Three Beauties, Three Graces of Urgüp, Cappadocia

Hello everyone! I am so happy that I could go to Turkey, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are lots of naturally beautiful places for doing my hobby : PHOTOGRAPHY! in this journal, I share you my trip to Three Beauties or Three Graces in Urgüp; a village in Cappadocia






Three Graces are the brilliant three fairy chimneys located on Urgüp, district of Nevsehir. It is the most famous natural beauty and symbol of Urgüp. This amazing natural formation is well known not only its enchanting landscape, but also its incredible story. Thus, today many tourist coming from different countries visit here.






There are two legends about the three graces :
When the tourists visit Urgüp, those unique fairy chimneys named Three Beauties grabs and fascinates them. Thus, they wander its mystic history.


Legend 1 : A family who turned into rocks

According to the legend, there was a king and his only daughter living peacefully together. After he lost his wife, the king began to be addicted his only daughter; the princess. He worried about her due to the fact that she was very beautiful and charming.

Hence, all men in the country wanted to be married her. However, the princess fell in love with a shepherd. The king disapproved that marriage and he decided his beloved princess to be married with a chosen man. However, she escaped from the palace and got secretly married with this shepherd.

After years, she give birth a baby. She thought that maybe his father forgive them thanks to their child and set off to the palace. However, the king did not mercy although they had a child. He ordered these soldiers to kill this family. When the princess run away those soldiers of the king, she prayed to the God: “Please, my God, make us either a stone or a bird.” The God accepted their prayer and they immediately convert into a stone (today’s fairy chimney called Three Graces). So, these three fairy chimneys (Üç Güzeller) symbolizes as the princess, her husband and her child.


Legend 2 : Three most beauty Goddesses

According to the Greek mythology, there were 3 beautiful goddesses in this world : Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. The goddess of Revenge, Nemesis, once turned into an old woman and gave a golden apple to these three goddesses. “Whoever eat this golden apple, she is the most beautiful goddess!” said Nemesis. These 3 goddesses felt that each goddess is the most beautiful one and thus, they asked Zeus to decided. Zeus did not want to claim it, later he told the goddesses to ask the most beautiful man in the world : Paris of Troy.

Hera promises to make Paris as the most powerful and the richest man in the world. Athena promises to give Paris all the wisdom in the world. Aphrodite promises to give the most beautiful woman in the world to be fallen in love with him : Helen of Sparta (later become Helen of Troy). Paris later gives the golden apple to Aphrodite and she asks the Cupid to shoot the love arrow into Helen. And thus, the Trojan war did happen. These rocks represent this 3 beautiful goddesses as they are so beautifully made by God. There is no other rocks that could carved like that naturally.

The people in Urgüp believe that those two legends are true. For me, the three rocks look like chimneys. Thanks God, I could see one of the most beautiful places in the world with amazing landscape. The sky is so blue and the view is so gorgeous.


There is a small bazaar (market) near the entrance. You must do shopping there because the gift shops only sell unique items. You will hardly find the similar items in  another place. Trust me!





You can only find this design in here

Stay tune for my travel journey in Turkey. If you want to ask about Cappadocia, you can DM me on my instagram @jessica_sisy



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How to Elevate Your Chinese-look-alike Dress into The Next Level

Hello fashionista! I went to Hong Kong for my short holiday and I wanna share you about my outfit look. Since Hong Kong is a country in Asia, it is suitable to wear cheongsam, Chinese printed top/dress. However, too Chinese is so old-fashioned. I will give you some tips to make your Chinese-look outfit into more fashionable. Honestly, I am not a fashionista, but I do like mix & match my clothes to make them look new.


Lensed by Fujifilm XA-2 (no edit, no filter, it’s a raw shoot)

I will give you 2 looks with 2 different Chinese outfit. I hope you like them =)

My first look is come form Stand For Women (IG: @standforwomen) Xiu Top. I love the top ♥ because this top is so pretty, silky, comfy to wear on, and light! The fabric is good, silky-like, and the crane-printed top will make you look a Chinese princess. I wear this top with Escarpat pants to make look stylish, but not too much. You can wear pump shoes, sneakers, or wedges. For me, I choose to wear canvas shoes so that I can strolling around Hong Kong in ease. Choose a pair of shoes that are fit and comfy for you while you are traveling.


