Shophaus Menteng – Gelato Secrets

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Calling for all dessert lovers! Gelato Secrets has been popular since the opening of Shophaus Menteng. The place is located across Bunga Rampai, in line with JEC. The parking area is small and valet parking is a must when it is full of crowd. Every weekend, lots of people come and go, trying this new hits gelato. Wondering how tasty it is, I decided to go trying the gelato. Shophaus has become a favorite place for bloggers to do photoshoot and vlogging.






The Shophaus interior is dominated with wooden facade, minimalist, and simple. There are some food tenants such as Gelato Secrets, Mockingbird, Namelaka, Pigeonhole Coffee, and Berrywell. There is also a beauty salon : Everlash Lash Expert and a barbershop : The Roots Barbershop. There are located on the 1st floor, except for Mocking bird which is on the 2nd floor.



Gelato Secret is actually popular in Bali. They use the Italian’s technique i making their own gelato, making the texture so soft and mouthfull. The shop is small, one place with the Pigeonhole Coffee. The decoration is cute and simple, dominated with pink colour. There are 3 size portion the gelato : Small (2 flavours), Medium (3 flavours), and Large (4 flavours).


The menu board




There are many flavour variants of the gelato. I tried the Chocolate Chili and Rose Petals. It was such a unique taste for the Choco-Chili. Sweet, little bit bitter, adn spicy. The same uniqueness goes to Rose Petals: sour, sweet, rosey-aroma. Moreover, I like the mango and durian flavour, as well as the Baileys. Nyummss!

I suggest you to order the Large size since the scoop’s portion is small and you can try more flavours with your friends. The gelato is quiet pricey for that kind of portion. It’s okay to have it once in a while ;p


Medium size portion


Left: Large size | Right: Medium size


Large size portion

Overall, it was a peaceful day trying a new food and taking some pictures in Shophaus.





Enjoy your day ♥

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Gelato Secrets

Map of Gelato Secrets
Address: ShopHaus – Menteng, Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No.36, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10310
Phone: 0812-8558-8156
PRICE : IDR 30-90k / person

Make Me Mango Bangkok

Hello foodies! So busy lately due to my tight schedule. Now, I’m making a review of a fancy dessert cafe in Bangkok. Maybe some of you have not heard of Make Me Mango. It is located near Wat Pho Temple and is across the Grand Palace. The place was near the Sala Rattanakosin Hostel Bangkok. A small white-yellow cafe is just at the front of the hostel.




At a glance, I directly fall in love with the decoration. A modern-minimalist design with many good spot for photoshoot. One word : Instagrammable. I spent almost 3 hours to finish the dishes and taking pictures. The perfect places for photo shooting are on the 2nd and 3rd floors.



This is my favorite spot. The unique rope-based floor and all the pretty decorations made all the customers feel so comfy. Here are the pictures.




My other favorite place is this beautiful small ‘library’. The floor is made of  transparent-glass. The dim light and also the flowers made this photo more beautiful.



Actually, the cafe serves the mango sticky rice (the infamous super delicious dessert in Thailand!) and other mango-based dessert, such as mango bing soo, mango sushi, mango ice cream, mango smoothies, soda, and tea set. I ordered the bing soo and the mango sticky rice.


The mango bing soo is so delicious! The sweet condensed milk and the mango juice were poured onto the bing soo. Sweet-sour taste from the mango. I love how they make the recipe. The milk was sweet and the juice was fresh. It was just perfect!


Mango Bing Soo (THB 175)

For the mango sticky rice, it was super tasty! The rice was good, a little bit salty. The mango was sweet, combined with the salty taste of the sticky rice. Actually, all the sticky rice mango in Bangkok were super delicious! It is my favorite dessert during my trip in Thailand.


Mango Sticky Rice (THB 185)

The price of the menus are still affordable, although still more expensive than any other  dessert places places around the city. The service was good. You can charge for your phone while surfing the internet with their free Wifi. The place was so amazing! Couldn’t help myself not to take lots of pictures there ♥



Happy Mango ♥

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Make Me Mango

Map of Make Me Mango


Address: 67 Maha Rat Rd, Khwaeng Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand

Hours: 10:30AM–8PM

Phone: +66 2 622 0899
PRICE : THB 170 – 200 / 2 persons

The Hideout

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Hello coffee lovers ♥ A new coffee shop has opened in Kelapa Gading! It’s a rebranding shop of Le Epicure cake shop in Hibrida Raya Road. The location is near the Taipei School, passing through the SMAK 5 Penabur. The place is easy to spot, the 3-story building in black with modern style design.

