Mr. Fox, SCBD, Jakarta

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Buat kalian yg masih bingung mau Christmas lunch/dinner di mana, Mr. Fox bisa jadi pilihan kamu. Lagi ada Special menu only from 17-31 december 2018. Mulai dari appetizer, main course, sampai dessert loh. Semuanya dijamin enak! Super yummy and worth to try. Menunya fusion dan non-halal, tp bisa request yg versi halal kok, so don’t worry!



Spiced Pumpkin Soup (85k)


Cream sup labu ini dimasak dgn rempah, kayu manis, extract vanilla dan bertopping bacon sprinkles (bacon soil digoreng dan dibumbui lalu dikeringkan). So delicious! Ini pumpkin soup terenak yg pernah gw coba di Jakarta. Teksturnya kental dan soft, tp kamu ga bakal mencium bau rempahnya, malah semaunya ter-blend dengan sempurna. Must try!

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Roulade (159k)


Porsinya cukup untuk share 2-3 orang. Main course yg satu ini sangat enak! RECOMMENDED! Chicken breast dimasak dgn bumbu lalu diwrapped dengan fried bacon yg agak berminyak dan harum. Disiram samared wine dan demiglaze sauce. Dressingnya ada di sampingnya: pumpkin puree dan cranberry sauce (agak asam). Ada baby potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, dan radish sprouts. Aromanya wangi dan menggugah selera makan kamu. Rasanya juga enak bgt dan dagingnya empuk.

Lobster Linguine (250k)


Pasta yg satu ini porsinya juga bisa utk sharing karena cukup besar. Lobster besarnya jadi topping menggiurkan karena dibaked dan disiram dgn mozarella. Super delicious juga! Pastanya dimasak dengan cream dan spices yg agak sedikit pedas karena dimasak dengan sambal. Creamnya enak dan ga bikin eneg. Lobsternya empuk, enak, dan bikin nagih.

Pumpkin Pie (65k)


Dessertnya pumpkin pie dgn white cream. Simple but yummy. Cakenya soft, ga berasa terbuat dari pumpkin, dan enak bgt! Manisnya juga pas, ga bikin eneg, malah light dan bisa makan banayk.

Yuzu Tonic (Mocktail)


Ga lengkap dong kalo ga ada minuman specialnya.
Gw cobain yuzu tonicnya yg berasa ginger dan yuzu. Unik! Manis pas dan karena ada gingernya pas diminum jadi bikin badan hangat. Warm Christmas jadinya.

Overall, puas banget makan di Mr. Fox. Makanan dan mocktailnya dijamin bikin kamu puas dan ketagihan. Tempatnya memang ga terlalu besar tp ambiencenya oke buat dinner. Buat yg suka alcoholic drinks, cobain deh krn enak2 semua mocktailnya. Harganya agak pricey tp worth it.







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Mr. Fox

Map of Mr. Fox

Address: Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, SCBD, The Energy Building Ground Floor, RT.5/RW.3, Senayan, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12190
Hours: EVERYDAY 11 AM – 1 AM
Phone: (021) 52961999
PRICE : IDR 200k/person

Bottega Ristorante, SCBD

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Outdoor : Smoking area

Christmas is coming! Have you chosen a right place to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones? If not, then you should go to Bottega Ristorante. This place is beautiful, homey-like atmosphere, and elegant. For me and my friends, we choose Bottega to celebrate Christmas.

Bottega Ristorante was in Kuningan and now, reopening again with a new concept and new menu. The decoration is quite similar with the former place, but it’s wider and more elegant. The dim light makes this place feel romantic, homey, and cozy. We choose the back side (besides the bathroom and kitchen) because this place is more private and suitable for 8-10 persons.



Indoor : Non-smoking area

The dining area looks like at our pantry at home. The decoration of Christmas is beautiful and many spots for OOTD photoshoot. There are outdoor area for smoking and indoor area  for non-smoking. Both are beautifully decorated.




The service is excellent. The waitress and waiter are so nice and helpful. They treated customers like a king and queen. Here are some OOTD photos at Bottega Ristorante.




Kibo Cheesecake which is popular with the melted japanese cheese cake, has launched their new flavor: STRAWBERRY CHEESE! The sweet, sour fruit makes this Christmas become perfect! So fresh, cheesy, and be addicted! Must try guys!




You can go to their nearest outlets at PIK Avenue, Kota Kasablanka Mall, and Grand Indonesia. Check out their Instagram @kibocheese for more information.