Xiu Top from @standforwomen + Escarpat pants + canvas shoes



The detail of top


The closer look of Xiu Top

My second look comes from Minimal Store (IG: @minimalstores) : Pearl Rose Dress. This dress is so beautiful, elegant, and feminine, suitable for evening party. I want to make this pretty dress into something different. If you just wear the dress, somehow it looks like a modern mini cheongsam. To make it into fashionable look, you can wear beret hat (a hat for winter, usually made from wool). I wear lace outer from Miss Sixty to make it look chic and fresh. Wearing elegant dress is sometimes too boring, but you can wear a hat and an outer to make the dress looks cute. I also wear shoes from Marks&Spencer Check out my post on my Instagram @jessica_sisy


The origin look of Pearl Rose Dress



Dress from @minimalstores | Outer  Miss Sixty | Shoes from Marks&Spencer








At Langham Place where all the Easter wishes are hanging on this wooden hanger


From Chinese look dress into Classic London look

Well, I hope my tips are useful for your traveling outfit. This is for my Spring look in Asia. Wait for another fashion looks in a western country (hint: hot air balloon city) ♥


Happy holiday!







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Line Store, Hong Kong

Hello all! I visited Hong Kong for my first holiday in 2018. You can see my last post in Hong Kong HERE.


Photo with Choco

One of my destinations was LINE Store Hong Kong in Hysan Place, Causeway Bay. The store is located on the 2nd floor. You will notice when you see a big statue of Brown. Actually, there are 2 LINE stores in Hong Kong: Hysan Place and Langham Place (smaller than Hysan Place). I have been to Hysan Place twice (in 2016 and 2018). I could see that the place has changed since there was Cony’ statue back in 2016, while the statue is replaced by Choco.

DSCF7924 - Copy-01

LINE Store at Hysan Place

DSCF7958 - Copy-01

LINE Store: Apparel Store

DSCF7930 - Copy-01


Me with Sally the Chick (not Duck)


Me with Brown

Choco is the younger sister of brown. Choco has a pair of small, black eyes, two tiny ears and a short tail like her brother Brown. but has a big, peach-coloured bow on top of her head and her skin colour is lighter than Brown. Usually, she wears different types of clothes everyday, although she usually wears a peach-coloured dress paired with a yellow bag with a pink heart-shaped button. Unlike Brown, Choco has a passion of being a gossip girl and she is more sociable. Moreover, she is media-savvy and loves to show off by sharing her own selfies. For me, Choco is so cute with that big bow on her head.


Hello Choco!

DSCF7978 - Copy-01


I visited the LINE Store in Hysan Place which has 2 stores: Stationery and Apparel. The place is dominated by brown and yellow color for the Stationery store. Many cute stuffs there. Starting with the pen, dolls, Notebook’s case, towel, sweater, and many more. I just bough a small wallet and a Notebook’s case. There was a promotion if you buy certain products. The price starts from HKD 30 if I’m not mistaken.

DSCF7931 - Copy-01.jpeg

DSCF7941 - Copy-01.jpeg

DSCF7943 - Copy-01.jpeg

DSCF7944 - Copy-01.jpeg

DSCF7949 - Copy-01.jpeg

DSCF7947 - Copy-01.jpeg


As for the apparel Store, the place is dominated by pink color. It is Choco’s favorite colour! The clothes sold consists of sweater, towels, caps, and dog’s bag. Actually I want to buy a cute sweater there, but I think I will not wear it in Indonesia. So, I bought this red cap for me.




DSCF7976 - Copy-01.jpeg

DSCF7979 - Copy-01.jpeg

If you do not want to buy anything, you can just taking pictures there. The place is so cute and don’t forget to take pictures as many as possible!


By the way, I will regularly post my travel journey in Hong Kong. Stay tune!

Happy holiday!

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Line Friends Store

 Map of Line Friends Store
Located in: Hysan Place
Address: Hysan Place, 2/F, 500 Hennessy Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Hours: MON-SUN 10 AM – 10 PM
Phone: +852 2613 5122


Travel Outfit in Bogor

Maybe it’s a little bit too late to say:



I hope that I could be more positive in this year, be more grateful with what I have and receive as well as giving more than receiving. I just want to be happier and the others could feel the same way. For me, 2017 is a rough year to be a food blogger and I hope I can expand my blog not only about food, but also fashion, travel, photography, and beauty. As a woman, I could not deny myself that I really into fashion and beauty. Sometimes, I wish I could had more time to do different kind of makeup styles.

To start a new year, I went to Bogor for my short escape. Just to refresh my mind out of my heavy work and to think about my resolutions in 2018. I don’t want to just make the resolution, but I want to make them all happen, especially about photography. I did not realize that I love photography! Perhaps, photography tips on my blog? :p

Here are my travel outfit in Bogor. Hope you like my simple outfit 🙂












P.S: Sorry if you don’t like to see myself wearing a pair of sandals. For me, comfortable is No.1! In Bogor, you cannot predict when the rain comes. One day, suddenly the rain comes when we were in a small forest. If I wore wedges/high heels, I could get myself into a mess.

