Eat Street at Mall Artha Gading

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Hello food lovers! A new concept of food court has opened at Mall Artha Gading, namely Eat Street. It is located at the 2nd floor, near Gramedia and Amazon. The concept is more likely for young adults, reflected by the decoration : colourful, bold, dynamic, and edgy. If you are confuse where to eat at this mall, come to Eat Street and have your culinary journey!



Inside the Eat Street, you will find Chapayom Thai Tea, Sate Taichan, Es Podeng, Tahu Telor, Donner Kebab, Yammie, Bakmi Gocit, Soto Ayam Pak Sadi,, Salted Egg Factory, Bagan Kwetiau Sapi, Baso Tahu Saboga, Cha Kun, Bamki Sinar Khek, Iammonsta,Ponuts, Mrollie (Luti gendang), HI-Fries, Koiyaki, Kedai Korea, Forbidden Cakwe, Beckey’s Cheese Tarts, Wakacao, and many more.


From Indonesian Culinary to Korean Food, Eat Street offers you various type of food, starting from appetizers, snacks, main courses, desserts, and drinks. You may choose your own favorite foods and drinks. The payment system is divided into 2: cash and Eat Street Card. Some tenants receive cash, but the others receive card.

Customers can choose their own food menu from more than 50 tenants inside Eat Street. There are 65% Indonesian culinary and 35% international culinary. For the price, all foods and drinks are ranged from IDR 20k to 55k. Quiet affordable, right?

Every weekend, Eat Street has music performance, accoustic band, magician, street dance, and many more. So, while you are enjoying your food, you can enjoy the performances.


Moreover, the foods tasted delicious and tasty, such as :

  • Salted Egg rice from Salted Egg Factory;
  • Luti Gendang (fried bread from Riau) from Mrollie;
  • Cheesetarts from Beckey’s Cheese Tarts;
  • Ketoprak from Ketoprak Kartini Pak Edi;
  • Bakso beranak and satay from Mpo Rame;
  • Thai Tea from Chapayom;
  • French fries from Hi-Fries;
  • Ice cream from I am Monsta and Koiyaki;
  • Fresh Coconut Water from Yola Kingdom;
  • Pepper rice from Wakacao;
  • Japanese drinks form Cha-Kun;
  • Nasi babi sambal matah from

Honestly, all foods are tasty and the drinks are so good! I like sweet taste, so I like those kind of drinks and desserts. If you are curious, come and get your own culinary journey ♥




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Map of Mall Artha Gading

Address : Jl. Artha Gading Selatan No. 1, Kelapa Gading Barat, Kelapa Gading, RT.18/RW.8, Klp. Gading Bar., Klp. Gading, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240
Phone    : (021) 45858180
Hours    : 10 am to 10 pm
WIFI      : NO
PRICE    : IDR 20k to 55k

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