Seared Salmon with Romesco (185k)

DSCF9986.JPGIt’s a Norwegian Salmon served with seasonal vegetables. The appearance looks beautiful and tempting. For me, the salmon is perfectly cooked, tender, not fishy at all. One portion is enough, not too small.

Bistecca Fiorentina (135k/100 gram)

The presentation is good and simple. For me, the beef steak is well-seasoned, but the taste is below my expectation. The texture of the meat is not tender, quite hard, although it’s medium rare.

Braised Pork Belly (127k)

MUST TRY! The oriental sauce tasted perfect with the crispy-tender pork belly.So delicious! The baby potatoes are sweet and well-seasoned.

Bakmi Truffle (149k)

Must Try! The appearance is simple, but you could smell the tasty truffle sauce! The noodle is like’bakmi’, chinese-style noodle with chewy texture. Surprisingly, this chinese noodle taste soooo delicious with the western-style truffle sauce which is creamy.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Pesto & Chicken (109k)

The portion is quite big for one person. The gnocchi is cooked with pesto sauce. The texture is not as chewy as I thought. It’s lie eating glutinous rice. Somehow I like it, but my friends don’t. So, it depends on your taste palate.

Bacon Mac & Cheese (Beef / pork) (116k)


The portion seems small, but it’s better to share with 1-2 persons since the creamy cheese sauce is too much for 1 person. Actually, the creamy cheese sauce is good, but it’s too much to finish all at one whole portion.

Tiramisu (78k)

The pretty tiramisu cake is perfect for Chritsmas dessert! The coffee taste balances the sweet-creamy taste of the cake. Sweet and tasty!



Overall, we like the food and service at Bottega. The place is also good for celebrating special event such as birthday, bridal shower, romantic dinner, Christmas, and many more. The price of the F&B is quite pricey, but worth it for us. The warm service from this restaurant feels like we are eating at home.
Happy Christmas!




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Bottega Ristorante

Map of Bottega Ristorante
Address: Fairground Building SCBD, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Lot. 14, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, RT.5/RW.3, RT.5/RW.3, Senayan, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12190
Hours: MON-SUN 10 AM- 10 PM
Phone: (021) 51402266 (reservation is needed)
PRICE : IDR 200k+/person

Bluegrass Bar & Grill

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Calling all meat lovers! Bluegrass Bar & Grill has been for years as a fine dining concept restaurant located next to Epicentrum Mall, Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta. It is a good place for hangout, romantic dinner, and for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Bluegrass and Lemongrass are under one company, is it? The design looks similar, greeny park at the outside area, but still the beauty-romantic touch crafted in the indoor part.

The ceiling was high, typical a glass house concept. The bar is located in the middle of the indoor area with stylish design. Love it ♥


The atmosphere (indoor)

The atmosphere is quiet windy at the outside and calm in the inside. Sometimes, there is live band during weekends and special occasions. I think it is perfect for you who would like to celebrate something special with your loved ones. I spent my last Christmas at Bluegrass and so satisfied!


The bar




Enter a caption


Simply, I like the presentation. especially the colour combination. The dory pieces are crispy and so soft in the inside. However, the butter rice is not so good enough to make me be addicted. Overall, the dish is quiet good although it is not my favorite one.



I love this dish! From the presentation, it looks tempting. The sirloin is tender and half-done. Not a fan of meat, but I know the steak is delicious for the meat lovers. Juicy, meaty, beefy, and quiet fatty. The spice well-mixed with the meat. For meat lovers, I recommend this dish for you 🙂



Sausage feast! I think it can be your snack for 4 persons. The bratwurst is so yummy! So meaty, juicy, and fatty. The mayo sauce tasted sweet, creamy, and little bit spicy for me. Tasted well with the bratwurst pieces! The pork knuckle is not good enough since the texture is lack of juiciness and the outer part is hard. My favorite part is the potato wrapped with bacon and fries. So tasty!



The dessert looks tempting. I’m a dessert lover! The caramel taste is good and well- blended with the banana. Sweet, roasted, and burnt sensation into one. Served well with the ice cream. Better to pour rhum for this!

Overall, if you are looking for a restaurant with good food and fancy place, you can go to Bluegrass. The price is fair enough with similar fine dining restaurants. For the price, it’s quiet competitive with other similar restaurants. Having dinner in a romantic garden in a big city. Why not?


