Toby’s Estate – New Hits Coffee Shop in PIK

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I believe a lot of you who read this have heard or even tried the latest coffee in PIK Avenue Mall. That’s the Toby’s Estate, serving the best coffee in town! I went there to celebrate New Year with my friends. It was so crowded and long waiting list. Even if you go there to reserve a table full of 6 and you are still alone, the waiter will not allow you to enter the cafe. Lots of patient to have some good foods and coffee in Toby’s Estate.


Me and friends šŸ™‚


Toby’s Estate is theĀ first Australian-based coffee roaster store in Indonesia.Ā The cafĆ© is said to beĀ the first user of the Mavam Espresso machine in Indonesia and offers specialty coffees, rangingĀ from single-origin coffee to itsĀ signature Australian flat-white. Meals include eggs benedict, buttermilk fried chicken on a corn frittata andĀ Tobyā€™s signature ricotta pancakes.Ā Aside from operating as a coffee chain, the brand also sells its coffee to other stores in Australia. If you like coffee, you can consider to have it here.

The place is located outside of the mall (but still a part of it), near the Starbucks. The place was quite big and many bloggers were taking picture around the cafe. Inside, the modern design of coffee shop was crowded (that’s why is hot inside). I like the decoration : simple, spacious, andĀ modern-industrial feel inside the shop. I think it’s a perfect place to hangout with your friends.


The crowd of the cafe

For the coffee, they serveĀ espresso based coffee (piccolo, cappuccino, latte) and non-coffee drinks. Price range starts from IDR 30k-85k for coffee.Ā Our drinks ranged from coffee to tea. We don’t like coffee and still prefer to tea. For tea, we chose Chrysan tea and Peppermint tea.


For me, I chose Affogato. The espresso was well-blended with the vanilla ice cream. The coffee was thick, but not as bitter as the other espresso. For me, it was good since I don’t like bitter. However, the coffee lovers would regret it. Although it had thick body, but the taste was not like espresso.


Cappuccino latte is a good choice. The coffee was thick and bitter. My friend, who is a coffee lover said that it was quiet good.


Cappuccino / Piccolo (35k)

For the food, the Truffle Fries must be tried for those who love it! It was 65k for a plenty of french fries. The truffle oil was so good, well-blended with the cheese and fries. The fries was crispy and soft, the seasoning was just perfect! Quiet big portion and guess what? It was too much for 6 people! A good snack for having coffee time.


Truffle Parmesan Fries (65k)

The Woolly (sauteed spinach) and Broadway (Salmon) Eggs Benedict were tasty. Judging from the portion, the portion was quiet small, but once you have finished one whole portion, you will feel so full. Maybe because the fat was quiet high to fulfill your hunger.


Broadway Style Egg’s Benedict (135k)


Woolly Style Egg’s Benedict (125k)

Meet the signature dish : Buttermilk Chicken and Corn Frittata. The appearance looked appetizing with 2 pieces of big fried chicken. The taste was like Bakwan jagung or Fuyung hai. The frittata was soft, thin, and looks like a big bakwan jagung. The chicken was quiet good, but it was hard enough to slice the chicken with fork and knife! Better to use your own bare hands šŸ™‚


Buttermilk Chicken and Corn Frittata (125k)

For the pasta, I tried Pork Linguine Toss with tagliatelle. The pasta was al dente, cooked with super creamy carbonara sauce. The mushroom slice was quite big, but thin. The pork skin was crispy and you’ll like it! Overall, it was so creamy and I think the portion is better to be eaten by 2 people.


Pork Linguine Toss (115k)

Mac and Cheese tasted tasty and creamy, especially the cheese. However, it is better to be consumed by more than one person. The creaminess will overwhelmed you. Better to eat that with a cup of bitter coffee.


Mac & Cheese (105k)

Overall, the food dishes were tasted good, but still overpriced. The price was higher than any other coffee shop. For the coffee, it still needs improvement from the aroma and taste. The ‘body’ was just okay. The place was spacious, but lots of people inside and makes the shop even hotter. Well, quiet nice experience with Toby’s Estate. Have a cup of coffee!


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Toby’s Estate

Map of Toby's Estate

Address: Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kamal Muara, PIK AVENUE GF #E2, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14470
PriceĀ  : IDR 150.000 – 200.000/person

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