Leaf Connoisseur by Tea Et Al : Beautiful Christmas Tea Set

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It’s Christmas time! My favorite day in a whole year ♥

Have you decided where to go for Christmas celebration with your lovers and friends? I hope my review could help you ☺


Introducing a new hidden gem in Pacific Place Mall, inside the Galleries of Lafayette (it’s my favorite department store ♥). Maybe some people have not known that there is a small restaurant at the back of the dept store, located at the first level, besides the VIP toilet. I know this place from Anastasia Siantar’s instagram. This gorgeous lady helps me to find a place for small Christmas (private) celebration.


The Interior

Leaf Connoisseur by Tea Et Al is a new tea salon and tea boutique that offers world class teas and affordable fine dining experience in a cozy atmosphere. This place features a medium spaced area with clean and modern yet elegant interior. Each table has a sweeping view of SCBD’s skyscraper and Jakarta’s skyline, making Tea et Al a comfortable place to enjoy your life.

Behind the concept of Tea Et Al is the Founder & CEO A. N. Gunarto, who has drawn on decades of traditional expertise gleaned from her family’s tea business established in 1952 to create this pioneering brand. Her passion and experience with tea, as well as her profound appreciation of its cultural significance and her cosmopolitan upbringing, have infused the brand with unique purpose and vision, as well giving her deep insight into the needs of the modern generation. No wonder the tea tasted great!

The waitress are very kind and polite, yet you will be treated like a princess. The service is very good, refilling your empty tea pot, bringing the tea samples before ordering, and changing your empty plate. The ambient is quiet good, peaceful, and relaxing. The Christmas songs filled the elegant tea salon with joy.

I ordered 2 main courses and 1 package of tea set for lunch. There were some promotions if you pay with certain credit cards. While you are waiting for the food, a set of welcome bread served as a compliment. The whole grain bread tasted so good with the butter.


Complimentary bread and Peach Moonlight tea

Peach moonlight is the name of the tea that I ordered. The smell is like sweet peach and tasted a lil’ bit sour, fresh, and sweet. The brownish-coloured tea tasted better with the sweet cakes. Another tea that my friend ordered was Honey Dew. The sweet smell will make you relax and the taste was like a slice of sweet honey-dew (melon). I love this one!

The main courses were tasted at first. The penne was very tasty, al dente, and thus the texture was perfect. The mushroom tasted delicious, meaty-texture, and cooked well with the sauce. The chicken cubes were marinated and tasted good with the pasta. The portion was not as small as it looks like on the plate, quite big enough for a lady to finish the dish by herself. The red-wine cream sauce made it perfect!


Penne Da Vinci (92k)

The Club Sandwich consists of 4 pieces of small sandwiches and a small bucket of sweet-potato fries, instead of french fries. It is very rare to find that fries in Indonesia since most restaurants serve french fries as the snack. At first, I doubted the sweet-potato fries would have a good taste. When I bite the fries, I’m lovin it ♥ It is the best fries I’ve ever tasted, more than french fries. It tasted sweet, delicious, and be addicted! Meanwhile, the sandwich was quiet good. Whole grain bread was toasted and mixed with the beef ham, radish, cheese slice, sunny egg, and tomato sliced. The bread was crispy on the surface and soft in the inside. So yummy! Suitable for people who want to eat tasty food without being worry to get fat.


Club Sandwich (95k)

The high tea package was served at last of dessert. The were 2 kinds of packaged : Lady-Like Style (235k ++) and Ritzy Style 315k++. The difference was just the amount of cakes and the type of tea you must order. I chose the former package since it would fit the portion of 3 ladies.

The cakes were placed inside the small gold birdcage (3-tier). The top tier consisted of sweet cakes : red velvet, matcha cheesecake, tiramisu, and a small eclair. I like the matcha cheesecake since it was creamy, less sweet, and fresh aroma. The middle tier consisted of savory cakes, such as tuna croissant, beef pie, and chicken puffs. I like the pie crust and the taste was good. The bottom tier consisted of a small shrimp quiche and a scone with strawberry jam and cream. I like the quiche, but it was too small 😦

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Sushi Hiro – Stairway to Sushi

Sushi Hiro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Calling all the sushi lovers here! We got a new player in sushi resto in PIK with its unique ‘Sushi Tangga’. The sushi pieces are served with the wooden small stairs on the table. It had been very popular among food bloggers and instagram users to come to Sushi Hiro just to tkae an instagrammable photo with the ‘Sushi Tangga’. Well, I had been to Sushi Hiro twice and there are some improvements.