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Bluegrass Bar & Grill

Map of Bluegrass Bar & Grill
Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum, Bakrie Tower lantai GF, Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, RT.2/RW.5, Karet Kuningan, Kota Jakarta Selatan, 12940
Hours:  11AM–2AM
PRICE : IDR 150k+/person


Leaf Connoisseur by Tea Et Al : Beautiful Christmas Tea Set

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It’s Christmas time! My favorite day in a whole year ♥

Have you decided where to go for Christmas celebration with your lovers and friends? I hope my review could help you ☺


Introducing a new hidden gem in Pacific Place Mall, inside the Galleries of Lafayette (it’s my favorite department store ♥). Maybe some people have not known that there is a small restaurant at the back of the dept store, located at the first level, besides the VIP toilet. I know this place from Anastasia Siantar’s instagram. This gorgeous lady helps me to find a place for small Christmas (private) celebration.


The Interior

Leaf Connoisseur by Tea Et Al is a new tea salon and tea boutique that offers world class teas and affordable fine dining experience in a cozy atmosphere. This place features a medium spaced area with clean and modern yet elegant interior. Each table has a sweeping view of SCBD’s skyscraper and Jakarta’s skyline, making Tea et Al a comfortable place to enjoy your life.

Behind the concept of Tea Et Al is the Founder & CEO A. N. Gunarto, who has drawn on decades of traditional expertise gleaned from her family’s tea business established in 1952 to create this pioneering brand. Her passion and experience with tea, as well as her profound appreciation of its cultural significance and her cosmopolitan upbringing, have infused the brand with unique purpose and vision, as well giving her deep insight into the needs of the modern generation. No wonder the tea tasted great!

The waitress are very kind and polite, yet you will be treated like a princess. The service is very good, refilling your empty tea pot, bringing the tea samples before ordering, and changing your empty plate. The ambient is quiet good, peaceful, and relaxing. The Christmas songs filled the elegant tea salon with joy.

I ordered 2 main courses and 1 package of tea set for lunch. There were some promotions if you pay with certain credit cards. While you are waiting for the food, a set of welcome bread served as a compliment. The whole grain bread tasted so good with the butter.


Complimentary bread and Peach Moonlight tea

Peach moonlight is the name of the tea that I ordered. The smell is like sweet peach and tasted a lil’ bit sour, fresh, and sweet. The brownish-coloured tea tasted better with the sweet cakes. Another tea that my friend ordered was Honey Dew. The sweet smell will make you relax and the taste was like a slice of sweet honey-dew (melon). I love this one!

The main courses were tasted at first. The penne was very tasty, al dente, and thus the texture was perfect. The mushroom tasted delicious, meaty-texture, and cooked well with the sauce. The chicken cubes were marinated and tasted good with the pasta. The portion was not as small as it looks like on the plate, quite big enough for a lady to finish the dish by herself. The red-wine cream sauce made it perfect!


Penne Da Vinci (92k)

The Club Sandwich consists of 4 pieces of small sandwiches and a small bucket of sweet-potato fries, instead of french fries. It is very rare to find that fries in Indonesia since most restaurants serve french fries as the snack. At first, I doubted the sweet-potato fries would have a good taste. When I bite the fries, I’m lovin it ♥ It is the best fries I’ve ever tasted, more than french fries. It tasted sweet, delicious, and be addicted! Meanwhile, the sandwich was quiet good. Whole grain bread was toasted and mixed with the beef ham, radish, cheese slice, sunny egg, and tomato sliced. The bread was crispy on the surface and soft in the inside. So yummy! Suitable for people who want to eat tasty food without being worry to get fat.


Club Sandwich (95k)

The high tea package was served at last of dessert. The were 2 kinds of packaged : Lady-Like Style (235k ++) and Ritzy Style 315k++. The difference was just the amount of cakes and the type of tea you must order. I chose the former package since it would fit the portion of 3 ladies.

The cakes were placed inside the small gold birdcage (3-tier). The top tier consisted of sweet cakes : red velvet, matcha cheesecake, tiramisu, and a small eclair. I like the matcha cheesecake since it was creamy, less sweet, and fresh aroma. The middle tier consisted of savory cakes, such as tuna croissant, beef pie, and chicken puffs. I like the pie crust and the taste was good. The bottom tier consisted of a small shrimp quiche and a scone with strawberry jam and cream. I like the quiche, but it was too small 😦

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