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Hello food lovers! Street food has become so popular recently in social media and has been searched by many people (including the foodies and food hunters). One of the popular street foods that becomes viral is Ayam Geprek (crunched chicken). People may purchase of certain street foods due to many reasons : low price, flavourfull food, to experience local cuisines, etc. You can enjoy any kinds of street food sold by a hawker in a market or street, but some people may think the hygiene is low.


Ayam Geprek

Thanks to The People’s Cafe (TPC) or “Warung Orang-Orang”, a cafe form Ismaya group which brings street foods to the next level, you need  not to worry for its cleanliness. The People’s Cafe has launched new variety of contemporary global street food to be served and enjoyed with cozy ambience. You can now try these cuisines at all outlet of The People’s Cafe in Jakarta!


The People’s Cafe at Mall Taman Anggrek


Street foods

Ayam Geprek Jumbo (Crunched Chicken Jumbo)

Starting with the most hype street food in town, TPC serves 6 varieties of Ayam Geprek with some sambal selection and cheese as the toppings :  Ayam Geprek Jumbo Keju, Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Limo, Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Ijo, Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Bawang, Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Ijo Special, and Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Merah Special. Many vendors sell wide creation of ayam geprek that can be found in almost every area around Jakarta, ranging from the original Ayam Geprek with sambal to the melted mozzarella cheese on top of the chicken.


Ayam Geprek Sambal Bawang


Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Merah Special


Ayam Geprek Sambal Ijo


Ayam Geprek Sambal Ijo Special


Ayam Geprek Sambal Limo


Ayam Geprek Jumbo Keju

The plus point of the ayam geprek from TPC is the big size of portion and generous amount of sambal! For me, the hotness level is still tolerable for some of them. My favorite is Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Bawang since the shallot aroma is good, combined with the tasty and crunchy of the fried chicken. If you dare to try the spiciest menu, you can try Ayam Geprek Sambal ijo Special. Unlike most of sambal ijo, this one is very spicy and I cried when I ate the chili!

Chicken & Tofu Clear Soup


Besides the street foods, TPC also serves chicken & tofu clear soup as the healthier choice. It consists of chicken, mushroom, and tofu with clear chicken broth base. This warm soup is a perfect choice for your appetizer before having the spicy Ayam Geprek.

Nasi Mawut 


Nasi Mawut is a local street food form Java. It is a rice combined with noodle and served with chicken as toppings (similar to Nasi Magelangan). TPC serves Nasi Mawut to the next level. The steamed rice is combined with black charcoal noodle and tempting sunny side egg. The black noodle is tasty, perfectly well paired with the egg. The meat between the rice and the noodle is also tasted good.

Hot China Chix


Chicken wings are also got hype in town. TPC serves spicy chicken wings instead of any other regular chicken wings. This Hot China Chix is delicious, with chili, leek, garlic, and also ginger sprinkles. The chicken wings are crunchy, tender, and juicy. Tasty, salty, spicy, and savoury.

Hot Texas Chix


This chicken wings are made with spicy sauce. The coriander, parsley, and paprika powder have made this Hot Texas Chix even more flavourfull and spicy. So far, I like this chicken wings even though I’m not a fan of chicken wings.

Twisted Nachos


This is my favorite snack from TPC. The beef and the nachos are perfectly combined with cheese sauce and the seasoning. Spicy, savoury, and meaty. Recommended!

Crispy Cireng (Tapioca flour)


Cireng is the most favorite fritters and now, you can have them in TPC! The texture is chewy, crunchy, and tasted good! Dip them with the chili dipping sauce to make it perfect!

Fried Tofu Basket


The soft tofu is battered and fried. Eat it with sweet soy sauce and chili. Get addicted with the soft texture of tofu and crispy from the outside.

Overall, The People’s Cafe offers you a variety of global street food with affordable price and brings the local street cuisines to the next level. The taste is good and serves with good hygiene. Try them now!





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The People’s Cafe

Address: Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Kb. Melati, Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10310
PRICE : IDR 100-200k/person

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