The First Martabak Lapis in Indonesia

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Hello fellas! Today I was invited to a Food Tasting Table by The Martabux. It sells martabak as the main menu and was opened since March 2016 (still new). Located at the food court of Supermal Karawaci (Makan Sutera Food court), Supermal Lippo Karawaci Lantai 3, Martabux has been the first one to invent Martabak Lapis. Each layer of the martabak has different flavor. For example, the one that I ordered called Green Tea Durian Cheese.. The first layer was durian, second layer was durian, and the upper layer tasted oreo and durian. The martabak had both green tea and oreo cake. The taste was unique. The aroma was durian, but the green tea and cheese were dominant. Such a creative idea =D


Green Tea Durian Cheese Martabak (110k)

The other menu that I tasted was Martabak Telor Beef Bolognese Mozarella Cheese. It was soooo delicious! The smell was tomato bolognese sauce, the taste was like you eat pepperoni pizza, the texture was so crispy, and look at the generous mozarella. The cheese melted on top of the martabak telor and made the martabak creamier *guilty pleasure* One is never enough!!



The drink that I ordered was Passion mango tea and Rock Mocca Hazelnut Coffee.


Rock Mocca Hazelnut (25k)

The coffee was good since it was like latte, no bitter taste. For those who are coffee lover, I think the coffee was less concentrated and the coffee was not strong (that’s why I like it!). The coffee was the cold-brew type (brewing with cold water) for 12 hours. The aroma was not as strong as the cold-brew coffee. However, me lovin it!


Passion Mango Tea (22k)

The tea was quiet good although the markisa syrup was stronger and sweeter. Fresh, sweet, and unique since the tea was filled with Popping bubbles with mango flavor. The bubbles directly popped on your tongue. Like a gastronomic food.

Overall, I was satisfied and thankful to be invited to the food tasting. Come and try Martabux to fulfill your hunger! Happy eating =D


from left to right : Lucy (co-owner), Me, and Irwan (owner)

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