At first, there was only one floor for the resto and now, there is 2nd floor. Next, the improvement can be seen form the menu book. From just a bundle of papers without any pictures, now you can have a big menu book with good-big-appetizing pictures.

The place was small with two-story building, well-decorated with Japanese essence and wooden furniture. The ceiling was decorated with flower papers. The place was good for hangout and dinner. I think sushi is the best for dinner. Some changes in the sushi menu.

Before, you can choose all types of sushi to be placed on the wooden stairs. Now, you have to choose it only from the menu book. There are some package for the ‘Sushi Tangga’ ranging from 90k to 300k. Other kinds of sushi were just served on small plates. The idea is creative in this global competition on social media. The restaurants with unique food and pretty place could bare all the struggles.

For the sushi menu, I chose Sushi Aburi, Salmon Aburi Cheese, Salmon Avocado Roll, Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, Maguro sashimi, Salmon gunkan, and salmon volcano. The taste were yummy and could compete well with its competitors in Pluit area. I love it! The price was pretty affordable with its freshness slice of sashimi. So yummy!


Sushi Tangga (free style – Not available now)


Sushi Tangga Package (90k)


Assorted Salmon Sushi (30k – 50k)


Salmon Avocado Roll (100k)

For the a la carte, Chicken Katsu Curry rice and Gyutan don were chosen. The katsu curry rice was good, crispy chicken katsu belnded well with the thick curry. Yummy! The portion was quite big for one person. Better to share with your friends if you wan to eat sushi.


Chicken Katsu Curry Rice (65k)

The Gyutan don was disappointed since the taste and aroma was dominantly filled with garlic flavor. The beef aroma and taste were covered by garlic. It seems you eat so much of fried garlic. For those who do not like garlic, you can choose another menu. The beef slice were thick, but the texture was rubbery. Maybe it was not my lucky day to try this menu. The portion was smaller than curry rice and it is possible to finish all the gyutan don and having another sushi pieces =P


Gyutan Don (120k)

If you are craving for sushi, go to Sushi Hiro immediately and taste the ‘Sushi Tangga’. It is the best you come at 5.30 pm when the resto starts to open. Otherwise, you must queue for the long waiting list.

For the service, it was so-so since the resto was full of crowd. Better to order as fast as you can before the other tables. The price was ranged from the cheapest to the highest, but if you compare the price with the taste, worth it! Well, Japanese food lovers must come to Sushi Hiro. Bon appetite! 😉


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Sushi Hiro

Address: Ruko Garden House Blok B No. 18D, Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard, Pantai Indah Kapuk, RT.6/RW.2, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14460 (Besides Cake a Boo)
Hours11.00 – 14.00, 17.30 – 22.00
Map of Sushi Hiro
Signature dish : Sushi Tangga, Salmon Aburi Sushi, Salmon Sashimi
Credit Card : YES

Saine Daise – Beautiful Place for Affordable Fine Dining

Sainé Daise Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hello again! Christmas is coming and I’m so excited to celebrate it! Many restaurants have decorated their places with Christmas trees and they were sooo beautiful. One of affordable fine dining place in Jakarta is Saine Daise, which is located in PIK, at the opposite of Chilli’s and Burger King. The place was so elegant and suitable for party celebration (birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, and even Christmas =D). The place was two-story bulding and both floors were pretty decorated. The 1st floor is EIO Cheesecake and the 2nd floor is Saine Daise Restaurant. If you want to eat main course, then you should go to the 2nd floor. While you can enjoy your tea time on the 1st floor.

For you who have not been to Saine Daise, then it is the right time! The Christmas decoration in Saine Daise were so beautiful and dominated by my favorite colour : Gold! The place was so instagrammable and many fashion blogger took pictures there.



1st floor : EIO CHEESE CAKE


2nd floor : SAINE DAISE

What you should eat? They have their special Signature Dish : Ami ebi angel Hair and Pork Belly Matah on Rice. They had another tasty menus and you could try and tell me =p


What you should eat

The angel hair was a thin pasta, cooked with the small shrimp (ebi) from Japan. The aroma was similar with terasi. The angel hair was a thin pasta, cooked with the small shrimp (ebi) from Japan. The aroma was similar with terasi. Tasted like you eat pasta with fried small shrimp. I love it!


Ami Ebi Angel Hair (80k)

The Pork belly was tasty and fatty. Yummy! The pork was fried till it had its own tasty aroma and cooked with the Sambal Matah. I love it, but I didn’t like the oil from both pork and sambal. The oil left behind on my mouth =( However, the food was tasty and enjoyable.