Tips: wearing your best sneakers, flat shoes, or just flippers in traveling. They are your best friends. You could find the pretty slippers in THIS IS APRIL or BERRYBENKA. They sell good leather slippers and comfy shoes with such affordable price 🙂






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How To Look Sophisticated With Simple Outfit

Hello fashion lovers! I just want to share about my fashion tips with simple outfit. You don’t have to wear skirt just to be fashionable and chic. Skirt will make you girly and feminine, depending of the model you wear. However, not of you like to wear skirt. So, I want to tell you tips of how to look sophisticated with simple outfit.

Wearing Outer

Outer will make you look more elegant and sophisticated without being to much. You can wear your favorite top with culotte pants and complete your look with the best outer.




Outer : Soecah

I wear the latest collection of Soecah from Catherine Soepadhi. You can directly go to the website HERE. The outer looks simple, but so stunning.  It can bring your look to the next level. You can try this look for your special occasion and for socialite gathering.

Wear your Comfy Culotte Pants

Culotte pants can be the best option to complete your look. The pant is so simple, but it can make you look taller. Just buy a pair of monochrome culotte pants. You don’t have to buy the expensive one, just buy the comfiest pants via online shops. There are so many choices of pants. Tips: do not wear printed pants if you have ‘chubby’ legs. It will make your legs even bigger.




Wear Your Simple Dress or Jumpsuit


Melanie Jumpsuit


Dress : ThisIsApril

Wearing the simplest dress will make you effortlessly beautiful in simplicity. Choose the simplest design for ‘natural’ look. You can also wear jumpsuit (with long bottom) to make you more elegant. My beautiful sabrina lace dress is from This Is April, a local brand with premium quality and affordable price for young women.

Tips: choose monochrome colour for your dress and jumpsuit for classic look. Printed dress will make you look bigger, but for skinny-type of body, you are allowed to wear more bright and bold colours.

High Heels To Wrap Up Your Look

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.

For me, wearing high heels is a must! I’m not tall and I need my heels to cover up my height on my photos. If you don’t like wearing stilletos, then you can go for wefges. Wedges are comfier than any type of heels. This is my favorite wedges from Schutz Shoes. You will never go wrong with this pair of heels! So comfy and you can wear them for a whole day. Premium leather, elegant design, and light!

Image result for schutz shoes



Wedges: Schutz Shoes



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Twin House, Cipete

Twinhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


On The Table Situation

Hello foodies! During the long weekend, my friends and I decided to spend our holiday in Twin House, Cipete, South Jakarta. The place is so instagramable with two identical yellow houses side by side. The area is not so big (it is so different from Instagram, though) and there is a space for picnic in the house yard! We were so exciting taking pictures outside and inside the house.


Picnic Corner


The yard

The house is not so spacious. Luckily, Twin House gave me the most instagramable corner! The corner is cute and there is a small swing at the corner. So sweet ♥


My Corner



The cute swing

The Foods and drinks are good, especially the Nakula Iced Coffee and Sadewa Iced Coffee.


Iced Cubed Coffee

The difference between them Nakula dan Sadewa Iced Coffee :

Nakula Coffee (40k)


Nakula Coffee has hazelnut flavoured milk to be mixed with the iced cubed coffee. For me, the aroma and taste of the hazelnut are not detected when you mix the milk with the cubes. When you drink it, you will taste the creamy, milky, and the sweetness of the coffee. So good! I don’t like coffee, I like this one! The coffee is not too strong and less sweet. Superb!

Sadewa Coffee (40k)


Sadewa coffee is the ‘twin’ of Nakula. The concept is same with Nakula. However, Sadewa coffee has caramel cinnamon flavoured milk. You can see the cinnamon powder on the surface of the milk. The smell of cinnamon is quite strong and when you mix the milk with the coffee cubes, you will taste the cinnamon. The coffee is well-blended with the cinnamon milk. The iced coffee is good if you like cinnamon. Since I don’t like cinnamon, I prefer the Nakula Coffee.

Cappucino (35k)


The Cappucino is beautiful! The latte art is the common leaf-type, but it looks cute inside a pink cup. The taste is standard, like any other cappucino. If you like sweet, you must add more sugar.

For the Food, we ordered 2 Asian Menus and 3 Western Menus :


Table Situation


The coffee corner

Dory Salsa Matah (40k)


The appearance is like common Indonesian food, consists of rice, sunny egg, bakwan, and fried dory with sambal matah on top. The sambal matah is quite good, the more you eat it, you will sense the hotness. For me, the taste is quite tasty and the portion is enough for fulfilling your hunger.

Nasi Kebon with Churry Chicken Katsu (50k)


The appearance is dominated by yellow curry and green lettuce. Just like the name : Kebon (garden). The chicken katsu is on top of the rice. The taste is so-so, not my favorite.

