Saine Daise – Beautiful Place for Affordable Fine Dining

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Hello again! Christmas is coming and I’m so excited to celebrate it! Many restaurants have decorated their places with Christmas trees and they were sooo beautiful. One of affordable fine dining place in Jakarta is Saine Daise, which is located in PIK, at the opposite of Chilli’s and Burger King. The place was so elegant and suitable for party celebration (birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, and even Christmas =D). The place was two-story bulding and both floors were pretty decorated. The 1st floor is EIO Cheesecake and the 2nd floor is Saine Daise Restaurant. If you want to eat main course, then you should go to the 2nd floor. While you can enjoy your tea time on the 1st floor.

For you who have not been to Saine Daise, then it is the right time! The Christmas decoration in Saine Daise were so beautiful and dominated by my favorite colour : Gold! The place was so instagrammable and many fashion blogger took pictures there.



1st floor : EIO CHEESE CAKE


2nd floor : SAINE DAISE

What you should eat? They have their special Signature Dish : Ami ebi angel Hair and Pork Belly Matah on Rice. They had another tasty menus and you could try and tell me =p


What you should eat

The angel hair was a thin pasta, cooked with the small shrimp (ebi) from Japan. The aroma was similar with terasi. The angel hair was a thin pasta, cooked with the small shrimp (ebi) from Japan. The aroma was similar with terasi. Tasted like you eat pasta with fried small shrimp. I love it!


Ami Ebi Angel Hair (80k)

The Pork belly was tasty and fatty. Yummy! The pork was fried till it had its own tasty aroma and cooked with the Sambal Matah. I love it, but I didn’t like the oil from both pork and sambal. The oil left behind on my mouth =( However, the food was tasty and enjoyable.


Pork Belly Sambal Matah (85k)

For dessert, I chose Valrhona Chocolate Mousse. The cake was well-decorated on the plate, although the size was too small for me. The texture was soft, creamy, and the chocolate was blended well. Me like it =)


Valrhona Chocolate Mousse (55k)

Overall, the food was good although the portion was a little bit small and pricey. It might be due to the quality of the food ingredient used in which some of the ingredients were imported. The place was perfect to hangout and took some instagrammable photos. Take some time and go to Saine Daise this December ^^


Jing’s Earl Grey Tea (35k)

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Saine Daise Bistro

Address: Jln. Mandara Permai VII Blok 6 KA , Pantai Indah Kapuk , Jakarta Utara, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14460

Phone: (021) 30051662

Hours:Closing soon · 11AM–11PM
Area : NON-SMOKING (1st and 2nd floor) & SMOKING (2nd floor at the balcony)
Credit Card : YES

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