Kedai MiKoRo (Mie, Kopi, Roti ), Kelapa Gading

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Hello all Ropang lovers! We’ve got a new cafe in Kelapa Gading, named Kedai MiKoRo (Mie, Kopi, Roti). It is located at Jl. Acordion No.L-5, Pegangsaan Dua, Kelapa Gading. From OTW cafe, just go straight and the cafe is on the left side. The place is quite big, bright at night, and it has two areas: the indoor area and outdoor area.


The outdoor area has a small ‘angkringan’ (a type of Indonesian wheeled cart) for the ‘Nasi Kucing’. The concept is ‘ropang/warmindo,’ in which the customers can directly see the kitchen (open-kitchen concept). The wall decorations are cute, minimalistic, and simple. The outdoor area is kinda wider than the indoor area, and is suitable as an area for smoking.




Outdoor Entrance

The indoor area is smaller, but I like the decorations. There are cute drawings over the wall and some cute stuff arranged on the wall. The place is cozy and they have free wi-fi. So, you can do your work, while eating and surfing the internet at once. ♥





For the food, I almost love them all ♥

As for the food,  I like the Curry Nippon Indomie, Pineapple and Tuna Toasted Bread, Scrambled Egg Toasted Bread, Cheese Flavored Pompom Fries, and the Choco Cheese Toasted Bread.


Internet Mozilla


Nasi Kucing with Sausage and Baso Bakar


Nasi Kucing with Sate Taichan mini


Indomie Curry Nippon

For the drinks, we had the Green Tea Thai Tea, Thai Milk Tea, and Pontianak Orange Juice. The recommended one is the Pontianak Orange Juice since the sweet and astringent taste was so unique. The orange taste is quite strong and fresh! You should try this!

For the roti bakar, you can pick between the Pineapple Tuna Roti Bakar and the Scrambled Egg with Cheese. They are both so tasty; the bread is crispy on the outside, but still soft in the inside. Here is the Scrambled Egg Roti Bakar:

Here is the Pineapple and Tuna Roti Bakar. Tasted so gewd!


Pineapple & Tuna Roti Bakar


Green Tea Roti Bakar


Nutella Roti Bakar

For the appetizer, I tried the Bitterballen and Pompom Fries with Cheese. Both of them are good and I like the cheese 🙂

Overall, Kedai MiKoRo takes a place to hangout with friends or family with  a ‘ropang’ concept to the next level. The signature menu items are the Indomie Gongso, Roti Bakar, Nasi Kucing, Street Food, and Snacks. The place is good, quite spacious and cozy. It is suitable for young adults and teenagers. The price is also affordable for them.



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Kedai MiKoRo
Map of Kedai MiKoRo
Address: blok, Jl. Acordion No.L-5, Pegangsaan Dua, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta City, Jakarta 14240
Phone: 0819-3805-8885
PRICE : IDR 30k – 100k

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