You will be amazed by the indoor’s interior. The 1st floor is the place for eating and ‘nongkrong’ for non-smokers. The wooden-minimalist decoration dominated the place. So cozy and suitable for hangout. The big sofa was so soft, making you don’t want to get out form there.


1st floor’s interior

The 2nd floor was the cashier, kitchen, and the cake display. too bad the cakes were all sold out when I arrived there 😦 There was few seats (long sofa, actually) with small round table on this floor. So modern, minimalist, and cute. The decoration was too good! Couldn’t help myself not to take pictures there.


2nd floor’s interior

The 3rd floor is for smoking area. Actually, there are some tables for non-smoking area since the smoking area was separated with the glass door. inside the smoking area, the decoration was so pretty! A line of wooden chairs, looking through the windows directly. Full of air conditioners and comfy sofas there. Perfect for photoshoot! Good lighting from the window.


3rd floor interior

Here we go for the foods and drinks!



Salted egg Yolk Chicken with Rice (60k)


It was a plate of rice with fried chicken, cooked with the egg yolk, curry leaves, and red chili slices. A sunny side-up was place over the rice. The aroma and taste was so-so, not too tasty, but not too bad. The portion was quiet small for me. The chicken pieces was tender, but not crispy. Actually, they use real salted egg with butter, but the taste was not so strong.

Thai Basil Beef Rice (65k)


A Thailand dish for me. Rice served with beef minced cooked with sweet soy sauce and basil. A sunny side-up was place over the rice. The portion was the same, quiet small. The aroma of basil was good, but looking from the appearance was not tempting. The beef minced was too oily, but tasted good. Sweet and savory in balance.

BBQ Baked Rice Chicken (65k)


A baked rice cooked with BBQ sauce and melted cheese. So yummy and recommended! The chicken pieces was prepared with sweet sauce and fried. The cheese was melted through the rice.The smell of BBQ sauce was not there, but the the rice tasted sweet and savor like the BBQ sauce. I think it was the best dish so far.



Hot Chocolate Latte by KORTE (45k)

Pure cocoa powder was brewed with hot water, making a thick, slightly bitter cocoa drink. It’s a perfect drink in this raining season. The latte art dissolved too quick to be shoot by my camera. Better to shoot it while it was still hot. I love this drink ♥


Carrot juice (30k)


The juice was served in a small jar. So cute! The carrot juice was sweet and quiet thick. Better not to add more sugar if you like real fresh juice.

Cappuccino Latte (35k)


A cup of cappuccino will make this hangout to be more than perfect! The coffee was not as good as any other coffee shop, but still in average score. Not so good, but not bad at all.

Mojito (30k)


Fresh, sparkling, and cold. Perfect for sunny day. For me, it is better to add lime to increase the sourness.

Overall, The Hideout gives the best service and the best place for hangout. The location was far from crowd of Kelapa Gading. The food was good, but still overpriced since the portion was quiet small. The music cheered up the cafe. The place was cool enough for hangout with friends and even for OOTD photoshoot. I think I will come again to this place to try out their dessert menus.



Enjoy your day ♥

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The Hideout


Map of The Hideout

Address  : Jalan Raya Kelapa Hybrida Blok QH12 No. 5. Kelapa Gading., Jakarta Utara, Jakarta 14260
Hours     : 9AM–10PM
WIFI        : YES
PRICE     : IDR 100k- 150k/ person

Holy Rosary Church Bangkok

Happy Sunday everyone 😘 – with avenira at วัดแม่พระลูกประคำ (กาลหว่าร์) Holy Rosary Church (วัดแม่พระลูกประคำ (กาลหว่าร์))

This is the Catholic church in Bangkok Rivercity area. The church was quiet small, but the interior was so beautiful. You can feel the calmness inside the church. So silent and peaceful inside. You can pray inside and feel the presence of God.



” A single day in Your courts is better than a thousand days in anywhere else – Psalm 84:11″

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Holy Rosary Church

Map of Holy Rosary Church

Address: Soi Wanit 2, Khwaeng Talat Noi, Khet Samphanthawong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100, Thailand
Architectural style: Gothic Revival architecture
Status: Parish church
Archdiocese: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bangkok