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Hello meat lovers! I think some of you have already heard that WAKI Japanese BBQ has the best beef in town! That’s right! I agree with them. It’s my pleasure to get invitation from WAKI itself and to make my own HONEST review about their food.



WAKI is located in Thamrin, more precisely on the 2nd floor of Metro Coffee. You will recognize the logo (big cow’s head) on the rooftop. The Metro Coffee itself is also pretty and suitable for OOTD photoshoot. Back to WAKI, the place is quite big and spacious. It has 3 VIP rooms which are all connected into 1 big VIP room for an event. The VIP room is very private and soundproof. WAKI has also semi-private rooms in which the place is only separated with partition and not soundproof. So, you can see the dining area from the semi-private room. It is more spacious rather than VIP room. The dining area is the place for less than 6 people. There is also a bar for alcoholic drinks. This place is suitable for holding a celebration or event.



WAKI serves you the most excellent quality of beef and halal foods with affordable price. There are promotions for set menu and lunch menu as well for only 49k to 69k, including Rice bowls and Gyutandon with free salad and soup. No pork, no lard. The market target is for middle up section, but the price is not as expensive as I thought before.Since they serve alcholic drinks, they also serve Korean side dishes. They said that Korean dishes are perfect for alcholc drinks. So, don’t get confuse if you see many Korean dishes on the menu book. It still a Japanese restaurant.



Are you ready to get hungry? *Drool

I could not help myself not to get tempted while looking all of these photos.



Kimchi (29k)


The kimchi is delicious; not only for the seasoning , but also from the cabbage’s texture. Originally, the cabbage is fermented for 7 days, but in WAKI, the fermentation process is only 3 days. This will result in crunchy texture of the kimchi and less sour. The spiciness and sourness are lower than Korean Kimchi. It is a good point when a Japanese restaurant can make a tasty kimchi.

WAKI Salad (45k)


This is my favorite dish. The Salad is fresh and has katsuobushi on top. There is tofu as well. The sesame dressing is very good;with its thick texture and bold taste. Super yummy!

Chijmi (59k)


It is a Korean pancake with WAKI special sesame sauce. I like the pancake because the texture is so crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.

Kalbi soup (39k)


It is a spicy short ribs beef soup  with beef broth and vegetables. The beef is tender and the broth si quite good. For me it is not spicy, only the red colour makes it looked spicy.

Chapjae (95k)


The chapjae is delicious! The glass noodle is perfectly cooked with the sweet savoury seasoning. Must try!



WAKI Platter for 4-5 pax (389k)



RECOMMENDED! You must order this platter. The platter is quite big and suitable for 4-5 persons. You must eat them with this sequence : gyutan, kalbi, and jyo kalbi. Don’t get mix up since you will ruin your taste palette. The gyutan is so tender, perhaps the best beef tongue I’ve ever eaten. The kalbi is so juicy, meaty, and tender.

Moriawase (415k)



NEW MENU! It’s less than a month since WAKI serves this menu. The platter consists of the excellent quality of meat in which saikoro is my favorite! You may try the kalbi, jyo kalbi, harami, saikoro, and misuji in Moriawase platter. I think this is the best platter you’ll get in WAKI. MUST TRY! You can eat the beef with their sauce: Sweet onion sauce (my favorite), Lemon sauce, and Savoury sauce.


Ippon Kalbi (85k)


It is a tender long strip marinated meat in a small pot.The ribs is marinated with onion sauce, then grilled and cut into small pieces. You may taste the sweet taste when you chew the meat.

Tokujyo Kalbi  – PREMIUM Japanese A4 Wagyu Short Rib (279k)



This is the most premium and excellent quality of the meat that WAKI has. It only consists of 5 pieces in one plate. The pinkish red colour looks tempting. When you grill the meat, hmmm you can smell the delicious meat. The texture and the taste are excellent. Very recommended!

Premium spicy gyutan don set (75k+) and Lunch set menu (49k+)



All the set menu include Free soup dan salad.The beef sliced is tender and the sauce is tasty. It’s not the same with any other Japanese restaurant. BBQ lunch set starts from 69k and the rice bowl set meal starts from 49k.


Gyutan: beef’s tongue
Kalbi : sliced beef shortplate
Jyo Kalbi : sliced beef strip-loin
Harami : sliced hanging tender, a lean cut of beef with a bold flavor.
Saikoro: diced beef tenderloin
Misuji : sliced oyster blade

WAKI Rice (25k)


Rice drizzled with WAKI sauce and topped with nori, scallions, and sesame seeds. The rice is so tasty! Tasted like rice bowl without meat.



Mochi Ice Cream


The mochi ice cream is good. The mochi is chewy and the black sesame ice crema inside the mochi is also good. Yummy!

Ice cream (19k-25k)


There are 5 flavors of ice cream : vanilla, strawberry, coffee, matcha, and black sesame. The strawberry is made from the fruit itself. You may know it from the gritty texture. The Coffee and Matcha are the best! They are my favorite and not too sweet.

Overall, you will have NO REGRET after having your meal in WAKI. They serve the best quality of meat and the price is still affordable. The place is cozy, the service is good, and many selections of meat that you can try. You can indulge yourself in WAKI and I guarantee that you will satisfy with the food. Happy eating!


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WAKI Japanese BBQ Dining

 Peta WAKI Japanese BBQ Dining
Address: Metro Coffee Lantai 2, Jl. Tanjung Karang No.5, RT.11/RW.20, Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10230
Hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Telephone: 0812-9010-9624
PRICE : IDR 100-150k/pax