Pork Belly Sambal Matah (85k)

For dessert, I chose Valrhona Chocolate Mousse. The cake was well-decorated on the plate, although the size was too small for me. The texture was soft, creamy, and the chocolate was blended well. Me like it =)


Valrhona Chocolate Mousse (55k)

Overall, the food was good although the portion was a little bit small and pricey. It might be due to the quality of the food ingredient used in which some of the ingredients were imported. The place was perfect to hangout and took some instagrammable photos. Take some time and go to Saine Daise this December ^^


Jing’s Earl Grey Tea (35k)

Let’s eat! More food posts on my Instagram account (IG posts and IG story)


or you can visit my page on Pergikuliner :


Saine Daise Bistro

Address: Jln. Mandara Permai VII Blok 6 KA , Pantai Indah Kapuk , Jakarta Utara, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14460

Phone: (021) 30051662

Hours:Closing soon · 11AM–11PM
Area : NON-SMOKING (1st and 2nd floor) & SMOKING (2nd floor at the balcony)
Credit Card : YES

The First Martabak Lapis in Indonesia

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Hello fellas! Today I was invited to a Food Tasting Table by The Martabux. It sells martabak as the main menu and was opened since March 2016 (still new). Located at the food court of Supermal Karawaci (Makan Sutera Food court), Supermal Lippo Karawaci Lantai 3, Martabux has been the first one to invent Martabak Lapis. Each layer of the martabak has different flavor. For example, the one that I ordered called Green Tea Durian Cheese.. The first layer was durian, second layer was durian, and the upper layer tasted oreo and durian. The martabak had both green tea and oreo cake. The taste was unique. The aroma was durian, but the green tea and cheese were dominant. Such a creative idea =D


Green Tea Durian Cheese Martabak (110k)

The other menu that I tasted was Martabak Telor Beef Bolognese Mozarella Cheese. It was soooo delicious! The smell was tomato bolognese sauce, the taste was like you eat pepperoni pizza, the texture was so crispy, and look at the generous mozarella. The cheese melted on top of the martabak telor and made the martabak creamier *guilty pleasure* One is never enough!!



The drink that I ordered was Passion mango tea and Rock Mocca Hazelnut Coffee.


Rock Mocca Hazelnut (25k)

The coffee was good since it was like latte, no bitter taste. For those who are coffee lover, I think the coffee was less concentrated and the coffee was not strong (that’s why I like it!). The coffee was the cold-brew type (brewing with cold water) for 12 hours. The aroma was not as strong as the cold-brew coffee. However, me lovin it!


Passion Mango Tea (22k)

The tea was quiet good although the markisa syrup was stronger and sweeter. Fresh, sweet, and unique since the tea was filled with Popping bubbles with mango flavor. The bubbles directly popped on your tongue. Like a gastronomic food.

Overall, I was satisfied and thankful to be invited to the food tasting. Come and try Martabux to fulfill your hunger! Happy eating =D


from left to right : Lucy (co-owner), Me, and Irwan (owner)

MONKS – New Hits Cafe in Kelapa Gading

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As my very first blog post, I would like to start off by thanking all of you who supported and encouraged me to start a blog in the first place.

Monks is a new cafe located in Kelapa Gading, besides Oddity’s. To be more precisely, it is located at the opposite of the stores near Al-Azhar School. The building is quite big, three-story, and well-designed for food and fashion bloggers. The ceiling is high and there two swing chairs at the 2nd and 3rd floors. In short, the place is instagrammable.


I tried their some of their food and it was so tasty!! I only tried the side dish and dessert, but I think it’s not bad. The price is quite affordable. Here comes the food :


Stone Cake (45k) and Cheese cake (45k)


Chocolate Mousse (free) –> Tasty!!

The stone cake was chocolate mousse with choco-banana taste. It was so yummy and not too sweet. I like the taste even though the appearance was not appealing. The cheese cake is a classic cake with homemade taste. it will make you feel that your mom has made this special cheese cake just for you. A perfect company with your coffee or tea.


Pork Bacon Bomb (45k)

Here is the Signature Dish! One portion has 5 pcs of pork bomb. It’s delicious! Inside the bomb is sushi and the outer part is pork bacon, fried, tasteful, and be addicted. One is never enough! Very recommended!


Chicken Skewers (45k)

This is another side dish. In short, we called it Chicken Satay. Unfortunately, the taste is quiet plain since the spices did not absorbed well in the chicken pieces. So regretfull =(


What I had for tea time

This is what I had for my break time. I had been here twice and never get bored. The place is quiet good for hangout or to spend your free time. Enjoy it !