Penne Alfredo Sauce with Salmon (50k)


This one is so creamy and milky. The salmon pieces are generous. For me, I cannot finish 1 portion since it is too creamy.

Penne with Animal Sauce (50k)


The penne is cooked with bolognese sauce. Better this one than the former one. For me, the dish is so-so, nothing special.

Monterey Chicken (60k)

I did not take the picture because this dish took so long to be served. The taste is quite delicious. The chicken is perfectly grilled with the melted mozzarella on top of it. This one is my favorite!


Enter a caption

Overall, Twin House is a very good place for celebrating important moments; enjoying your time with your friends and family, or you can spend your time with your loved ones. The foods are not as good as I expected and the price is quite pricey. However, the iced cubed coffee is so good! For once in a lifetime, you can spend your weekend in Twin House. You can try the picnic spot to enjoy the nature and good ambience. Better to reserve  2 weeks before the Day (it was so crowded very weekends).









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Map of Twin House

Address: Jl. Cipete Raya No.4B, RT.8/RW.4, Cipete Sel., Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12410
Hours: TUE-SUN 9AM-10PM (Monday Closed)
PRICE : +/-  IDR 100k/person





Please Please Please, Bandung

Please Please Please Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Please Please Please has been popular through Instagram recently. When I have a chance to go to Bandung, I purposely visit this instagramable cafe at Jl. Progo. Looking from the outside, the place is dominated by pink colour with pink owl as the logo. The two-story cafe is quite big and spacious. The interior is cute and pinky. The 1st floor is non-smoking area and the 2nd floor is smoking area. The sunlight is better at the backside of the 1st floor and near the entrance door.



1st Floor


OOTD spot




2nd floor


2nd floor

The Main Entrance

For you who like to do the OOTD photoshoot, I suggest you to take the picture near the entrance door.


Bakery Entrance


OOTD Spot – Main Entrance

At the right side, there is a small bakery selling the cakes. I don’t see any interesting cake, so I did not order anything. I just interested with the bottle of tea leaves on the table.


The coffee and bakery


Tea Leaves



I come here in the morning for breakfast and I don’t know that you can order ONLY for breakfast menu. Sadly, I must order the western food for my breakfast (I like Asian food for my breakfast).

Here are the breakfast menus that I ordered.


Breakfast menu

Smoke Beef Sandwich (59k)



Smoked Beef Sandwich

Turns out to be my favorite breakfast menu in Please Please Please. Never thought that chiabatta bread is this fluffy and quite big! The creamy mushroom is delicious and perfectly cooked with the garlic and onion. The portion is big enough to fulfill your hunger in the morning. However, nothing special with this menu.

Fish and Chips (45k)



Fish and Chips

This menu is for appetizer and you can order it as your breakfast. Turns out the portion is big enough for 2-3 persons. The fish is good and I like the onion rings. Unfortunately, the potato wedges are salty. So, you must eat them with the sour cream to balance the taste.

Hot lemon tea (25k)


Hot Lemon Tea

Since I eat fatty foods, I prefer to drink hot tea with lemon. The sour and fresh tea is good for burning out the fat in your body. The teapot is quite big for me, though.

Overall, this place is more likely selling the beautiful place rather than selling the foods. The price is affordable, the place is beautiful and cozy, but the food is not as good as you think. The service is good and fast. I recommend this place for hangout in the afternoon rather than having breakfast or lunch. FYI, the toilet is unisex and not so clean.



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Please Please Please Cafe And Resto

Map of Please Please Please Cafe And Resto
Address: Jl. Progo No.37, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40115
PRICE  : IDR 100K-200k / person

Beautiful in White

– at The White Clover, Bandung

White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation. White can represent a successful beginning.

Wearing a white outfit can elevate your look to the next level. You can also wearing white as the basic color to do mix & match for your look. However, some people think that wearing white outfit will make you look boring, pale, and very simple. I think the simplicity of white can radiate your own inner beauty.

Wearing white with black is perfect! Monochrome outfit is perfect for casual, semi-formal, and also formal looks. During the photoshoot, I wear this Melanie Jumpsuit (Melanie Trump did wear this jumpsuit!). Stealing her look in this beautiful place, why not?

However, wearing white in a wedding party is a BIG NO! It is not good to compete with the bride. You may wear white outfit for dating, birthday party, or any other events. White T-shirt can also be mixed with any other colour to increase your look.

So, will you add white to your wardrobe? ♥

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.” — Eleanor Roosevelt







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The White Clover

Map of The White Clover
Address    : Jl. Dr. Cipto No.24, Pasir Kaliki, Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40171

Hours       : 8 AM – 10 PM

WIFI         : YES

The White Clover Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato