bebeknya crispy dan ga bau amis), Getuk Gnocchi Foie gras, Klappertaart, dan Es Podeng. Dessert yg unik di sini adalah Es podengnya karena dipresentasikan dalam bentuk choco bomb yg akan melted dengan siraman saus karamel. Enak!


Nasi Bambu Samsara


Sop Buntut




Drinks Corner

Untuk minumannya cobain Exquisite Passion yang seger, manis, asem. Ada juga Lavish Lychee dan Blushing Berry untuk mocktail yg manis dan ga terlalu asem.

Overall, konsep Indonesian fine dining di sini bisa dibilang cukup bagus. Makanannya cukup enak, tapi sayangnya servicenya agak lama. Porsinya juga agak kecil ya buat gw. Nilai plusnya, presentasi makanan cantik, menunya ada yg fusion dengan western style, tempatnya juga cantik untuk foto2 maupun untuk party, dan suasananya tenang. Buat yg penasaran, silakan mencoba!


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Samsara Indonesian Cuisine

Map of Samsara Indonesian Cuisine
Address: Jl. Gunawarman No.16, RT.5/RW.2, Selong, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12110
Hours: 11AM–12AM
PRICE : > IDR 200k/person

Bluegrass Bar & Grill

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Calling all meat lovers! Bluegrass Bar & Grill has been for years as a fine dining concept restaurant located next to Epicentrum Mall, Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta. It is a good place for hangout, romantic dinner, and for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Bluegrass and Lemongrass are under one company, is it? The design looks similar, greeny park at the outside area, but still the beauty-romantic touch crafted in the indoor part.

The ceiling was high, typical a glass house concept. The bar is located in the middle of the indoor area with stylish design. Love it ♥


The atmosphere (indoor)

The atmosphere is quiet windy at the outside and calm in the inside. Sometimes, there is live band during weekends and special occasions. I think it is perfect for you who would like to celebrate something special with your loved ones. I spent my last Christmas at Bluegrass and so satisfied!


The bar




Enter a caption


Simply, I like the presentation. especially the colour combination. The dory pieces are crispy and so soft in the inside. However, the butter rice is not so good enough to make me be addicted. Overall, the dish is quiet good although it is not my favorite one.



I love this dish! From the presentation, it looks tempting. The sirloin is tender and half-done. Not a fan of meat, but I know the steak is delicious for the meat lovers. Juicy, meaty, beefy, and quiet fatty. The spice well-mixed with the meat. For meat lovers, I recommend this dish for you 🙂



Sausage feast! I think it can be your snack for 4 persons. The bratwurst is so yummy! So meaty, juicy, and fatty. The mayo sauce tasted sweet, creamy, and little bit spicy for me. Tasted well with the bratwurst pieces! The pork knuckle is not good enough since the texture is lack of juiciness and the outer part is hard. My favorite part is the potato wrapped with bacon and fries. So tasty!



The dessert looks tempting. I’m a dessert lover! The caramel taste is good and well- blended with the banana. Sweet, roasted, and burnt sensation into one. Served well with the ice cream. Better to pour rhum for this!

Overall, if you are looking for a restaurant with good food and fancy place, you can go to Bluegrass. The price is fair enough with similar fine dining restaurants. For the price, it’s quiet competitive with other similar restaurants. Having dinner in a romantic garden in a big city. Why not?


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Bluegrass Bar & Grill

Map of Bluegrass Bar & Grill
Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum, Bakrie Tower lantai GF, Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, RT.2/RW.5, Karet Kuningan, Kota Jakarta Selatan, 12940
Hours:  11AM–2AM
PRICE : IDR 150k+/person


Beautiful in White

– at The White Clover, Bandung

White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation. White can represent a successful beginning.

Wearing a white outfit can elevate your look to the next level. You can also wearing white as the basic color to do mix & match for your look. However, some people think that wearing white outfit will make you look boring, pale, and very simple. I think the simplicity of white can radiate your own inner beauty.

Wearing white with black is perfect! Monochrome outfit is perfect for casual, semi-formal, and also formal looks. During the photoshoot, I wear this Melanie Jumpsuit (Melanie Trump did wear this jumpsuit!). Stealing her look in this beautiful place, why not?

However, wearing white in a wedding party is a BIG NO! It is not good to compete with the bride. You may wear white outfit for dating, birthday party, or any other events. White T-shirt can also be mixed with any other colour to increase your look.

So, will you add white to your wardrobe? ♥

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.” — Eleanor Roosevelt







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The White Clover

Map of The White Clover
Address    : Jl. Dr. Cipto No.24, Pasir Kaliki, Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40171

Hours       : 8 AM – 10 PM

WIFI         : YES

The White Clover Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato