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Hello Koren lovers! Since I miss Korean food so much during my journey to Turkey, I introduce you a new Korean restaurant in Jakarta : Seoul Yummy Indonesia. Seoul Yummy has been established in 2008 in Singapore, with 8 restaurants till now, as a go-to casual restaurant for classic traditional Korean cuisine with a modern twist for 10 years of culinary experience.


Lippo Mall Kemang is the first Seoul Yummy’s restaurant in Indonesia. It is located on the G floor. You can spot the brightest and the biggest restaurant in the Avenue of The Stars. The place is quite spacious and the unique decoration that I like is the Love Locks hanging on this wall. The place is very cozy and you can spend hours to have your lunch/dinner or hanging out with your friends.


Another uniqueness of this restaurant lies on the names of the menu. All of the names are based on K-Pop Songs, such as Dramarama, Love Me Love Me, Knock Knock, etc. Their signature dishes include Army Stew (Budae Jjigae), Cheese Pots with Glazed Chicken, Bibimbap, and of course, Bingsoo. All of the seasonings and ramyeon are coming from Korea. Also, the chef is from Singapore. Let’s see one by one.



Oppa Cheese Pot (188k)


Consists of 4 pieces of glazed chicken drum sticks coated with soy garlic (brown) and sweet & spicy sauce (red). The most exciting part is the generous amount of melted mozzarella + cheddar cheese covering all over the pot. There are corn cheese, nachos, french fries, and egg as the side dishes. I like this dish because the cheese is so good, balancing the sweet-spicy taste from the chicken. I prefer the sweet-spicy chicken to the soy garlic chicken. Of course, two of them are tasty.

Onni Cheese Pot (248k)



It’s the seafood tteokbokki cheese pot! Consists of tteokbokki, ramyeon, mussles, tiger prawns, squid, chicken dumplings, boiled egg, and assorted vegetables in spicy gochujang sauce. You can choose the side dishes. For me, it is suitable for 3-4 persons because the portion is big and the melted cheese are also in generous amount. So tasty! Recommended!

Gongju Army Stew (218k)

My favorite Korean food : the Budae Jjigae! There are fish cakes served on skewers, assorted vegetables, tteokbokkki, sausages, tofu, and ramyeon. The noodle has chewy texture (my favorite type of noodle!). The soup has sweet-spicy taste and on top of the fish cakes, there is a melted cheddar. Delicious! Must try!

Sarang Bibimbap (68k for chicken; 78k for beef/squid)


This big bowl can be divided into 4 full-bowl of rice. Consists of half-boiled egg, meat, and assorted vegetables. Pour the sauce on top of the rice and stir. Yummy!

Poong Japchae (78k-98k based on the meat you choose)

The japchae is nice and sweet. The glazed noodle is chewy, but not rubbery. The sauce (has sesame oil) is also good. Suitable for your side dish when you are waiting for the army stew or cheese pot.

Kimchi & Potato Pancake (38k)



This pan-fried pancake is very good when you eat it with the sauce. The sauce is unique, like Pempek’s sauce : sour, sweet, and slightly spicy. I like the Kimchi pancake since the taste is quite unique, but the potato is also good. Hard decision to choose.

Korean Rice Balls (38k for chicken; 48k for beef)


It’s a Korean seaweed rice balls with 2 different kinds of rice: original white rice and multi-grain rice. Must try! Two of them are tasty with the taste of sesame oil. If I have to choose, I prefer the multi-grain rice.

Mocktails (45 k all flavors)



there 5 kinds of mocktails that can be chosen. I like Knock Knock, the tropical mango soda. It has sweetness of fresh mango. So juicy!

Bingsoo (58k – 65k)


I choose Mr Bibimbap which has many kinds of fruit pieces. There are strawberriy, kiwi, Korean red bean, corn flakes, mango, peach, blueberry, almond flakes, crushed nuts, and whipped cream. The big peach is on the top, making this bingsoo has look-alike sunny egg! The shaved ice is not sweet and soft texture. So light!



Overall, I enjoyed myself having lunch in Seoul Yummy. The dishes are good, the service is also good, the employees are very welcome, and the place is cozy. The price is affordable and the portion is quite big. Worth it!


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Seoul Yummy Indonesia

 Peta Lippo Kemang
Address: LIPPO MALL KEMANG, G floor, Avenue of The Stars
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No.36, RT.12/RW.5, Bangka, Mampang Prpt., Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12150
Hours  : 10 AM – 10 PM
PRICE   : < IDR 100k/person



Chir Chir, Pantai Indah Kapuk

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Hello food lovers! Pasti kalian udah pada pernah cobain Chir Chir ya. Ini kali ke-2 gw makan di Chir Chir. Porsinya emang gede semua dan emang pas untuk sharing 3-4 org, kecuali ada yg lagi laper bgt sampe sanggup ngabisin 1 porsi 
Kali ini gw cobain yg di PIK, tempatnya mirip yg di Kelapa Gading. Interiornya anak muda ala Korea gitu. Enak juga buat nongkrong dan makan bareng teman-teman.
Gw cobain 2 menu, yaitu:

Nest Chicken Snow (159k)




This is Chir Chir’s signature dish. Enak dan ga terllau jumbo porsinya. Bisa untuk makan 2-3 orang. Ayamnya fillet, boneless, dan juicy. Recommended! Coock banget dimaakn dengan cheese sauce nya dan mashed potato. Sebenarnya, ada whipped cream di atas mashed potatonya, tapi kita tidak pakai whipped (gw ga suka whipped cream).

Cajun Chicken Salad (89k)




Karena pengen makan sayuran, jadinya kita makan salad ini. Porsinya besar, bisa untuk 3-4 orang. Sausnya pakai mayonnaise dan olive oil, jadi ada rasa manis dan asam. Segar banget! Recommended buat dicobain.
OVerall, Chir Chir cocok banget buat lunch atau dinner sama teman atau keluarga. Harga per dishnya di atas IDR 100k, tapi tenang aja, masih terjangkau karena kita sharing. Tempatnya juga cukup cozy buat ngobrol.

Selamat mencoba!





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Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory – PIK

Map of Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory - PIK

Address: Ruko Garden House Blok B No. 20, Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, RT.6/RW.2, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14470
PRICE : IDR 100k/person


Harlow Brasserie

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Hello food lovers! I love to post restaurants and cafes around Central and South Jakarta since they have plenty of fancy places, starting with affordable price to a luxurious dining place. Few of them sometimes have some promotions for lunch or dinner during weekdays and weekends. This time, I visited one of hits restaurants in Kuningan area.


If you are looking a place for your lunch, Harlow Brasserie offers you a lunch promo including main course and drink for only IDR 100k nett! Such a good promo, isn’t it? Moreover, the interior of the restaurant is beautiful, elegant, and instagrammable. Simple, minimalist, spacious, and cozy. You can comfortly surfing the internet while sipping your coffee and eating the snacks. The long sofa with cushions, combining with the wall decoration makes you feel like at home.



Here goes the food and drinks that we ordered…


Harlow Cheese Burger


Double patties and cheese with beef bacon and pickles. It is sooo deliciousss! Recommended! The beef patties are thick, beefy, juicy, and just perfect with the beef bacon and cheese. The melted cheese makes the burger creamier and tastier. If you like burger, you just gonna order this.

Aglio Olio


Spaghetti served with beef bacon or prawn in garlic sauce. I choose the prawn. The portion is quiet small, only 4 pieces of boiled prawns. The garlic sauce is good, but the aroma is not so strong enough to increase my appetite.

Chicken Burger


Looking from the appearance, the chicken burger looks so tempting! How about the taste? Cutting the burger slowly… Feel the first bite and voila! It is also good, comparable with the Beef Burger. The chicken is juicy in the inside, but crispy on the outside. The peppery taste is just perfect, the meat is fatty and juicy. i like it!

Angel Hair


Stirred in truffle butter and mushroom dust. The truffle’s aroma is so good and quiet strong to attract me while eating my dish. Actually, this truffle angel hair is good. However, the portion is very small! Should improve the portion, I think.

Chicken Waffle


This is the free dish I got from Harlow Brasserie. By writing a review on Zomato, you can get either chicken waffle or a drink as a compliment. So, I choose the chicken waffle. The portion is quiet suitable for 1-2 persons. The waffle is good, crispy and soft at once. The chicken wings is well-cooked with all the seasonings. I found a unique item in this dish : the Sauce! The taste of this sauce is quiet interesting, sweet, a lil’ bit sour, like a mixture of mustard and peanut sauce. It is hard to describe the taste of the sauce, but it is so good when you eat the waffle with it. Thumbs up  emoticon

Chocolate bean Latte


So cute! I couldn’t help myself not to take a picture of it ♥

The bitter taste of chocolate combining with the milk makes everything just perfect! Love this drink, especially the latter art! Too cute to be drunk~

Overall, Harlow Brasserie offers you a place for having your own quality time, making you feel comfortable. With the sound of music, cozy sofa, tasty food and drinks, will make you want to spend more time at this place. However, the price is quiet pricey, judging from the portion. For me, it is okay to spend your weekends or weekdays at this homey place with your loved ones ♥


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Harlow Brasserie and Bar

Map of Harlow Brasserie and Bar

Address: The H Tower, Mezzanine Floor, H.R Kav. 20, Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said, RT.1/RW.5, Karet Kuningan, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, 12940
Phone: (021) 52900351

Hours: 6AM–10PM Everyday

PRICE: > IDR 100k/ person


Jia Dining At ShangRi-La – A Contemporary Chinese Dining Resto

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Hello food lovers! Happy Chinese New Year for you who celebrate it ♥♥ May all of us are blessed with joy, prosperity, health, and luck through this Rooster-year. You can see my CNY outfit here.


On CNY, I went to Jia Dining resto, located inside Shangri-la Hotel. From the lobby, you could see a duck statue holding dim sum, written ‘Jia’ on the dim sum’s bamboo bowl. From that statue, just go to the elevator to the basement, turn left (the right side is Satoo restaurant), and here comes Jia.


Introducing JIA, the new signature Chinese restaurant in Shangri-la, formerly known as Shang Palace. In Chinese, JIA (Jiǎ) means first, strong bonding, family and home, a place to share great dining moments with friends and family. At that moment, I realize that this is a right place for me and my family to dine in for Chinese New Year 🙂

First step in and you will be awe with their lounge. The lounge interior was very elegant, a contemporary Chinese-inspired interior, but with modern touch. You can wait in the lounge while waiting your name called on their waiting list.


The lounge

For me, I love the interior and can’t help to stop my self from taking photos along the aisle =p Sorry for spamming the photos, but you can see how beautiful the interior is. Beautiful, classic, and elegant. There are many private rooms (spacious enough for 15 to 20 people).

Looking inside the resto was just too elegant and classic! You would say ‘Wow!’ and stand in awe. The guests could see the cooking process from a love open-oven station at the right side of the resto. The ingredient used must be fresh and for the premium dish, they serve the best ingredient, such as Abalone.




JIA serves tasty dim sums, luscious roasted menu and well-loved celebrated Chinese dishes. Their Executive Chinese Chef aims to serve the best of Chinese cuisine through his delicious dishes which are taken from traditional recipes with modern twist. Their signature dish is Peking-Style Roasted Duck and la mian noodles served in big bowls, as well as their fresh home-made dim sum.


We order the dim sum (Chinese New Year must eat buns!It’s my family tradition). Here we go for the dim sum, main course, and dessert.


Steamed Pork Siew Mai 32k


The siew mai tasted good. The pork meat was tender and chewy. The shrimp was quiet fresh and tender (garing). Not oily, clean, and tempting. One of the compulsory dim sum menus you had to order.

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (Hakau) 38k


The dumpling’s skin was soft and the shrimp was tender. I like the taste, well-cooked with the seasonings. One of the compulsory dim sum menus you had to order.

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns 36k


Tasted like any other pork buns. Sweet, savoury, BBQ aroma, and soft. I like the buns better than the pork sincethe meat was not well-seasoned.

Steamed Soup Pork Dumpling (Xiao Long Bao) 32k 


I love the presentation! So unique. The xiao long bao was steamed on a small wooden crock. A slice of carrot was placed on the bottom of the dumplings. For the taste, it was good, but it’s better to add ginger. The skin of dumpling was too thick.

Steamed Custard Buns with Salted Egg Yolk 32k


This is my favorite dish. Cute and delicioussss. Squeezee it and the salted egg custard will come out from the ‘mouth’. The salted egg custard was so tasty! The bun was soft and fluffly. I suggest you to order it more than one. One is never enough!


Deep Fried Spring Rolls with Assorted Mushrooms (30k)


The spring rolls were crispy and good. One thing that I like : they were not oily. The mushrooms was tender and well-seasoned.


Signature Peking Duck (Whole: 398k / Half 218k)


Meet the Peking Duck, the signature dish of Jia. The cooker directly brought the duck in front of our table and started to slice the duck. The skin was very crispy (you can hear ‘crack’ sound when he sliced it) and the meat was so tender. No bloody-like aroma like any other ducks in other restaurants. The aroma was good, hoisin sauce combined with the roasted-burnt aroma from the meat. The Executive Chef told us that the duck was roasted in a special oven for 45 minutes (slow-cooking) to bring out the aroma and taste. So delicious!

Wok Fried Vermicelli with Shrimp and BBQ Pork “Singapore style” 75k


It is called “Singapore Fried bee Hoon” or “Xia Men Mee Fun” in other chinese restaurants. The taste was like fried vermicelli with the curry leaf aroma. The taste was good and the portion was big. Could be eaten for 4-5 persons for 1 portion. Quiet big enough, eh?

La Mian Noodle Soup with Shredded Pork  and Sichuan Preserved Vegetables 58k


So disappointed! The la mian was good, chewy, soft, and the texture was perfect. The pork was cooked well with the soy sauce and hoison sauce. However, the soup was very very salty! Trust me! I don’t know the soup was like this at the original or the chef was to busy (the resto was so crowded, though) and he put the salt twice. Better to improve the quality of the soup.

Braised Homemade Bean Curd with Brown Fungus and Ginko Nuts 98k


I love the tofu! So soft, but firm (not like any other tofu which was easy to be smashed into pieces). The mushrooms was well-cooked with the seasonings and the ginko nuts was tender. No meat at all, but tasted good!


Deep Fried Swan with Almond Sauce 32k


Too cute to be eaten ♥♥ I was eager to order this one since I saw it from the Instagram photos. The swan sweet dumplings were 3 pieces in a small plate. Surprisingly, the taste was not sweet, better to improve the taste to be sweeter. Indeed, the outer part was crispy enough. Inside was almond custard. What I like was the custard was not sweet. The sweetness was just fine and not too sweet. Although many people showed disappointment with them, I love these swan tarts so much and so do my family.

Mini Egg Tarts 32k


My mom’s favorite dessert. She loves egg tarts and so does she when she bite this one. The tart was crispy and the inside was so soft like pudding. Chinese egg tart is always simple and tasty. Not too sweet and I love it.

Overall, Jia serves the best peking duck and dim sum in Jakarta. Good news: Jia also serves vegetarian dishes as well! Besides, the place was very elegant, beautiful, luxurious, and spacious. The private rooms are available for private event and closed celebration. Better to reserve the table 2-3 days ahead since it’s full booked on weekends. The dim sum was good, although it was quiet overpriced as compared to other chinese restaurants at mall. However, the price was affordable as compared to any other hotels’ restaurants. Both me and my family love this place and will dine in Jia again.


Fortune Cookies as Complimentes (free)

Happy Eating Foodies ♥

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Jia Dining at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

 Map of Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta
Address: Kota BNI, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 1, Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 10220
Phone :(021) 29229999
COST   : +/- IDR 500.000/person

Lapis Lapis The Kitchen

Lapislapis The Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Hello foodies! Recently, I passed this cafe when I visited my friend’s house in Sunter. I remembered Lapis Lapis cake shop at Mal Kelapa Gading and I thought it was the same cake shop with the one in Sunter. I gathered some information from Zomato, knowing it was both cake shop and cafe. So, I just came by to see what is inside that two-story cafe.

images (15).jpg2017_0121_14014600-01

The cake shop was on the 1st floor and the cafe was on the 2nd floor. On 1st floor there were indoor area and small outdoor area where they also sell Lapis Cake at 1st floor.

1st floor (Source: @jakarta100bars)

The 2nd floor was same like the 1st floor, but it’s a little bit bigger than the 1st floor. When you visit this place, I suggest you to sit at 2nd floor. The nice modern wooden facade on the 2nd floor reminds me of a cozy coffee place in South Jakarta.


2nd Floor


2nd Floor Indoor

I also love the interior of the outdoor at the balcony and the place was quiet instagrammable. No wonder this place is often used for birthday celebration and bridal shower. The indoor area was quiet dark even in the afternoon. The place was not crowded and calm. I think I’m gonna like this place ♥


2nd Floor Outdoor


2nd Floor Outdoor

The price of the food and drinks were quiet affordable as compared to any other cafes around Sunter and Kelapa Gading. The portion was big enough to get your stomach full. We ordered both  Asian and Western Menus.


My Lunch

Chicken cordon bleu was chosen for my main menu since I want to try their Western Menu. The battered chicken filled with beef ham and melted cheese. The size was half of the plate (quiet big for myself to finish it all)! The fettucini could be exchanged with french fries. The cream was poured on the chicken and fettucini. The overall taste was so-so, but I like the fettucini in my cordon bleu. What I like was the cream was not as thick as any other cream and not so creamy. Maybe some of you prefer to eat thicker cream.


Chicken Cordon Bleu (60k)

Hainan Chicken Rice was quiet good although it was not as authentic as the one I usually eat. The rice was cooked with chicken stock. The chicken pieces was big! The soup was too salty for me, though. The garlic and ginger taste were not to strong. For me, the taste was so-so, despite of its big portion.


Hainan Chicken Rice Set (45k)


Hainan Chicken Rice Set (45k)

I also order one small portion of Captain Crunch Sushi. All kinds of sushi in Lapis Lapis are in 2 portions: small and large. The sushi consisted of salom, cream cheese, asparagus crabstick, and seaweed. There was no rice in the sushi. The salmon was sushi was fried, so that the outer past was so crunchy. The inside part was soft and the salmon was not fishy at all ♥ The taste of Captain Crunch was quiet good. One portion equals to 5 pieces of sushi.


Captain Crunch Small (40k)

For the drink, I tried Lychee Twist Organic Tea (green tea-based). The taste was sweet enough even sugarless. The aroma of fresh lychee made me enjoy my lunch. Recommended for you who like fruity-aroma tea.


Lychee Twist Organic Tea (35k)

Overall, I enjoyed my time in Lapis Lapis The Kitchen. The place was so cozy, not crowded, and calm. The food was quiet good with big portion. Affordable price with big portion. I recommend the place either for a casual lunch, dinner, or for a coffee break. I think the place is good for dating ♥ Happy Weekend!


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Lapislapis The Kitchen

Map of Lapislapis

Address: Jalan Danau Agung 2 No. 21-22, RT.13/RW.11, Sunter Agung, Tj. Priok, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14350
Price: IDR 100.000+/person


Gudetama Cafe by Izumi Curry Hong Kong – Cuteness Overload ♥

Hello all Foodies! This time I will share about my dining experience in Hong Kong. One of the famous cafe there was Gudetama Cafe by Izumi Curry. I ♥ Gudetama. So, I came far away from Jakarta – Mong Kok – Kwun Tong to meet the famous Japanese lazy egg mascot! After transforming into cute dim  sum at Dim Sum Icon, Gudetama finds its way to transform into Japanese udon and curry rice.


Summary of my culinary diary in Gudetama Cafe Hong Kong

The craze over Gudetama continues in Hong Kong as Izumi Curry located at The One Shopping Mall on the Basement floor. If you are not aware, Gudetama is one of sanrio character that was created in year 2013. Think Gudetama table-top, chairs in the shape of egg shells, Gudetama cushions, mugs and food. Amazing!!!


Gudetama Cafe by Izumi Curry


Cute Chairs


The interior

The place was fully decorated with Gudetama-theme and even the chairs are in egg shape. There are plushies at the seating area where customers could grab it and took photos with it. There is also Gudetama merchandise store next to the café that sells the miniatures of Gudetama and many more. We looked through the limited menu list and decided on our order.


We decided on 3 sets which costs us additional HKD18 ~S$3.60 that comes with a drink (apple juice or orange juice) each. In case you are wondering the waiting time, the foods were served within 15 minutes, since it was not crowded and only 2 tables filled.


On The Table

The foods are coming! The frowning lazy-sleepy face of Gudetama was present in almost every dish in the form of egg, be it hard boiled, half-boiled or scrambled. All of the set menus were so cute ♥♥♥


Special Omelette Rice with Bacons and Sausage (HKD 99)

Looking from the appearance, the look of Gudetama was so irritating and too cute to be eaten! The stylist was so good and very photogenic. The aroma of curry was quiet good. However, the taste was so-so. Good looking, but not good to eat. The yellow rice wrapped in a pink, soft and non-crispy bacon, covered by the sunny egg. The sausage was standard, quiet crispy on the surface. The bacon was bad, tasteless. The curry was quiet good.


Pork Fillet with Omelette Curry Rice (HKD 119)

The pork fillet was quiet crispy and dry. The rice was tasteless, but you can eat it with the tasty curry gravy. Not too bad, although it was not worth with the price.


Hamburger Steak and Cheese Curry Rice (HKD 129)

Our favourite was the Hamburger Steak And Cheese Curry Rice with an irritated-looking Gudetama lying on top of the minced beef. The beef was tender and the cheese was yummy! Not too creamy, but blended well with the beef and curry rice.

The disappointing point was the juice was not fresh. We ordered the set menu with orange and apple juice. We thought they were fresh juice, but instead, they were instant juice! For me, the foods were overprice with low quality of ingredient, especially for the juice. Perhaps, we could get more of fresh juice and fresh ingredients.

Overall, the cafe had awesome interior design, especially the Gudetama stuffs. Really enjoying my lunch time there with my family. If you are a Gudetama lover, you wouldn’t want to miss this. I would not suggest you to have a delicious and affordable meal in this place.

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Gudetama Café by Izumi Curry
YATA, LG/F, apm Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road (Kwun Tong MTR Exit A2)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm (Mon-Sun)

Price  : HKD 99-200/person
Google Maps

YATA Gudetama cafe by Izumi Curry
YATA, LG/F, apm Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong
Direction: Exit A2 from Kwun Tong MTR Station.

Toby’s Estate – New Hits Coffee Shop in PIK

Toby's Estate Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I believe a lot of you who read this have heard or even tried the latest coffee in PIK Avenue Mall. That’s the Toby’s Estate, serving the best coffee in town! I went there to celebrate New Year with my friends. It was so crowded and long waiting list. Even if you go there to reserve a table full of 6 and you are still alone, the waiter will not allow you to enter the cafe. Lots of patient to have some good foods and coffee in Toby’s Estate.


Me and friends 🙂


Toby’s Estate is the first Australian-based coffee roaster store in Indonesia. The café is said to be the first user of the Mavam Espresso machine in Indonesia and offers specialty coffees, ranging from single-origin coffee to its signature Australian flat-white. Meals include eggs benedict, buttermilk fried chicken on a corn frittata and Toby’s signature ricotta pancakes. Aside from operating as a coffee chain, the brand also sells its coffee to other stores in Australia. If you like coffee, you can consider to have it here.

The place is located outside of the mall (but still a part of it), near the Starbucks. The place was quite big and many bloggers were taking picture around the cafe. Inside, the modern design of coffee shop was crowded (that’s why is hot inside). I like the decoration : simple, spacious, and modern-industrial feel inside the shop. I think it’s a perfect place to hangout with your friends.


The crowd of the cafe

For the coffee, they serve espresso based coffee (piccolo, cappuccino, latte) and non-coffee drinks. Price range starts from IDR 30k-85k for coffee. Our drinks ranged from coffee to tea. We don’t like coffee and still prefer to tea. For tea, we chose Chrysan tea and Peppermint tea.


For me, I chose Affogato. The espresso was well-blended with the vanilla ice cream. The coffee was thick, but not as bitter as the other espresso. For me, it was good since I don’t like bitter. However, the coffee lovers would regret it. Although it had thick body, but the taste was not like espresso.


Cappuccino latte is a good choice. The coffee was thick and bitter. My friend, who is a coffee lover said that it was quiet good.


Cappuccino / Piccolo (35k)

For the food, the Truffle Fries must be tried for those who love it! It was 65k for a plenty of french fries. The truffle oil was so good, well-blended with the cheese and fries. The fries was crispy and soft, the seasoning was just perfect! Quiet big portion and guess what? It was too much for 6 people! A good snack for having coffee time.


Truffle Parmesan Fries (65k)

The Woolly (sauteed spinach) and Broadway (Salmon) Eggs Benedict were tasty. Judging from the portion, the portion was quiet small, but once you have finished one whole portion, you will feel so full. Maybe because the fat was quiet high to fulfill your hunger.


Broadway Style Egg’s Benedict (135k)


Woolly Style Egg’s Benedict (125k)

Meet the signature dish : Buttermilk Chicken and Corn Frittata. The appearance looked appetizing with 2 pieces of big fried chicken. The taste was like Bakwan jagung or Fuyung hai. The frittata was soft, thin, and looks like a big bakwan jagung. The chicken was quiet good, but it was hard enough to slice the chicken with fork and knife! Better to use your own bare hands 🙂


Buttermilk Chicken and Corn Frittata (125k)

For the pasta, I tried Pork Linguine Toss with tagliatelle. The pasta was al dente, cooked with super creamy carbonara sauce. The mushroom slice was quite big, but thin. The pork skin was crispy and you’ll like it! Overall, it was so creamy and I think the portion is better to be eaten by 2 people.


Pork Linguine Toss (115k)

Mac and Cheese tasted tasty and creamy, especially the cheese. However, it is better to be consumed by more than one person. The creaminess will overwhelmed you. Better to eat that with a cup of bitter coffee.


Mac & Cheese (105k)

Overall, the food dishes were tasted good, but still overpriced. The price was higher than any other coffee shop. For the coffee, it still needs improvement from the aroma and taste. The ‘body’ was just okay. The place was spacious, but lots of people inside and makes the shop even hotter. Well, quiet nice experience with Toby’s Estate. Have a cup of coffee!


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Toby’s Estate

Map of Toby's Estate

Address: Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kamal Muara, PIK AVENUE GF #E2, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14470
Price  : IDR 150.000 – 200.000/person

Bunga Rampai – Classic, Elegant, and Luxurious

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First of all, I wanna say :

“HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! Hope this year will be better and may you have a wonderful year ahead ;)”


If you still confuse where to go for New Year’s date or feast, then I suggest you could try Bunga Rampai. In the end of 2016, I went for a family gathering celebration for Mother’s Day, Christmast’s, and New Year’s Eve at Bunga Rampai. Why did I choose this place? It’s because they serve a tasty Indonesian food (proud to be Indonesian!) and the place is so beautiful and suitable for having a celebration. It’s private (there are some private rooms on each floor), well-designed, elegant, and the service is very good.

Bunga Rampai is located at Menteng, opposite the Jakarta Eye Centre (JEC). The restaurant is looked ike a huge Dutch colonial house from outside and once I went in to the restaurant, I literally was amazed by the grand interior and luxurious decoration. Some people says that the restaurant is pretty hard to find since it looks like a small white house form the outside. It’s a 3-story house with a small cafe inside the restaurant. Each floor is estimated to accommodate up to 80 people with different concept design.

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On the 1st floor, there is a wide area in the middle with some big tables. There are 2 private rooms on this floor. The small one is located on the left side, and the other one is located at the bck of the waiting room. The waiting room itself is luxuriously designed with classic and elegant look. Many public figures and bloggers always take photos at this spot (me too!). The waiting room itself is already great and I have to told you that the dining area was even greater than the waiting room. There is also a big VIP room, accomodated for max. 16 pax. The chandeliers were made with red crystals and it is a suitbale place for me to have a family gathering celebration. It is also perfect for Sangjit, birthday party, and another private event.


A waiting room near the restrooms

The 1st floor was an old-style fine dining concept with white colour dominated all over the building. The waiting room at the back (near the kitchen and restrooms) is a perfect place for photoshoot and there is an elevator at the left side.

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1st floor : Old-style Concept


Private VIP Room

The 2nd floor was way more to the modern fine dining concept. The decorations were grand and luxurious, seems like you have entered a grand dining room in a castle. Each side has a different concept.


2nd Floor: Luxurious Fine Dining Concept


2nd floor: Outside the VIP Room

The 3rd floor is a rooftop fine-dining concept. The place was so great with a perfect lighting. A perfect place for youngers and teenagers since there is a bar at the corner. However, it’s quiet hot at noon since the sun light will heat you up across the glass-house.

3rd floor ; Rooftop Concept

Let’s go for the food party!

The service is quiet good. The waiters are very kind and polite, yet you will be treated like a princess.  The ambient is quiet good, peaceful, and relaxing. Feel like you are an honourable guest in a luxurious old castle.



The food is quiet tasty with high quality ingredient. No wonder the price is quiet expensive, but it’s worth it!


Nasi Buketan (95k)

Nasi Buketan is a steamed aromatic pandan leaf rice served with sliced omelet, beef skewer, spicy fried chicken, potato and shrimp light curry, corn fritter, sweet soy bean cake fritter, sweet potato chip, chili bilimbi fruit peanut sauce and shrimp crackers. It is delicious! However, the portion is not as big as I thought at first. It’s not enough for having this menu for your meal.

Nasi Bali (95k)

Nasi Bali is a nasi campur in Balinese style served with minced shrimp and fish skewer (sate lilit), spicy shredded chicken, egg with red chili relished, relished, snake bean-cabbage-mung bean sprout with spicy shredded coconut (karedok), deep fried braised meat (like dendeng batokok), sweet and sour deep fried julienne of potato, shallot and bird eye chili relished, and chili shrimp paste relished. For me, it is tastier than Nasi Buketan because the side dishes (meat, relished, and vegetable) are more various. The sambal matah is good and the sate lilit is quiet tasty.
Iga Rawon Genjeran is a short ribs blackened soup with caramelized shallot, sliced celery and spring onion on top, served with jasmine rice, salted egg, mung bean sprout, chili shrimp paste relished, and shrimp crackers. The soup was very salty. The short ribs were tender and tsty. It’s better to tell the waiter to have it less salt.

Bihun Goreng Jawa (65k)

Bihun goreng Jawa is a Javanese style rice noodles with shredded chicken, cabbage, sliced omelette with caramelized shallot on top. The appearance was plain, not an appetizing-look like the other main dish. However, the taste was good. The rice noodle was well-cooked with all the seasonings, creating a delicious bihun goreng. For me, it was one of the best dishes so far.
Sate Banjar is a South Kalimantan chicken skewer in chili peanut served with caramelized shallot. The sate was tasty, each portion has 8 pieces of skewers. The sauce is sweet and spicy. It’s pricey, but tasty.

Tahu Telor (60.5k)

Tahu Telor is a tofu omelette with julienne of cabbage and carrot, mung bean sprouts, served with soya sauce mixed with black shrimp paste (petis). The tofu omelette is crispy at the outside and soft in the inside. The seasoning is perfect. However, the sauce is too sweet and the aroma is not like petis.
For the dessert, a various Indonesian desserts were available. I chose 3 desserts.

Lava Choclate Cake (58.5k)

Lava chocolate is a molten chococake served with homemade vanilla ice cream. Both the cake and ice cream were so small and pricey. I think it’s not quiet enough to fulfill your mouth. The chocolate cake was actually good with dark melted chocolate. The vanilla ice cream was too sweet.

Es Lobi Lobi (32.5k)

Es Lobi Lobi is a stewed batoko plum and topped with shredded ice. The sweet sour tasty will make you fresh. It is quiet good for you who like sour taste.

Es Cendol Dawet Ayu (35k)

Es Cendol Dawet Ayu is a traditional Javanese mung bean flour jelly, served with sliced jack fruit, coconut milk, and palm sugar syrup. The soup smelled like durian, the sweetness was enough and the tape was good. It tasted good, but so small portion.
Overall, Bunga Rampai serves a great place for having important events and celebrations. The food dishes and desserts were quiet tasty, although the price was quiet high. The service was good, friendly, and nice. For a fine dining class, I think Bunga Rampai have the food, service, and amazing place at one. Selamat makan!

Bunga Rampai

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Map of Bunga Rampai
Address: Jalan Cik Ditiro No.35, Menteng, RT.10/RW.5, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10310
Wifi    : YES
Cost    : >IDR 100.000/person.

Leaf Connoisseur by Tea Et Al : Beautiful Christmas Tea Set

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It’s Christmas time! My favorite day in a whole year ♥

Have you decided where to go for Christmas celebration with your lovers and friends? I hope my review could help you ☺


Introducing a new hidden gem in Pacific Place Mall, inside the Galleries of Lafayette (it’s my favorite department store ♥). Maybe some people have not known that there is a small restaurant at the back of the dept store, located at the first level, besides the VIP toilet. I know this place from Anastasia Siantar’s instagram. This gorgeous lady helps me to find a place for small Christmas (private) celebration.


The Interior

Leaf Connoisseur by Tea Et Al is a new tea salon and tea boutique that offers world class teas and affordable fine dining experience in a cozy atmosphere. This place features a medium spaced area with clean and modern yet elegant interior. Each table has a sweeping view of SCBD’s skyscraper and Jakarta’s skyline, making Tea et Al a comfortable place to enjoy your life.

Behind the concept of Tea Et Al is the Founder & CEO A. N. Gunarto, who has drawn on decades of traditional expertise gleaned from her family’s tea business established in 1952 to create this pioneering brand. Her passion and experience with tea, as well as her profound appreciation of its cultural significance and her cosmopolitan upbringing, have infused the brand with unique purpose and vision, as well giving her deep insight into the needs of the modern generation. No wonder the tea tasted great!

The waitress are very kind and polite, yet you will be treated like a princess. The service is very good, refilling your empty tea pot, bringing the tea samples before ordering, and changing your empty plate. The ambient is quiet good, peaceful, and relaxing. The Christmas songs filled the elegant tea salon with joy.

I ordered 2 main courses and 1 package of tea set for lunch. There were some promotions if you pay with certain credit cards. While you are waiting for the food, a set of welcome bread served as a compliment. The whole grain bread tasted so good with the butter.


Complimentary bread and Peach Moonlight tea

Peach moonlight is the name of the tea that I ordered. The smell is like sweet peach and tasted a lil’ bit sour, fresh, and sweet. The brownish-coloured tea tasted better with the sweet cakes. Another tea that my friend ordered was Honey Dew. The sweet smell will make you relax and the taste was like a slice of sweet honey-dew (melon). I love this one!

The main courses were tasted at first. The penne was very tasty, al dente, and thus the texture was perfect. The mushroom tasted delicious, meaty-texture, and cooked well with the sauce. The chicken cubes were marinated and tasted good with the pasta. The portion was not as small as it looks like on the plate, quite big enough for a lady to finish the dish by herself. The red-wine cream sauce made it perfect!


Penne Da Vinci (92k)

The Club Sandwich consists of 4 pieces of small sandwiches and a small bucket of sweet-potato fries, instead of french fries. It is very rare to find that fries in Indonesia since most restaurants serve french fries as the snack. At first, I doubted the sweet-potato fries would have a good taste. When I bite the fries, I’m lovin it ♥ It is the best fries I’ve ever tasted, more than french fries. It tasted sweet, delicious, and be addicted! Meanwhile, the sandwich was quiet good. Whole grain bread was toasted and mixed with the beef ham, radish, cheese slice, sunny egg, and tomato sliced. The bread was crispy on the surface and soft in the inside. So yummy! Suitable for people who want to eat tasty food without being worry to get fat.


Club Sandwich (95k)

The high tea package was served at last of dessert. The were 2 kinds of packaged : Lady-Like Style (235k ++) and Ritzy Style 315k++. The difference was just the amount of cakes and the type of tea you must order. I chose the former package since it would fit the portion of 3 ladies.

The cakes were placed inside the small gold birdcage (3-tier). The top tier consisted of sweet cakes : red velvet, matcha cheesecake, tiramisu, and a small eclair. I like the matcha cheesecake since it was creamy, less sweet, and fresh aroma. The middle tier consisted of savory cakes, such as tuna croissant, beef pie, and chicken puffs. I like the pie crust and the taste was good. The bottom tier consisted of a small shrimp quiche and a scone with strawberry jam and cream. I like the quiche, but it was too small 😦

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